Brandi Boyd

"Im outside." She said in that extra sexy voice of hers.
"Its unlocked." I replied. I heard the front door open a moment later. After disconnecting the call, I waited for her to step into the bedroom. Anticipation fluttered wildly in my stomach. Weve been together more times than I can count but I get that same feeling of need mixed with nerves each time she comes to me.
The first time she took me Id been afraid that it wouldnt be as good as Id convinced myself it would. Her words had enflamed me from the very beginning. The way she spoke, the slightly husky timbre of her voice as well as the things she said had enthralled me. Shed seduced me even though it hadnt really been necessary. Id never experienced anything like her before. She gave every inch of my body attention and her touch lingered. It felt like I was being caressed all over at once.
By the time Id felt her soft full lips encasing one of my rigid nipples, Id been weeping. My first orgasm had stolen my breath and shattered the last wall of resistance I had in me. She could have done anything she wanted to me and Id have let her without hesitation or complaint. She stepped into the doorway and my thoughts were instantly drawn out of the past and riveted on the present and near future.
Five feet seven inches of caramel complected stud. She was solidly built with nicely defined arms that had lifted me into several interesting positions in the past. Dark brown curly hair hung to her shoulders. Shed left it unbraided and that was the first indication I had that we would be fucking. When shes eating my pussy the way she does when she wants to fuck, I love pushing my fingers into her hair so I can get a good grip to hold on to when I explode. She knows this and almost always caters to it.
Her body drives me wild. Solidly built, her waist is slim, her stomach flat and well defined. I want to run my tongue over the muscles there every time I see it. Her breasts are slightly smaller than my own 36 B cups. Her hands are large for her height and size and the strength in them is impressive. Her butt is small and round and wonderfully soft.
Her back is my favorite though. I love giving her massages just so I can touch it. She has broad shoulders, a deep spine and two dimples at the deepest point of the valley before the rise of her ass begins. Her legs are long and strong and end with large well tended feet.
When she walked farther into the room I spotted the telltale bulge in the front of her otherwise loose-fitting jeans. The fact that I could see it let me know shed chosen a python and the likelihood of my walking straight the next day was slim to none. I shivered, the fluttering in my stomach now purely from need.
My nervousness didnt last long anymore. I knew it would be as good, if not better, than the last time we hooked up. She watched me run my eyes over her body. Our eyes met when she stepped up to the side of the bed. The hunger in their brown depths caused my nipples to harden beneath the red wifebeater I wore. I own an extensive collection of sexy lingerie but she prefers a simple beater, no bra, and a thong. She never complains when Im in the mood to be peeled out of a silky teddie or peignoir and her eyes always tell me that she likes what she sees. Still, there is a special gleam that comes into her eyes when I wear her favorite and that night was no different.
She gazed down on me silently wearing the expression I have come to know so well. Shes an intense woman. Its part of her allure. She stripped her shirt off to reveal a sleeveless black muscle shirt. Her tattoos drew my attention as always and I wanted to lick along the designs. She kicked off her shoes, a pair of black Timberland boots, and unbuckled her belt. "Get on your hands and knees." She commanded and I obeyed immediately.
It was going to be straight fucking and my pussy was quickly on fire. Wetness leaked down my thighs and I was on the edge of orgasm before shed even touched me. I heard her zipper sliding down and it sounded much louder to my ears than I knew it actually was. The heavy denim hit the floor, a resounding slap was delivered to my exposed ass and I moaned.
Her mouth touched down a moment later soothing the sting and making me moan louder, longer. Her tongue danced over the round globe, her teeth bit into my flesh hard enough to make me gasp. She ripped my panties off, the flimsy material lay in ruins on the floor next to her jeans. Her hands gripped my ass and separated the cheeks so she could place her mouth there. Her tongue slid along the length of me, stopped to probe the ridiculously sensitive hole. I moaned again and teetered on the brink of climax. She pushed two fingers into my pussy and I fell over.
She loves hearing my pleasure. I love giving her what she wants. Its not hard. She drags the screams out of me. This time was no different. My hands gripped the blanket, my entire body shook and I called her name. The pleasure was intense. I can hardly find adequate words to describe how she makes me feel. My need only grew. I wanted to feel her lips on my clit, her tongue in my pussy. She didnt have to be told what I desired. She flipped me over and dropped to her knees. Her tongue moved over me finding all the right places in exactly the right order to get me off fast and hard.
She brought me to the line that once crossed I reach the breaking point and I erupt. I panted and begged her to finish me but she drew back teasing me. I groaned, frustrated and she laughed. Hearing it sent chills down my spine. It meant that she was in a playful mood and it turned her on to make me wait for the orgasm. She nibbled on my thighs, ran her tongue up to my navel and entertained herself there a few minutes. By the time she worked her way back between my legs I had calmed down.
Her lips pressed down on my clit and I shuddered. I told her that I loved the way she made me feel. She moaned against me and I slid my fingers into her silky curls. I rolled my hips slowly and she let me have my way for a little bit.
