Crys Matthews
(For E.)

There are moments in your life that you remember always – moments that it seems you’ve been moving towards for years…
When Camille and Naya first met they were still in college, 22 and 21 respectfully. Camille was finally learning how to be secure in her lesbianism and Naya was just learning how to be straight and be in love with Camille at the same time.
Naya was ambitious. She was Vice President of the student government for a college campus that housed over 16,000 students. She was president of one of the most prestigious sororities in the country. She was also incredibly attractive. She was tall and had the type of body that most men who knew any thing about women prayed for – curvy and strong and full. Her eyes were the color of coffee with hazelnut syrup and her skin was smooth and rich with the decadence of ganache. She was the type of woman who always knew what she wanted and usually got what she wanted. She met her match when she met Camille.
She was a music major and true to form was all passion. She was smart and funny and loved women with as much passion (if not more) than she loved music. They were what drove her music, but she had never met a woman quite like Naya.
They were friends throughout their collegiate careers and although they both had feelings about each other and were incredibly attracted to one another nothing ever came of it. They kept it at ‘just friends.’ Finally, one Christmas, fate took matters into her own hands.
It had been over five years since Camille and Naya had first met, and nearly five months since they had seen each other last. Camille had heard that Naya had moved back home and was teaching high school. Their hometowns were only an hour away, so when Camille went home for Christmas she decided to call the last number she had for her to see if they could get coffee.
“Naya, it’s Camille. I was home for Christmas and thought I’d see if you wanted to grab some coffee. I’ll be here for about a week, so just give me a call if you want. Hope you’re well. Bye-bye.”
She hung up the phone and tried to remember to breathe. The thought of Naya had always made her heart beat a little fast. She was actually relieved that she hadn’t answered the phone, but was worried that the number night not be valid. All day, she waited and heard nothing. Then, just as she was falling asleep, her phone rang. She picked it up and read the number off the caller id only to find it was a new number that she didn’t recognize. She let her voice mail pick it up and went to sleep.
The next morning she woke up to a beep on her cell phone. She sat up and tried to wake herself up a little more and checked her voicemail.
“Hey, Camille – it’s Naya. I still had your number and thought if you were home for Christmas we could get some coffee or something. Just call me back when you get this.”
Camille’s lips formed a smile involuntarily and she immediately hung up and called back the last number to call her cell phone.
As soon as she heard Naya’s voice she realized how much she had missed having her in her life. They made plans for that same afternoon. Camille knew she’d have less than an hour before Naya was at her door and she wanted to look amazing. She got dressed slowly and meticulously. She looked hot and she smelled hotter. She smiled at herself in the mirror and gave herself one last head-to-toe check before the doorbell rang.
“Deep breath, buddy,” she said to herself as she rounded the corner.
The second she saw Naya, she knew that she was in trouble. Every feeling she had ever had for her came rushing back.
“Wow – you look fantastic!” Camille said.
“Well, hello to you too.” They smiled. “You look great… should we go?”
As they sat in the Starbucks trying to make small-talk the same thoughts rushed through both of their heads – I can’t believe I’m still hung up on this girl.
“Let’s sit outside,” Naya said. “It’s getting kind of noisy in here.”
That lasted for about five minutes. In the typical fashion of North Carolina weather, fifty degrees feels good briefly, but quickly feels like thirty.
“I’m sorry,” Camille said, “do you mind if we just sit in the car?”
“That sounds good to me.”
They threw their cups away and walked to the car. Once they were inside they were more than warm enough.
Camille looked over at Naya and took a moment to actually take in this beautiful woman. She was wearing a skirt and dark chocolate suede stiletto boots that came up to her knees. The skirt was just short enough to reveal a small amount of Naya’s smooth skin. She found that incredibly erotic – the way the small revelation of a Geisha’s skin arouses men in tea houses. She was aroused. Camille could feel the very instant her blood began rushing from the top of her to the middle. The longer she looked at her, the more she pulsed.
