by Turner

If you are about to need me Im cumin down
Im just leaving drama and passing misunderstanding
the road is long and the drive pleasant
i just need a cup of the desire to help me keep my eyes open
your mind will help me forget the distance

If your were just wishing of this body, Im a mile ahead
the stretch brings to memory what beauty laid before me
no reason to just touch but feel the smoothness under my skin
i just need to let the windows down some to a creature comfort
your mind will help me forget the distance

if you were just about to call, Ive disable all calls
I want to miss all you were going to say
I want to leave it for when Im in your arms and your mouth pressed
against my listening
I just need to pull over for a moments's future
your mind will help me forget the distance.

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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