I was looking out the kitchen window while washing my hands and saw a couple of police cars moving slowly thru the neighborhood. "Hum, I wonder what they're looking for." I didn't bother trying to find out. With all the busy bodies on this street, I'm sure one of them will tell me. I proceeded to check on the spaghetti sauce I had simmering on the stove. I lifted the pot top and a spoon to stir the sauce. "Um, that smells good." I tore a corner from a slice of bread, dipped it into the sauce, and placed it in my mouth. "Oh Yeah, That's what I'm talking about! I not only look good, but I can cook too." Now, I'm gonna let that simmer just a little bit longer while I go take my shower.
When I stepped out of the shower, I heard someone banging on the front door. Whoever it was, was banging as if their life depended on my answering. I quickly put on a T-shirt and a pair of shorts, and then headed for the door. Bang, Bang, all I could here. "Okay!" I yelled. This person has just worked my last nerve. I grabbed the knob, turned it, and swung the door open hollering, "What the F"...was all I was able to get out of my mouth before a gun was shoved in my face and the words "Police Freeze" filled my ears.
"Put your hands on your head and face the wall" barked the officer.
"Officer, what's going on," I asked, while turning toward the wall.
"Shut Up" she commanded and pushed me against the wall, then proceeded to pat me down. Then she shouts, "Where is she?"
"Where is who?" I asked.
She leaned in close to me with her mouth to my ear, "Don't fuckin' play with me. Where is the woman who just ran in here?"
"There's no one here, but me." I answered. At that moment there was a noise from another room.
"It sounds like someone to me," said the cop. The next thing I knew, she had my hands cuffed behind my back and using me as a human shield. We walked around searching the house for someone who shouldn't be and wasn't here.
Not only am I confused about what's happening now. But at the same time I'm starting to question the security of my home. What if she actually did come in here and I didn't hear her? But how did she get past the door chime? Could she have come in when I was in the shower? Damn, do I have to start setting the alarm when I take a shower? All of these thoughts are running thru my head.
We went from room to room and before we arrived at my bedroom there was another noise. The cop grabbed me by my hair and yanked my head back. Without saying a word she let me know one wrong move and I was history. We stood there for a few seconds, and then she gave me a nudge to start moving. Hey, I am not going to lie, I was scared shitless and praying there was no one in there. I knew for a fact, if shots were fired, I was going to get hit. We slowly walked to the door opening with me between her and the door. We slowly entered the room. Which was fine with me, I was in no hurry to die. We stopped just before arriving at the closet door. She yanked my hair again, signaling me to open the closet door. I slowly raised my hand to the knob, closed my eyes and took a deep breath then quickly opened the door. My heart was beating so fast and loud, I don't know what had happened. Then I felt my hair being pulled again. Dirty Harriet decided it was time to continue the search. After checking the bathroom, the lady cop decided she didn't need her human shield for protection any longer. So now, I'm standing here with my arms wrapped around the bedpost and in handcuffs while she investigates the rest of my house.
I heard the door chime and thought she must have gone outside to look around. Then I heard the chime five or six more times. All of a sudden it hits me. "Is she stealing shit out of my house?" Wait a minute, how do I know she's really a cop? All I saw was the gun stuck in my face. I didn't even get a good look at her. And where is her backup? They should have been here by now. "Oh, hell nah! Something's wrong here!" I started struggling trying to get loose, but the cuffs just got tighter and tighter. And the post was too thick to break. Then I hear the door chime again and my adrenaline kicks into high gear. What am I gonna do? What to do, Whatta do, Whatta.... I look up and she's standing in the doorway watching me. We stood there in silence, just staring at each other.... until I snapped and started yelling. "What the fuck is going on here? Take these Damn handcuffs off me!" Well that must have pissed her off, because she stormed across the room and SMACK was the sound of her hand landing on the side of my face.
"I'll ask the questions around here," she said. "Now, who was the woman that ran in here?" Before I could say anything, she grabbed my face and was squeezing it in her hand. Her face one inch away from mine and with clinched teeth she said, "And where did she go?"
Damn, if she's squeezes my face any harder, she's going to shatter every bone in my jaw. Some how I managed to mumbo, "I don't know" She starts squeezing harder and the pain brought tears to my eyes. My tears must have won me some sympathy points, because she let my face go.
Still staring into my eyes she says, "You don't know?"
"No, I honestly don't know" I replied.
She gave the alright hands motion and said, "Okay, if you don't know, then you don't know." She just stood there looking at me until her cell phone starts ringing. She pulls the phone out of her pocket, looks at the caller id and answers with a "yeah." Then quickly leaves the room. She was talking too low for me to hear what she was saying. But I figured that phone call meant nothing good for me.