“Do you see something you like?” Naya asked. She was turned on as well. She kept looking at Camille’s mouth and imagining what it would be like to pull her bottom lip into her mouth and trace it with her tongue.
Camille hesitated with her answer. She wanted Naya. She wanted her desperately and had for five years.
“Yes, I do.”
“You know, I used to just throw myself at you all the time and you never even flinched once,” Naya said. “I would get so wet every time you’d come to my apartment and be close to me. I would have to touch myself every time you’d leave. It was awful.” As soon as the words left her mouth, she regretted having been so candid until she felt Camille’s hand on her thigh.
“Is this OK?” Camille asked. She didn’t mean to reach out and touch her, but it was as if that small piece of skin was calling her.
“Oh my god… I just creamed myself,” Naya said breathily.
Both of their moods were instantly different. Both of their scents were seeping from between their thighs and mingling with one another and the scent of coffee that had filled the car when they first got in.
“Naya, I have been waiting for this for so long. I don’t know if I can stop if we start,” Camille said. “Should I keep going?”
“Yes… I need to feel you inside of me, baby.”
The way the word, baby, rolled off of her amazing mouth nearly made Camille jump out of her skin. It was slow and sultry and full of heat.
“I’d like you to do something for me,” Camille said in a very controlled tone.
“Any thing,” Naya said blatantly. And she meant it. She would have done any thing to get Camille to give her what she had been waiting five years to experience.
“I want you to give me your panties…”
“What!? What do you mean?” Naya asked.
“Don’t worry… just trust me. Push up and just slide them right down your body and into my hands,” Camille said. She was shocked at herself for asking that of Naya, but was so heated she didn’t care.
“Alright.” Naya couldn’t believe she had given her consent to something so bold.
She pushed her pelvis into the air and ran her hands up to her hips where she met the top of her satin panties. She let her fingertips dance against her skin lightly in anticipation of Camille’s hands dancing just as lightly in that very same spot sometime soon before rolling her panties down to her ankles and sliding them over her stiletto boots. She picked them up, folded them up neatly, and handed them over shyly.
“Thank you,” Camille said sexily.
She let her hands climb from just above Naya’s knee to the top of her mound and then slide down to her clit. She could tell she was wet – she could feel her wetness all over the seat of the panties she had handed her, but she wanted to know more. She wanted to be inside of her, she wanted to see if she tasted as good as she smelled.
“Slide down in your set for me some, honey,” she said lowly. “I need to go a little deeper if it’s alright. I want to feel you all over my fingers and then taste you.”
Obediently, Naya moved her chair back closer to the rear of her car and slid down farther into her chair so Camille could feel what it was she so eagerly wanted her to feel.
“Is this better?” she asked.
Camille let her hand slide down below Naya’s clit and to her center. She wasn’t exaggerating. She was so wet that Camille could feel it on the back of her hand from where she had started soaking the seat beneath her. Camille moaned at the discovery of that wetness and was instantly soaked as well. She could barely collect her thoughts, but did so when she realized that they were sitting in a parking lot in broad daylight surrounded by cars and people.
“Naya, come home with me,” Camille said.
“OK,” was all Naya could manage. She could barely remember how to crank the car, but when she looked over into Camille’s eyes and saw the wild look that met her own infatuated gaze she got her wits back long enough to get them back to Camille’s house in record time.
Naya turned to reach for the door handle when Camille grabbed her hand…
“I need you to go straight to the bedroom and undress for me,” Camille said. “I’ll be right there. Please just trust me.”
Naya just smiled. She reached her hand out and took Camille’s face in her hand and pulled her mouth to hers. Camille’s lips were so soft and her tongue was cool and wet. Naya pulled Camille’s tongue into her mouth and massaged it with her lips before tasting it with the edge of her own tongue – just one deep kiss before turning to exit the car.
