by Ms. Communication

I have a bunch of pint up energy
calling you on your phone constantly
just to see how close you are to being near me
nothing has been working to free my mind
of thoughts of what I want us to do
having visions of a place we've never been before
lay in the depths of heaven when u kiss me
tingles running up & down my spine of how much I luve you
screams of passion filling the air
along with sweat, heavy deep breathing
phone ringing off the hook from me calling you
"Babie, where the hell are?"
traces of my juices on the bed from me playing teasing games alone
"Babie i can't believe you started without me."
having the long, deep "fuck me senseless" look
reaching out for you to join in on the fun with me
"I couldn't wait for you today. My sexual frustrations took over me."
"Babie we just had sex yesterday!"

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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