I felt like I had been attached to that bedpost for hours before she returned. "Okay, Officer (I finally spotted her name tag) Lewis, You've searched my house and as you can see the woman you're looking for is not here. So, would you please uncuff me now?"
Very calmly she said "I don't know where she went, but I'm gonna be here when she comes back." Then she starts to search my room.
"What are you looking for," I asked.
Her response was "Maybe something. Maybe nothing. You tell me, what am I looking for?" She goes to the closet and starts searching it.
Before she opens the lid to my toy box I shouted, "Do you have a search warrant?" She turned and gave me a "nigga please" look and then proceeded to investigate the box's contents. In a low voice she says, "Um! I see someone likes to play."
Oh great, now what, I thought.
She pulls one of my dildos out of the box and smiles. Then she looks at me and in a very seductive voice says, "I see you like a little variety in your sex life. Do you like to give, receive, or both?"
I don't say a word. I just stood there giving her the "none of your damn business" look.
She continued the questioning with, "What's your favorite position?"
I responded with "Uncuff me and find out"
Her defensive attitude quickly returned. "Nice try!" she said throwing my dil back in the box.

She walks over to my dresser and opens the top drawer. She looked at me with a puzzled expression on her face "Briefs? I pegged you for boxers." She shakes her head in disbelief, and then continues her search. "Sports bras, good, good."
I interrupted her inspection by saying "Since you're taking inventory of my personal belongings, the rest of the drawers hold my shirts, socks, pants and shorts. You already know where I keep my dick when it's not strapped on me." Oooohhhh, if looks could kill...I would be DEAD! I'm surprised Ramboa didn't take her gun out and unload every bullet she had into my body.
"Are you finished?" she asked.
I knew I hit a nerve, so with a smile on my face I said, "For Now."
She took a deep breath and walked over to me. My eyes were locked into her cold piercing eyes "You really think you're smart don't you?" HUM, a powerful blow from her fist landed in the center of my stomach and knocked the wind out of me. "Well, we're going to see just how smart you are" HUM, HUM! Two more blows to my stomach. I was bent over trying to catch my breath. She bent down and put her mouth to my ear "You need to learn how NOT to piss me off."
She walked over to the entertainment center and thumbs thru my collection of women on women videos. While viewing the titles she says, "I like to give, but I love to receive. She turns on the tv, places a dvd into the player and presses play. After a few minutes of watching women sucking breast and licking pussy she says, "Woo, it's getting hot in here!" Then, she started taking off her clothes. She knew I was watching her, so she disrobed slowly to give me a good view of what she had to offer.
I tried not to notice her silky smooth skin and sexy curves. And I tried even harder to ignore her firm breast and perfectly round ass. But even more, I tried to stop the feelings that were stirring inside me. I tried to fight the urge my lips had to kiss every inch of her body. And the desire my tongue had to lick her pussy and suck her clit until her O takes over her body. Until her juices pour out of her and into my mouth. And the challenge to make her cum over and over and over again, so I can slurp up every drop that flowed from her well. Oh, how I tried...but as she stood in front of me, pressing her body against mine, all I could do, was to submit to whatever she wanted to do.

She leans in and softly kissed my lips with a short quick peck as if she was testing my willingness to indulge in her desires. When I did not resist, she proceeded with more lip service. Kisses that became more intimate with each connection. She wrapped her arms around my neck as we explored each other's mouths.
The more we kissed, the stronger the throbbing between my legs grew. My clit became full and hard as she grinded against me. Her hands move down my body stopping briefly at my ass--squeezing, caressing and pulling me tighter into her grind. Then her hands caress my thighs. Our lip lock was broken with her saying "Your workouts payoff quit well for you."
"Uncuff me and I'll show you how well."
Officer Lewis pulled back and sternly said, "Did I tell you to speak?"
Okay, now I'm confused, what the fuck is this woman's game. And why am I so attracted to her madness.
Office Lewis walked over to the entertainment center and turned the movie off.
Now my pussy is having a conversation with my brain:
Look brain, I don't care what you have to do to get the pussy... just get the pussy. It's right there asking, no begging to be licked.
Okay pussy, so what you're saying is Play her game.
Yes brain, Tap that Ass!
"Permission to speak," I asked.
She cuts her eyes at me and says, "No!"
Okay, now what, Pussy, asked my brain.
You're a smart brain, just figure out a way to get her to relax and let her guard down.
Then my tongue joins the conversation. Yeah, cause I need to get in there and taste what's on the menu.
