by Nora Gupton

She is my religion- plain and simple,
don't need a building or a structure,
i go to church every time i touch Her...
Her body is my temple.
Her touch is my salvation.
She breathes life into my creation.
She is my single saving grace.
we were both baptized in Her waters,
She gently fainted and i caught her.
She is my most holy place.
She whispers Her scriptures in my ear.
i chant Her when name when She's not near.
Her lips answer all my prayers.
when She cums, screaming my name
i am indeed re-born again and again.
She calms all my pains and fears.
She is my religion- plain and simple.
blessing me,
vexing me,
as She enters my temple.

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

Excerpt From
A Skin of Golden, Earthy Brown

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