by Apassions101

Have you ever sexed a girl whose pussy was trash?
I mean a girl with grade R pussy.
Regretful pussy!!
A chick who you wished you would have never worked so hard just to get that pussy.
Well guess what?
I'm not that type of chick.
I've got some good ass pussy.
Yes, I said it.
My pussy is top shelf
Like a $200 bottle of vodka imported from France
Or some of that Purple Haze fresh from Jamaica
My pussy will get you high
So high that although you have been with your wifey for three years you think of me
And when you kiss her, she gets moist because she is in love with the flavor of your lips.
Does she know it's me?
I'm not cocky,
I don't have a dick
But when it comes to my pussy,
I'm convinced!
My pussy will make your tongue orgasm when you're eating me out
and make your strap cum when you're digging it out.
Make you want to go get good credit so you can take me out
To dinner and a movie $150
A bottle of wine $200
A hotel room $400
Some Vickie Lingerie $90
The smile on your face after you had some of this pussy $Priceless
Damn I got some good pussy
And references too.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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