As Naya went in to the bedroom to disrobe, Camille went into the bathroom where her strap-on was hanging in the shower. She “dressed” for what it was she had been fantasizing about for so many years.
“Close your eyes,” Camille called out to her.
Naya sat up on the edge of the bed with her eyes closed waiting to be devoured by Camille. “OK – I’m ready,” she called back.
Camille walked into the bedroom completely naked except for her strap-on. She went straight to Naya and bent down and took her hand in hers. She brought it to her lips and kissed it slowly and whispered, “Keep those gorgeous eyes closed just a little bit longer.” She rubbed Naya’s hand again her neck, then down her sternum and side-to-side over and around her full breasts, then lower across her stomach. Then she took her hand off of Naya’s and said, “Now I want you to move your hand a little lower, but do it very slowly.”
“Can I open my eyes, baby,” Naya asked.
“Not yet, sweetness… almost.”
Naya slid her hands down slowly and then drew them inward towards what she had anticipated to be Camille’s mound, but discovered to be an erect shaft. She opened her eyes without waiting to be told to do so and looked up at Camille with a gaze that seemed to say, “I need you to take me right now.”
Camille just smiled and asked, “Do you like what you see?”
Naya didn’t answer. She simply moved her hands to Camille’s ass and cupped it as she gently moved her towards her face. She opened her mouth and took Camille’s shaft into her beautiful mouth. Camille closed her eyes in ecstasy and put her hands on top of Naya’s.
“Do you like this, baby?” Naya asked.
“Yes…yes…” Camille said in what was almost a moan.
Naya had fantasized about this moment many times. She loved oral sex and once she realized how hot it was making Camille she couldn’t control herself. She squeezed Camille’s ass tight and took a deep breath and she buried her face and swallowed all seven inches of her dick. She started out slowly, but within minutes was so turned on that she was getting fucked. Her rhythms of pushing and pulling Camille into her and out of her mouth was so intense that Camille could feel herself getting close to coming.
She opened her eyes and said, “wait, honey, wait.”
“What’s wrong?” Naya asked.
“I want to play with you a little before I let you put that hurt on me,” Camille said.
“Play with me? What do you mean?”
Camille pulled away from Naya’s face. What she was alluding to was the fact that she had many sexual interests of the non-vanilla flavor and had experimented with just about every thing from asphyxia to BD/SM. Naya had always been conservative, except in Camille’s fantasies.
“Do you trust me?” Camille asked.
“Um, yeah… but…”
“Then that’s all that matters,” Camille interrupted. “Lay on your stomach for me.”
Naya turned over and tried to relax. She wasn’t sure what to expect. She had been with a few men, but she wasn’t sure what to expect from this woman whom she found so incredibly sexy. But she wanted to know her every desire, so she decided to let go.
Camille straddled Naya’s thighs and sat her shaft on her ass. She didn’t want to fuck her; she wanted to fuck with her. She started rubbing her back gently. She was good with her hands – very good. She prided herself on being an attentive lover, and she could tell how turned on Naya was. She just wanted to see how far she could push her limits, or find out if she even has any. She pulled her hands from the top of Naya’s should blade down to her ass. Her touch was gentle, but deliberate. As she gently caressed every inch of Naya’s back, but each time she would get closer to her ass, the pressure in her fingertips increased almost to the point of kneading.
“Your hands feel so good, Camille.”
Just as she was going to turn around to smile at Camille she heard a loud clap and felt a slight sting pulsating across her ass. She wasn’t sure that what she thought happened actually happened until she felt it again… and again, and then again.
“Do you like the way that feels?” Camille asked.
Naya didn’t know what to say. She loved her ass. She loved the way it looked, and at that moment she loved the way it felt – the sting from Camille’s hand felt like electricity sliding across her skin. It moved from her ass to her clit and up to her mouth.
“Did you hear me?” Camille asked more persistently.
“Yes, baby… I… I do. I like it.”
