by Chinky

i got this pen in my hand wondering what the fuck, thoughts racing thru my
head cause wifey got me all shook up

see i got this feeling that i just cant shake, wifey got me trippen over this
fucking mistake

i dont flirt, nor do i try to spit game, wifey that lies at home is my main
dame she doesnt realize it but i still love her just the same

she thinks im out there doing dirt but i still come home at nite, i let them
trick know whats up u know that i got a wife

yet they still wanna know whats up, i tell them we can be friends but all
they wanna do is fuck

im not tryna put me and what was mine in jeprody, but these fuckin bitches
keep on fuckin testing and tempting me

see some way some how they heard about me and they wanna know if its true, u
know the type of ag that'll fuck a bitch thru and thru

i dont give them hoes the time nor day, im not gonna lose my wife for one
nite of a lousy lay

see my heart beats to the sound of the shortee with the ring on her finger,
she thinks im full of shit but im tryna make her a believer

see i was a cheater once upon a time, unitl i saw who used to be my wife she
was a dyme

young but sexy, sassy yet cute, from that day on i was in high pursuit

i had to get her no lie, thought it was gonna be a hit it and quit it , no
reasons 2 ask why

but she saw right thru me, she turned me down and thats what really thru me

that shit has never happened to me b4, but she was smart she knew we had
potential to be more

shortee had wifey standards she wasnt the hit it and quit it type, ive never
chased a girl before she had me real hype

the day she said yes i put down this fucking pen, my thoughts came from past
experience so there was no reason for writing

that day was the death of this playa, yall really dont know what i had to go
thru to get her

now six yrs later wifey is iggin me, wont take my calls, fuck yo she wont
even see me

i told yall i gave up the game, the right message to the wrong shortee was a
big mistake, i didnt know that shit would be the issue that decides my fate

ive never cheated on my wife in my life and now shes gone, tell me where the
fuck did i go wrong

november 18 six yrs ago was the death of this pen, somebody tell me why this
shit is in my hand again

hittin the paper hard, thoughts in my head are scattered, i love my wife them
other bitches dont and didnt matter

i want her but she doesnt want me, i would never step outside what we had to
jeprodize what couldve been a future family

they both have the same name damn im cursed, when i call my wife she says im
thinking of her, can this shit get any worse

im tryna put down this pen but i just cant stop writing, wifey hasnt called
me yet damn she got my heart frightened

will we get back 2gether, will our hearts once again in unison sing

this pen is reborn yall because shes gone she left me there is nothing left
for me to do but write nothing at all not a damn thing

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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