by Juicyfruit

At first I was a little nervous but the way you sound and the soothing way
you say my name made me feel at ease. I started to caress my nipples then move
down to my thighs I played around the inside of my thighs as if I were you. I
slid my fingers around my clit and began to rub and slide n out like you would
do me. I kept listening for you to tell me what to do I could hear you
breathing and felt your breath in my face. I could feel your body on mine I felt
like you were here with me. I wanted you to grip my thighs and pull me closer to
you so I can feel you inside me I wanted to be able to kiss your lips and
tell you how your making me feel. I needed you to tell me how you feel, tell me
IM beautiful, tell me IM your lady, kiss my lips and let me taste you. I wanted
you to kiss me slowly till I loose control then you stop and tell me to come
lay next to you, and you caress n kiss my back trail your tongue down my side
till your reach my pussy. Let me fall in your mouth make me feel like IM
gonna burst in your mouth like a ripe peach. Just for you to tease me and pull
away come up n kiss my lips let me taste the nectar that lingers on your lips.
I'll try my best to feed your appetite and keep cumin for you all night. While
my eyes close my mouth opens slide your hands along my thighs, open my smooth
wet lips spread them apart and plunge passionately inside me. Make my back arch
feel me tremble underneath your skin. I feel wet like the sea, warm like fire.
Stranded on my sheets by myself 'cause you're not here but at the same time I'm
released from my clothes and I offer to you all my desires. Ohhh baby I love
phone boning with you.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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