She did it again – harder this time. Then faster, three hits one after the other.
“Come up on your knees more for me baby.”
Camille reached around to Naya’s thighs and pulled her back into her letting her shaft run up and down from her hole to her clit and then finally slipping inside of her.
“Back up into me, honey,” Camille requested.
Naya got up on her hands and knees and began crashing her body into Camille’s. Each time she rocked back, Camille could only think how soft and perfect her ass was. She was watching it turn red from spanking her and realized that it was turning her on immensely. She wanted more – she wanted to see her hand print on it. As Naya started rocking back harder and faster, Camille got even more turned on and couldn’t help but strike her ass again.
“Yes!” Naya didn’t mean to yell that out, but she couldn’t help it. She didn’t know she liked being spanked so much. She couldn’t explain it, but she was wetter than she had ever been in her life. “Baby, I need you to fuck me… right now, please… please.”
With that, Camille took Naya’s hips firmly into her hand and jammed her dick into her deep and hard again and again. She couldn’t control herself. She was fucking Naya senseless. They weren’t even moaning. They were grunting. They were overwrought with desire.
Camille almost always came from fucking with her strap-on, but usually it was from having a woman riding her, but she was so hot from hearing Naya she was getting close.
“Baby, you’re gonna make me…you’re gonna…”
Naya knew she was getting close and didn’t want to stop. “Come on, baby… come for me… come in my mouth. I want it… I want it so bad.”
Camille couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “What?”
“You heard me! Get on your back right now and let me go down on you. I want to finish you off.”
Camille pulled out and lay down. Naya turned so that her back was to Camille, her arm was straddling her body and her right breast was just barely grazing Camille’s stomach. She took the tip of Camille’s cock into her mouth and circled it with her tongue before letting it slowly slide out. She didn’t use her hands at all… just her perfect mouth. All Camille could see was her cock disappearing into Naya’s mouth, but she could feel every stroke, every flick of her tongue, every single time it touched the back of her throat. She could tell Camille was getting close, so she sat up and straddled her ankles letting her hands press against Camille’s stomach to keep her balance as she continued giving her the best blow job of her life.
“How does that feel, baby?” She slid her hands down the front of Camille’s body and reached around until she had both of her hands full of her ass. She pressed her face in deeper and asked her again, “Baby, does that feel good?”
The moment “baby” seeped from Naya’s lips Camille was exploding. She let Naya slam her into her mouth and came harder than she ever had until she almost collapsed. She pulled out of Naya’s mouth, fell to her knees and took a moment to catch her breath. Before Naya could get a word in Camille grabbed both of her legs by the backs of her knees and draped them over the shoulders exposing the shiny wetness waiting between Naya’s legs. She pulled her down to her and pulled her legs apart as Naya tried to pull back on to the bed. Camille didn’t have to use her hands to enter her, but she liked the way the heat of Naya’s aching pussy felt like holding her hand close to a match. It excited her, so she held her up with her right hand while she steadied her shaft with her left and pushed into her. She was so wet that it was easy to get into her deep from the first thrust. It felt so good to be inside of her. She pulled her up around her waist and reversed their position on the bed so that Naya was straddling her.
“Lay back, baby. Let me take care of you,” Naya said sweetly.
“Girl, you already did… come on now. I want to taste you.”
“Shhh… You can take care of me if you have enough strength left over when I’m done making you come again.”
“Oh, I’m gonna save up just enough to make you scream my name out while you come in my mouth,” Camille said arrogantly.
Naya just smiled and pushed Camille back all the way on the bed gently and gave her a look that said, ‘I need you to hang on to me because I’m about to put the best pussy on you that you have ever had in your fucking life.’
Camille could feel her eyes wanting to roll back into the back of her head as Naya rocked back and forth as she rode her. She was delivering full, confident strokes up and down on Camille’s shaft.