My eyes were closed and my head tilted back. While licking my lips, I thought about my tongue slipping in and out of her opening. Tasting her juice as it flowed from her well and into my mouth. I heard my stomach growling and that's when it hits me....
"Oh Shit," my eyes flew open. "My spaghetti sauce," I shouted. "Would you turn it off for me please?" Then, I gave her the "I'm a little tied up right now" look. She proceeded to the kitchen. I heard the pot top and other things being moved around. "It didn't burn did it," I shouted towards the kitchen. But there was no answer. "Is everything alright in there?" Still no response.
A few minutes later, she returned with a bowl of spaghetti sauce and bread. "This is good, did you make it?"
"Yeah, help yourself," I said sarcastically. Ain't this a bitch! Now she's eating my food and didn't even offer me any.
As if she heard me she says, "Oh where are my manners." She sopped up the last of the sauce on some bread and put it to my lips. "Don't worry; I washed my hands before I fixed my plate. Now, open your mouth" she said firmly.
I did, but not without seductively sucking her fingers and stroking them with my tongue. Oh yeah, she's feeling it. I watched her eyes close and her mouth open as she gasped for air. She moved in closer and I sucked a little harder. Oh yeah, now we're getting somewhere. The empty bowl falls to the floor as she hungrily kissed my lips. She pulls up my T-shirt and works her way down to my breast. Oh yeah, suck me baby. I thought to myself. I didn't want her to stop, so I didn't dare speak. I just enjoyed the pleasure she was bringing me as quietly as I possibly could.
Her hands entered the back of my shorts and caressed my ass as she pulled me tighter to her. She kissed my lips with such passion as her fingers traced my ass, down my crack and back up again. When she grow tire of my shorts, she pulled them down to my feet and commanded me to step out of them. She started kissing my feet and working her way up my legs, my thighs, and higher until she arrived at the center of my body.
"Spread Em!" She said, in a low, yet firm voice. My legs opened wide, granted her the access she commanded. Her fingers slide between my legs, parted my lips, and caressed my pussy in a pleasurable manner. Her thumb massage my clit and I encouraged her to continue bring me pleasure by moving my hips to match her strokes.
Then her lips replaced her thumb and her fingers entered my tunnel. A low aaaahhhhh was released from my mouth while I moved my hips to capture more of her fingers stroking power. I was on the edge of an O, trying desperately not to cum. She knew I was weakening by my struggle to keep my legs from buckling beneath me.
She released my clit from her mouth. "Not Yet, Baby" she whispered. But it was too late; she had found my spot deep within and continued to work it. No matter how much I tried, there was no stopping my O; it was time to let it go. My body tensed up, my pussy walls clinched tighter around her fingers and held them hostage for the rest of the journey. The waves of pleasure had taken over my body. My weakened legs dropped me to the floor, but Officer Lewis didn't stop hitting my spot. She just kept on stroking me until I begged her to stop. She removed her fingers from by body and placed them in her mouth to suck off my juice. "Ummm," she says, as if she was approving how I taste.
She rose to her feet and took a couple of steps backwards. She started to slowly caress her own body, squeezing her breast and pinching her nipples making them harder and stand at attention. I watched as she lifted her breast to her mouth and tongued her erect nipples. I watched her hand move down her shapely curves and land between her legs. Stroking her kitty lips before entering herself. As I kneeled on the floor watching her pleasure herself, I licked my lips dying to taste her. She walked over and stood in front of me. She lifted one leg and paced her foot on my shoulder. I didn't waste any time. My tongue jumped out of my mouth and into her pussy. "Ummm," I moaned, to let her know how much I enjoyed her flavor. My long thick tongue was feeling good to her. She has one hand on the back of my head smashing my face into her wet land. While her other hand was squeezing her breast and pinching her nipples. Her pussy walls were squeezing my tongue tighter with every stroke. This wasn't enough for me. I had to touch her. I need more contact than this. I gave her one more stroke and then pulled my tongue out and firmly said, "Uncuff Me!"
"No," she said, while trying to pull my head back to her pussy. I struggled to move away and stand. "Stay down there," she commanded trying to keep me on my knees.
"Take these cuffs off me," I yelled again.
"NO!" she screamed.
"Take them off they're too tight!" I yelled once more.
Standing face to face she sternly yells, "I said, NO!" We stood there, just looking at each other. Until she decides she's had enough of my disobedience. She brushed passed me, rolling her eyes, and walked toward the bathroom.
"Where the hell you going?" I yelled.
"I'll be back when you learn how to follow directions" she replied.
