Sinnamon Wakefield-Jones

......I remember that time....when we were just sitting on the porch drinking that sour ass lemonade I made. Just enjoying a warm summer day. You kept puckering up your lips asking did I put any sugar in it. I told you, "If it aint hurting yo teeth...then it aint sweet enough for you huh?"
You kept making those I kissed ur scrunched up lips and you looked at me in surprise. "My you're being awfully forward aren't you," you said shyly. I laughed at you. And kissed you again. I pressed my warm, sun-drenched body against yours. You could feel my heartbeat I'm sure. You had a slight sheen of sweat on your forehead. I wiped it away. Then I took you by the hand and lead you into the cool house, away from the heat and prying eyes of the neighbors.
I could see how uncomfortable you seemed. You seemed unsure of yourself. I wanted to put you at ease. I wanted you to lean down and kiss me. I couldnt reach your lips even in my heels. I put my hands around your waist. I was eye-level to your breasts. Slowly I unbuttoned your shirt and slid my hands across your slick skin. I felt your goosebumps. I kissed every inch of skin that I exposed. You whispered in my ear how much you cared about me. I almost melted right there in my living room.
The ceiling-fan was cooling your skin. I felt your nipples get hard under your wife beater. I peeled off your button-down until I got to the beater. I stepped out of my heels and suddenly became 4 inches shorter. I moved away from you and slowly walked into the kitchen. I felt your gaze on me. On my back. On my thighs. On my legs. Hell, on my ass. I hiked my skirt up a little more for your benifit.
When I turned you were smirking at me. "Are you trying to turn me on?"
I laughed at you, "Is it working?"
I sip cold water from the sink while watching you in the living room. You seem rooted in the same spot; staring at me with that weird look in your eyes. As if you've never seen me before. The sexual tension between us is thick enough to cut with a knife. Then slowly you walk towards me. You take me in your arms and suddenly I feel so safe. And when you kiss me with all of your passion for us, I start to leak from my panties. I become engulfed in all the feelings. I'm on fire. My nipples stand at attention and there are goosebumps along my arms. You ask me quietly if this is what I want. I want to shout YES! to you but I dont. All of a sudden I am not the agressor anymore. I am not in control. I am submissive. I want to give myself to you but I am shy. I am meek and humble before you. But you know me know what I want. What I need.
You are rough with me. Like a doll to be tossed aside after being played with. I bite the inside of my lip and taste my own blood. You are too busy pulling down my skirt to notice. You are on your knees in my kitchen smelling me. I am getting impatient. I feel naughty for doing such things in my pristine kitchen. You back me up against the sink and my ass molds into the cabinet. I stand there and look you in the eye. You run your hands along my legs and I silently congradulate myself for remembering to shave them. You notice. You plant kisses on my knees and ankles and I can barely hold myself up. I think you noticed that too because you stood up. You kissed my neck....into my clevage...across my collar. Locking eyes with me again you pulled my shirt up over my head and looked eagarly at my breasts. You kiss first the right one...then the left one. My knees are weak and my pussy is wet. I'm sure you are aware. I can smell myself on ur lips. When you take control of me this way, I can truly be myself with you.
I step out of my skirt and kick it across the floor. I turn around to grab my shirt and realize my mistake. My ass is exposed to you now with nothing covering my world but a scrap of fabric no bigger than a finger. And that is exactly what I feel snaking towards my pussy when I bend down. You easily slide two fingers inside of me up to your knuckle. My body is not my own. It will not obey me. Automatically I arch my back and bend over further. I am now cluching the sink and my panties are pulled to the side. My pussy makes slick, wet sounds as you slide your fingers in and out of me.
You reach around with your other hand and hold my breast. You tweek the nipple and a moan slides from my lips. Although I am grinding my teeth trying to hold it back, another groan escapes my mouth. You lean over and whisper to this what you wanted? I try to regain a bit of my dignity and do not speak to you. You press harder into my wetness and I suck a deep breath in. You ask me this what you want? I hiss at you saying Yes! in a low, drawn out voice. You pretend to not hear me. "What? What did you say? I cant hear you!" I am so turned on right now I would say anything at this point. And you know it. You are now playing with my clit and a delicious feeling over comes me. I've waited for so long for this. I can no longer control myself. I wanted to tell you so bad but before I could get it out; I came all over myself, all over ur hands and down my legs.
Now you are angry with me. I can see it in your eyes. I know the rules and I have broken them. My eyes are downcast and I stand there like a naughty child....naked in front of you. I can smell myself in the air. Its so hot in here as I wait for my punishment. You command me to my room. I shuffle my feet but secretly I am eager. I cannot wait to see what you will do to me. It is cool and dark in the bedroom and it takes a minute for my eyes to adjust. You are right behind me, pushing me onto my stomach and into the bed. I know what is coming next and I am tense. The first slap across my ass sends fire all the way to my nipples. I cry out your name and that makes you slap my ass even harder for I am not to make any noises during my punishment. The next assult to my cheeks sets my pussy on fire and I open my legs wider. I am very wet and it stains the sheets. You rub my ass to soothe it. This also turns me on but you already know this.
My eyes are closed and all I can feel is your hands on my body. I feel something hard poking at the entrence of my womb and I raise up on my knees like a good girl. You slide Mr. Happy into me and I feel your hips meeting mine in one smooth stroke. Slowly you pull out of me and the lips of my twat hold onto the strap for dear life. You grip my ass cheeks and slid into me once more and I grit my teeth. The pain across my ass cheeks and the pleasure I feel when you rub against my spot is enough to send me over the edge. This time I cannot wait...I whisper and moan to you but you are too busy talking to hear me. You tell me how good it many nights you dreamed of being inside of me. You are now hitting it faster and I feel myself falling over the edge but I try to hold it together.
Now I am meeting you with every pussy making slurpy sounds and the moans coming from the both of us fillthe room. Finally I erupt and scream your name loud enough for people across the street to hear and wonder if what they heard was real. You own orgasm follows behind mine and we collapse in a sweaty heap on the bed. For some reason....the sun is shining so bright thru the window and I hear a buzzing sound...I open my eyes and it is morning and you are not in the bed with me. I jerk awake and look at the clock. It is morning and I am alone....again.

The End

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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