So much wasted time and energy when we argue.
When we lose everything including tomorrows.
Funny, when all I do is look forward to being with you.
You say that seeing me is the way you are feeling too.
Then we get together and somehow negativity rears its ugly head.
Are we looking for ways to bring this relationship to an end?

Could it possibly be that so much hurt between us has transpired?
Is there nothing we can do to make those bad events of the past retire?
I have committed my soul to you and I must admit it's imperfect as most.
But I know we cannot keep hurting and demeaning each other at any cost.
Life is too short, happiness is once in a life time and love is too far in few.
If anything should divide us, that is love no longer lives inside me and you.

Yes, I fight the urge to be blinded by a love that I cannot shake.
And realize it is more than just what I am feeling at stake
Many times my mind and heart are at war with each other.
Because you are all that I desire as a friend and a lover.

Woman to Woman, your beauty and proximity has always made weak.

A desire that runs amuck and wants to sex you in places less than discreet.

I dread to bare a touch, a kiss and making love to someone else.
And truly believe you have given me something I have never felt.
Intellectually you turn me on and your street smart is equal or more.
I dare to remember of a time when you have not been in my thoughts
Yet, here we are, not talking, not speaking and placing blame to no end.
As I sit here and wonder----
What will it take for us to live happily ever after once again?

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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