by StrawberriiFEMME

i love your sweet sexy voice on the phone
as i say the things id do when i get u alone
hold u close to me and let u feel my heart beat
and no one would know but u and me
wrap my body around u taste u devour u
and do all the things u want me too
then i lay down and let u handle me
i give myself to u completely
like I'm the sand and u r the sea
let your waters run all over me

and i say oooh wee give it to me baby
as u stroke me softly and slowly
our hearts race fast as we pick up the pace
"she's about to cum" ...i see it in your face
i cant believe I'm cumming too
and there's nothing i can do
but look at you...
and say ooooooh...
"awww damn look at me"
u made me cum so quickly....

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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