“Oh my god,” Camille said. She kept repeating it over and over like a mantra. She was in a trance. She was being taken to a place that she didn’t even know existed. She slid her hands down from Naya’s back to her ass and held on firmly with both hands. Just then, Naya rocked back hard and started moving faster as she pressed her breasts out into the air and held her back straight. She stopped to reach her hands down and spread her lips. She wanted to feel as much of Camille at one time as she could. Her clit was rubbing against Camille’s mound and simultaneously catching the base of her dildo. She rocked harder. She rode faster.
“Tell me how good it feels, baby,” she said.
“Naya… oh my god, Naya… baby, you feel so good. You feel so damn good.”
Camille opened her eyes for a moment and saw Naya – her perfect breasts in the air, back arched working the hell out of her – just in time to see her throw her head back and expose her beautiful neck line. She had always been aroused by the notion of asphyxia in mild manifestations, and had been known to sometimes reach up and wrap her strong fingers around her lovers’ throats. She didn’t realize what she was doing until her hands were around Naya’s throat. What was it about the restriction of breath that turned her on?
Naya had never had any one put their hands on her like that before. She was startled at first, but then got aroused. She didn’t think she could get any wetter than she already was, but before she knew it she could feel her sex running down her thighs and back to her ass, which she hoped secretly that Camille would then feel running down her own thighs.
Camille suddenly realized where her hands were and tried to pull them away, but before she could get them all the way off of Naya’s neck, she felt her put them back where they were.
“Don’t you try to hold back with me… you don’t have to be shy. I’m a big girl, baby, you won’t scare me.”
Camille loved hearing that. She needed to hear it. She felt so good being inside of Naya and knowing that she didn’t mind seeing her “freak flag” made her let go.
“Naya, you feel so good baby… you’re driving me crazy right now,” Camille said.
“Yes, that’s it baby… let me know you like it.”
“I love it!”
As they continued talking to one another Naya began to feel her orgasm approaching. She never climaxed from penetration, but the eroticism of being on top of Camille and looking down at her writhing with passion and feeling her strong hands around her neck was too much for her. She was going to come.
“Baby, are you getting close?” Naya asked.
“Yeah… I’m real close.”
“Good… you feel so good you’re gonna make me come all over you,” Naya said. “Squeeze me tighter. Make it hard for me to scream out… make it…”
“Yes, baby… yes.”
Naya pressed her hands into Camille’s breasts and squeezed, which instantly made Camille need to have Naya’s ass in her hands. She released her neck and filled her hands up with her soft ass and held on tight. Naya leaned her torso down so that her lips were against Camille’s ear. She was just working her bottom and whispering to Camille…
“I can’t wait, baby… I need you… I need you to come right now, so I can come. I don’t want to wait… Please don’t make me wait any more…. you know what I want. Let me hear you…Put your arms around me”
“Oh, baby…Oh… my…fucking God! Naya. Naya…”
“Yes, baby… yes…”
They came – both of them, there together holding each other covered in sweat and drunk with post-coital bliss. They stayed there for what felt like an hour, but was probably only 10 minutes.
“OK, are you ready?” Camille asked.
“What?” Naya had nearly fallen asleep.
Camille didn’t wait for a reply. She just rolled Naya over onto her back and slid down her body, kissing every inch of her.
“Just relax for me now… I’m gonna make you feel so good you’ll want to cry.”
Camille moved her hands up and down the front of Naya’s body making her nipples erect and full with pleasure. She circled them with her fingers and tugged them a bit while holding them between her index fingers and thumbs. She then curled her fingers so that her nails just grazed the top layer of her skin. She moved them down over her thighs and toes and then back up moving into her inner-thighs while pushing her legs apart to expose her wet and slightly swollen vulva. Camille just moaned.
“Well I guess you like what you see.” Naya said.
“Yes, I do.”