"So you just gonna leave me like this?" I asked.
"Yap, Bye" then she closes the door.
I started to struggle and the cuffs got even tighter, "SHIT!" I gotta get out of these handcuffs. I started examining the bed, trying to figure out how to take it apart. Then I noticed a groove in the wood. "Yes," the top part of the post unscrews. So I got up on the bed and unscrewed the upper post. Then I jumped up high enough to remove my arms from around the post and off the side of the bed. Now to find the key to the handcuffs. I went over and searched her clothes. Talking to myself, "Who the hell does she think she is? Busting into my house trying to run shit! I should tie her ass to the bed and fuck her until she's raw. Then flip her over and enlarge her asshole." The cuffs are off.
Okay, Officer Lewis, you wanna play games. I gotta game for you. I went over to my toy box and chose my instruments carefully. I strapped on my big thick dil, gathered a couple of different size butt plugs and some lubricant. I really didn't want to cause any serious damage. I just wanted to teach her who she was fucking with. I hid them in the nightstand; I didn't want her to know what I was going to do to her, until I did it. Then a vision of her firm, perfectly shaped breast flashed in my head and I immediately ran to the kitchen to get some chocolate syrup. I couldn't wait to feast on her melons.
As I was walking back to the room, I heard the shower cut off. I quickly grabbed her handcuffs and mine from the box and secured one end to the headboard. The other end was going around her wrists. Then, I stood where I could grab her when she came out of the bathroom.
She opened the door saying, "So, Are-" Before she could get the rest of her sentence out, I had grabbed and wrestled her to the bed.
Man, can this girl fight, but I managed to secure her to the headboard. "So, how do you like being cuffed to the bed?" I asked her.
"Take these off of me!" She commanded.
Very calmly I replied, "No."
She scrams some more. Then, she spotted the chocolate syrup on the nightstand. "And what do you plan on doing what that stuff?" she asked.
With a smug look on my face I said, "Spread it all over your body, then lick it off while showing you my favorite positions."
"And what if I said I don't wanna know?" she asked.
"Oh you wanna know, otherwise you wouldn't be here" I replied.
"Uncuff me" she yanked on the cuffs again, "or I'll charge you with rape!"
"Oh really?" I said in a get serious tone.
"Yes, really" she says in a serious voice.
I proceeded to break it down to her... "Well Officer Lewis, you must have been absent the day the subject of rape was covered in class. So let me explain to you why that charge would never stick. One, you forced your way into my house."
"I was chasing a suspect"
"Two, You illegally searched my home."
"I was securing the premises."
"Three, Engaging in a sexually activity whereas your saliva is mixed with my lingering pussy juice."
Officer Lewis didn't comment.
"Yap, you missed a drop."
Officer Lewis just lay there staring up at me, with a defeated look on her face.
"Huh? Whatcha say? You have nothing for that? Yeah, that's what I thought." I couldn't help but to tease her a little. "Now, why don't we just have a wonderful sexual encounter without all the treats," then I kissed her on the lips.
"Please, uncuff me" she begged."
Between placing kisses on her face, I asked her, "Are you going to behave yourself?"
"No," she answered, and pulls at the cuffs again.
"Then I will not uncuff you." I took the chocolate syrup bottle from the nightstand and started pouring it on her nipples. I can't believe how much it turned me on watching the chocolate roll down her breast. With the tip of my tongue, I started spreading the chocolate on her breast. Then sucking the chocolate off her breast and biting her nipples. With each touch, each kiss, each sound released from her lips. My need for revenge disappeared and my desire to make love to her quickly surfaced. I asked her again, "Are you going to behave your?" Taking her breast into my mouth and sucking down to her nipple.
Her back arched. "Ssssssss, Nooo," as she released her breath.
Kissing over to the other breast. I said, "Suit yourself," Taking in more of her breast and sucking harder.
She started grinding her pussy into my stomach. I could feel her clit swelling as it brushed against me. As her clit did mine. My hand quickly rapped around her waist and headed straight to her warm wet treasure. My fingers caressed her pussy lips, sliding back and forth, and then two fingers entered her. Stoking her in and out while my mouth continued to feast on her firm melons. My desire to taste her again grew stronger. I removed my fingers from her pussy and quickly put them in my mouth. "Hmm, you have some good pussy juice," I told her. My fingers returned to gather more juice.
In a soft sensual voice she says, "Please, stop teasing me," She's right it's time for me to go south. I would take my time and tease her a little more, but the truth is...I would only be punishing myself.
