by DyvaCat

I have a fantasy about being your Submissive
Bowing down to you my Mistress
Allowing you to take full control over my body
As you wear your black leather and I wear a nightie
I want to be your slave
Make me behave
As I do whatever you say
Can we play?
See my fantasy starts out with you making me beg
As you spread your legs
Telling me to lick your clit
Make it slick
But before I begin you tell me to quit
I stop it
As you raise up your stiletto
I grab it, but you tell me to LET GO
You make me lick
The stick between the sole and the heel
I obey your whim
You put the other one up and say
Now do it Again!
Then you place a collar around my neck
Im not sure whats next
But the anticipation is serious
You grab a chain and connect it to the collar
Make me follow
You around the room for close to an hour
Im not bothered
I just want to please you
The wicked smile on your face knows I do
You say come here baby
You been a very good girl
You open your legs to let my tongue swirl
Feeding me your pussy
I get it all moist and juicy
And for just a mere second
I have gained some control
Then abruptly you stand to the floor
before giving me more
Seems you have a plan of your own
As you remove a big dick from your throne
And push it against my mouth
Once again I oblige
As I feel my clit rise
You spread my thighs
And insert it in
I cum instantly within
As you push it against my spot
Again and again
You then command me to get on all fours
Ass in the air
As my knees are spread on the floor
And now with the toy you start to explore
I bounce my ass back for more
You slap my ass to gain control
And tell me to Stop!
As you deeply fuck my pussy
I shout!
You hit my ass real hard
And say~"Now thats what Im talking about!"
Im so caught up I cant figure it out
You kiss my cheeks to ease the pain
Pussy dripping juice like rain
I came
Now its your turn
You sit in front of me with your legs open
As I yearn
You push your stilettos into my shoulder blades
My head falls between your legs
As I start to lather you with my tongue
This shit is fun
I think to myself
As I hear you out of breath
It doesn't take long until you cum
You hold my head hard as you hump
Until your done
We end this fantasy with a beautiful kiss
Perfect exquisiteness
Eyes completely locked as we do it
I say thank you My Mistress for my wish
The next one is yours
So what is your command
Your Loveliness??

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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