Camille immediately dove into Naya. She spread her lips apart with her fingers and pushed her tongue against her clit. Her tongue was heavy and thick with lust. She was exhausted from having come twice, but was determined to give Naya the time of her life. Camille dragged her tongue down below Naya’s clit and moved counter-clockwise in slow, sensual circles and then sliding down into the heart of her pussy and thrusting her tongue inside of Naya. She tasted like the ocean.
“That feels so good.”
“You taste so good.”
Camille shaped her mouth into a tightly-formed ‘O’ and began pulling Naya’s clit into her mouth over and over – each time with a bit more force. The noise the sucking gesture was making was actually turning them both on and Naya was starting to push her body up closer to Camille’s mouth.
“Tell me how you want it, baby.”
“I need you to suck on me harder… don’t be scared, don’t hold back,” Naya said.
Camille felt her words go straight to her clit. She sucked hard… then harder. She wanted to pull her as far into her mouth as she could, so she just kept sucking --- harder and faster and trying to dig the orgasm out of her as if it were buried there in that salty ocean like a treasure. She went back and forth between firm circles and sucking all the while keeping a steady rhythm. Camille wanted to ask permission to be inside of her, but thought that it would be just as effective to simply take it from her. She gathered her two left fingers and held them close together and worked them deep into Naya. She wiggled her bottom closer so that Camille’s fingers went deeper. Camille took that as a challenge.
“Hold on to me,” Camille said firmly.
She took her fingers and pressed them against her G-spot quickly and lightly. She was touching her spot as gently as her tongue was touching and flicking her clit. And then… the circles. Naya was starting to feel it…
“Oh, Camille… what are you doing to me?”
“Does it feel good, baby?”
She started fucking her… in and out deep and hard and then deep and hard and fast. Camille was circling Naya’s clit like her life depended on it. She pushed into her deep with her fingers and knew she was close because she was expanding. She waited for her walls to close back up around her fingers so she could make sure every thrust was felt at its maximum impact. She just went crazy! She was fucking her so hard and so deep that she really thought she might hurt her, but she didn’t want to stop. She couldn’t stop. This was five years of waiting being unleashed all at once. Again she found herself pulling Naya deep into her mouth with her lips wrapped tightly around her clit probing her with her tongue trying to dig out her orgasm, trying to find the place that would push her over the edge. She loved the way she tasted so much that she could barely concentrate. She wanted her entire pussy in her mouth all at once. She wanted to swallow her whole and she had every intention of trying to do just that. Camille was giving pleasure to every part of Naya’s pussy at once – her tongue was circling Naya’s clit; her lips were massaging the lips of her perfect self; her fingers were pulling sounds from her that she had never heard any woman make before and it was driving her completely crazy – it was driving them both crazy.
“Oh, Camille!”
“Do you want to come, baby,”
“Yes. Yes, baby…Can I come for you?”
“Yes, but only if you come in my mouth. I want you sliding down my throat and filling me up from the inside, baby.”
“Oh yes!! Yes!”
“That’s it, Naya…. Tell me how good that shit is… is that mine, is that all mine?”
They were both incensed. Camille kept fucking her even though she knew she was coming. Her fingers were moving and in and of her so deep that she was sure Naya could feel every thrust in the back of her throat.
“Tell me baby,” she said. “Whose is it?”
Naya knew what Camille was asking. She wanted to know that even after all those years between them, all that distance that what they felt for each other hadn’t changed and that it had been worth the wait.
She had never come so hard in all of her life. She was screaming at the top of her lungs – just yelling Camille’s name again and again. It was like thunder in her ears. As she came down off of her orgasm, Camille slowed down to let her enjoy it and just kissed on her clit sweetly as she pulled her fingers out of her. As she moved up to spoon Naya, she leaned over and kissed her. Naya turned around and took her face in her hands…
“Camille… baby, this is all yours… it’s got your name written all over it. It’s all yours…”
They kissed sweetly, deeply, passionately as if to say to one another that those years were well worth the wait and to thank each other for not letting go of what they felt.

The End

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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