My tongue went right for the supplier of her wetness. Circling the outer edge of her opening and only sliding the tip of my tongue inside of her. I love the way she lifted her hips off the bed, trying to get my tongue to go inside her. The next time she thrust her hips I slide my tongue deep inside to get better acquainted with her wishing well.
After her third explosion, instead of licking up her juices I gently kissed her clit and worked my why up her body placing my tongue in her navel. Stroking it the way I previously stroked her pussy. She started to tremble even more. I lay on top of her while her juicy pussy slide along my breast and my right nipple found its way inside of her. I could not believe how arousing that felt. Oh shit, I feel an O coming on and I want her to have one with me. I quickly wrapped my lips around her clit and started sucking, while I grind against the bed and my strap massage my clit. My finger entered her and went straight to her spot. The more she moved the harder I ground into the mattress and the strap stroked my pussy. Even after we became stiff as a board and our O ran waves of pleasure thru our bodies, I was still sucking her clit. Her O went so high that her breathing became very shallow. I immediately stopped and looked at her face. She had a weightless, floating on a cloud expression on her face. I moved from between her legs and lay on top of her with the majority of my weight being supported by my arm. I didn't want to hinder her breathing any more than it was. "Breathe baby," I kissed her lips, "breathe." I repeated the word "Breathe" and caressing her face while staring into her eyes. When her breathing returned to normal I asked her, "are you okay?"
"Yes, That felt so good," she replied. "Where did you just take me?"
I reached into the nightstand drawer for the keys and uncuffed her.
We lay there silently admiring each other's beauty. Caressing, kissing, and exploring each other's body. During a very intimate kiss, I started stroking her pussy lips with the tip of my dil to get it nice and wet while building up her anticipation of my loving arrival.
She opened her legs wider and my dick slides deep into her treasure. Nice slow strong strokes in and out. With each stroke all that could be heard were our sounds of pleasure. Her shallow breathing returned. "Breath baby," I said.
As soon as I stopped stroking her, she whispered "No, don't stop." Thrusting her hips up into me. "Please don't stop." she begged.
So I proceeded to pleasure her as before. When her shallow breathing returned, I didn't pay it any attention. I placed my hands under her ass and held her tight against me. She had no choice but to take every stroke, to feel every inch of my thick, long dick, moving in and out touching every surface of her pussy. I enjoyed delivering such pleasure throughout her body. Her hands were on my back and I could feel her nails starting to dig into my flesh. "Don't scratch me," I said and quickly took her hands and placed them out to the sides. Then, I started banging the hell out of her pussy. Fucking her hard, fast and deep. She started grabbing the sheets and pulling them off the mattress. She was helpless under me. To keep her from scrumming I placed my hands under her ass again. As she came closer to an O, her strokes became vagarious taking my dick in with much more force than before. Rocking her hips faster and faster. Before I knew it she was on top of me. Slamming her pussy down on my dick like a cowgirl trying to break a horse. Pinching and pulling on my nipples. Rubbing my strap against my swollen clit. I was seconds away from exploding, but I was trying to fight off my O. I need to hang in here until she was ready to cum too. I quickly moved my head from left to right, in attempt to shake off my O.
She saw my head movement and the look on my face. She pinched my nipples even harder and my eyes flew open to meet hers. "Don't fight it," she said. "Cum with me baby."
I don't know what the hell she did, but by time the second time she said "cum with me baby," my O was in full motion. A roaring OHHHHHH escaped my throat and filled the room. My body was wonderfully paralyzed and enjoying every second of pleasure I received. As she shook from her O, I shook from every intensifying move she made on top of my body. There was an indescribable and pleasurable wave of feelings running thru my body that made my pussy a running faucet.
Mia lay on top of me as I caressed her back. "Damn, that was good!" I said.
"Yes it was," Mia replied. Then, she gave me the sweet loving kiss that only my wife can give.
Happy birthday, Mrs. Louis
"Why Thank You, Mrs. Lewis. I do love the way you gave that gift". Then more kisses followed. "You looked mighty sexy in that uniform"
"I was working' it, wasn't I!"
"Yes, Yes, that and me too"
A few quiet minutes passed as we lay there enjoying our warm embrace. I was the first to break the silence, "Mia, who was that going in and out the house earlier?"
"That was Jackie, dropping off something for the cookout tomorrow."
"Oh." There was a moment of silence, before attempting my next question. "Baby, who"
Mia interrupts my sentence, "Alright, twenty questions is over." She reached over and grabbed the chocolate syrup bottle "It's time for you to unwrap your next present."
God, I love Mia. She's not perfect, but she's been the perfect woman for me.

The End

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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