__________by Kim Steele

If I eat the dirt off your shoes
Will I then be able to satisfy you?
If I drink the water from which you bathed
Will I then be able to have you?
If I suck the life out of your patch
Will I then be able to love you?

If I gave you all the money in the world
Would you then value me?
If I hunted down all of your enemies
Would you respect me?

If I could make all your material lusts come to pass
Would you do the same for me?

If we are deserted on a desert island
Can you promise Iíll get to touch you every night?
If my whole came crashing down upon me
Can you make sure Iíll enjoy your patch as long as possible?
If your whole world came crashing down upon you
Can you make sure I please your breasts just right?

If the apocalypse comes
Can you make sure Iím with you?

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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