__________by Taneigha

Karma’s priceless
I won’t dare deny this
But the reasons for your actions are insane
Me… A “pimp” or “player” of the game?
Or so you claim
But for some reason
I didn’t hear you saying all that shit about me
Why you were wide open
Screaming my name
But, I guess I’m the one to blame
Nah, Fuck that!
Now you the one running game!

My honesty a bit too much?
Well, please forgive me
if I seem a little out of touch
With kicking all those bullshit lines
I never had to rehearse
to get to you any single time

This is merely apart of my flow
What! Now you tryin’to act
as if you didn’t know?
This is no ego or apart of a show
Sweetheart this is simply T
In short this is just me

Now true enough
I’ve done my dirt
And along the way I too
Have experience pain and hurt
On this fact I will not lie
Hell on occasion
I even have the tendency to cry

But I thought you were my girl
You know…someone of whom
I could share my world
Without you bringing
Everything all up in my face
And dare I mention your audacity
Of attempting to take my place?

Well Shorty girl, I tell you,
You really had me laced
Feeling somewhat common placed
And I guess sometimes
Honesty has it’s costs
In others opinion
It may even appear
As if I’ve lost

But the knowledge I reflect
Is so much more
Feeling better about myself EVERYDAY
Knowing that there is more
To this woman that is me
Than discovering the next easy lay

My actions with a certain female or two
Have far gone unnoticed …
But trust me honey
I already know this
Don’t you recall?
I told that story to you!
But you don’t see me faulting you
For all that shit you’ve done
Or choose to continue to do

I simply loved you
For being you
Call it my mistake
I thought that’s
What true friends do
Unfortunately that’s a lesson
I had to learn the hard way
Apparently that’s not me and you

However to all good lessons
A knowledge and understanding
Should be the goal that is gained
Karma is still a priceless type of bitch
No matter the victim or extent of her game

Now me I accept her…
I accept her honesty and consequences
Wide stretched and with open arms
I t may not always seem fair
But something she has taught me
Is to never come to her place unarmed

So as I take this last lesson
I sincerely wish you nothing but the best
Just keep in mind
Karma continues to make her rounds
And as I said before…
That Bitch is PRICELESS!

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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