Again she let me get to the pinnacle of pleasure and again she pulled back. I pleaded pitifully and she laughed again. She rose into a squat and removed the dildo housed in her boxerbriefs. She positioned herself at my entrance and pushed into me slowly. No matter what kind of sex we have she always takes her time when she enters me. I was soaked and she could have easily slammed into me but she eased in inch by delicious inch. No matter how hot I am, how close to coming I am, penetration requires a new build up to get me off.
When she was buried to the root and I was so full it almost hurt she began moving her hips. She quickly established a ruthless pace thrusting her piece into me forcefully then dragging it out. I trembled violently as the sensation slid through me. The shaft moved smoothly in and out of me and each down stroke made me cry out. She talked to me, called me her dirty little whore, told me how she loved fucking my tight wet pussy. Her hands covered my breasts, fingers fondling my nipples, pinching and twisting them roughly, just the way I like it. My hands gripped her wrists, her arms, clawed at her back and urged her to continue pounding the hell out of me. I looked up at her and lost myself in her expression. She was driven, concentrating on making me feel good and I could see that there was nothing but the two of us in her world at that moment. She drove me insane with want and I screamed her name when she drilled the orgasm out of me. Her hands on my waist tightened their grip, holding me down when my spasms became uncontrollable. Id given myself over the riptide of ecstasy that was carrying me away.
Her eyes lit up as she watched me come. Her expressions add to anything she is making me feel because they show me that she is feeling it too. She never stopped fucking me. Her movements hadnt slowed at all. She turned me back over and pulled me up onto my hands and knees. I dropped my upper body down pushing my ass high into the air. She lifted one leg so that her foot rested on the bed giving her better purchase and control. I clawed the bedspread when she grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked my head up so she could hear the sounds I made. She used her hold on my waist to pull me onto her length as she thrust forward. I babbled, telling her I loved what she was doing to me, that I never wanted her to stop beating my pussy up, that it was hers, whatever came to mind. Shes the one who taught me to be open and not worry about how anything I say sounds. Its all sexy as hell she says. So I talked to her and she talked back. She let me know she was enjoying herself as much as I was. She slapped my ass repeatedly, the stinging pain melded with the tingling pleasure running through my small frame and it was too much to contain. My muscles clenched and unclenched rapidly. She grunted with surprise when my pussy clamped down on the shaft and halted her movements. It felt as though it would never end. Just when I was certain I could take no more without losing my mind, it peaked and I collapsed to the bed.
She didnt let me rest long before she moved me. I was positioned on my right side at the edge of the bed. She stood with her right thigh behind mine and her left knee resting on the bed next to my stomach. She put my other leg up on her right shoulder leaving me open to her. I looked down the length of my body and watched her enter me. Her hand moved up until it was wrapped around my throat and she squeezed. I was ready for her and she was able to easily slide in and out. She chose slower, deeper strokes and my back arched.
Grinning, she shifted her body down so she once again stood between my legs. I rolled onto my back and she pushed my legs up, then increased the power of her thrusts. I clutched at her wrists when she came within whispering distance of my cervix. She dropped her arms beneath the bend of my knees. I wrapped my hands around her neck anticipating her next move. I was in the air without fear of falling, certain that she would hold me securely. She stepped away from the bed as she lifted me three fourths of the way off the thick shaft then pulled me back down onto it forcefully.
I gripped her hair telling her not to stop. She repeated the process while walking around the room. Her hands separated the cheeks of my ass causing her to slide even deeper inside of me. When she was ready to finish me off I found my back pressed against the wall. My legs were spread widely, her hands flat palmed against the wall, her hips free to move without the pressure of my weight interrupting them.
She drilled into me, her strokes faster than it seems should be possible. I could do nothing but hold on to her neck and moan pitifully. She had me in that place where no sound I make is enough to convey how good it is, no words I can pant, gasp or utter come close to truly representing my complete surrender to her and what she does to me.
Deep inside of my throbbing cunt I felt the first ripple of my orgasm push out. I didnt just scream with it, I made animalistic sounds that erupted from me wildly. My nails dug into the base of her neck and dragged their way down. She hissed at the pain but never broke her rhythm.
I shook until she was forced to move or risk us hitting the ground. She walked me back to the bed and deposited me gently. She withdrew from me and adjusted the dildo back into her boxerbriefs wordlessly. She ditched her jeans and grabbed a pair of basketball shorts I keep around for her to lounge in. I was barely conscious when she placed a gentle kiss on my lips before exiting the room. I drifted in and out until she joined me in bed and pulled me close. Completely sated and feeling safe and secure in her arms, I finally slipped into deep sleep, a well fucked smile on my face.

The End

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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