by SoulTrinity

Selfish me to want to spend what little free time I have with you
Selfish me to want to hold the body, your body that I cherish close to my heart
Selfish me to want to mend the heart those before me scarred and abused
I want to give you the world, want to walk around proud with you on my arm,
look into your eyes and find that oh so mysterious land that you talk about
Selfish me to not cheat on you and mess around and make it a joke of you
being my girl
Its selfish of me to get mad, when your "ex" calls your phone, trying to
rekindle an old spark
Its selfish of me to want to be the one who walks with you in the park
Selfish me to expect your heart, mind & soul
Selfish me to give what I request but only get a fraction..thinking to myself
"Is this a test?"
Selfish me to want you to feel like a Princess and not beaten down
Sometimes I feel like I was a clown or a puppet trying hard to make
everything perfect
But I was seen as being selfish
Well, I can't help it. I was in love.

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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