by jane sway

The prospect of falling in love….again
of leaving yourself vulnerable….again
of letting yourself dream….again
of letting yourself be happy….again
of opening up your soul….again
to the possibilities of uniting with another
and allowing your heart to reach out to theirs,
is a daunting aspect of everyone’s life,
but summoning the courage to take that initial step
is a must for many of us,
drawing ourselves from the comfort zone of singledom,
drawing ourselves from our self-imposed exile
and who knows,
but that much like a ripple
caused by even the slightest of feathers that
disturbs the water’s still surface,
it may possibly echo to another shore,
reaching another someone waiting there,
waiting there and wondering too,
if it is time to venture into the unknown….again,
and seeing what it has to offer

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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