by Musiqladee

the aggression between my legs
caused my oppression of a long
lost obsession that yearns to break free
free flowing down the valleys of my warmness
waiting on the rapids, white and hard
pounding the shores of uncertainty
streams running, open, warm and sticky
creamsicles, sweet to the taste
and lips cool to the touch
but juices warm and wet between my fingers
slidin in & my out side is cooler
than the in sides of me
deranged with anticipation
body shaking, my excitement builds
waiting on everything, holding on to nothing
everything stops moving,
no sounds, just silence
then, all at once
earthquakes move the mountains
that is my climax
snow falls from the blizzard that is me
rain… on… me….
rain… on… me….
let your love

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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