by senojevol

I hope that you're the ONE, if not you are the PROTOTYPE
The images of your natural being are etched on heart
Although what I feel is wrong and in reality isn't right
You are my closure of a dreadful ending, and my beginning to a beautiful start
With a touch of your hand you run through right to my SOUL
To my inner being right down to my abyss
I'm always overwhelmed with you, not one moment is dull
In a utopian world riding on cloud nine, I've never felt a LOVE like this
I dream of us hand in hand taking over the WORLD
You forever being the light to my dark, the LOVE to my HATE
And every night I wish and pray that some day I'll be your GIRL
I knot this is REAL and not a form of a fluke fate
Constantly day dreaming and thinking of nothing or no one but YOU
I feel pure joy and rejuvenation of LOVE and LIFE in my bones
In a deep constant state of mind I lust behind close doors leaving you no CLUE
A strong overwhelming desire I have for you, through my nights of lusting I've caught a LOVE JONES
I'm not sure how I missed what I NEVER had
What I feel for you takes me away to new a HEIGHT
My love for you is a figment of my imagination I experienced it, and I'm GLAD
I hope that you're the ONE, if not you are the PROTOTYPE

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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