Every summer, I take youth to a Christian camp. This summer was the best summer yet because I met her. Her name was Ada and she was absolutely gorgeous. She was about 5’6’’; honey brown skin, thick frame and her eyes were the kind I could get lost in. Her lips were full and the moment she spoke to me, I fell in love with the sweetness of her voice.
“Excuse me how many campers do you have with you,” she asked.
“Ummm--” Totally captivated by her overall being, I was at a loss for words
“Ms. Karen, you brought twenty-three campers,” one of the youth answered for me
Ada laughed and said, “Y’all must have had a long drive, because your sponsor is a little delirious.”
The campers laughed so I laughed as well to ease the tension I was feeling. She told the campers to get their bags and to go to the gym where they would meet there cabin leaders and new roommates for the week.
“Um Ms. Karen, do you need one of the guys to take your bags to the cabin”, she asked.
I was hoping she’d show me but to show her that I didn’t need any help, I said, “No, I’m cool, I can manage”
“Really now?” she retorted and flashed the most beautiful smile I had ever seen
I could feel the moistness between my legs begin to form.
“Well, Ms. Karen, your cabin is right at the top of that hill and I’ll come by to check on you and the other ladies when we get all the campers situated” Ada said.
“OK,” I replied.
I grabbed my bags and took that long hike up that hill in 90-degree heat. When I got to the cabin, I wanted nothing but a nice glass of ice-cold water and a shower. I said hello to my roommates for the week and began to unpack. As I did this, all I could think about was Ada, that gorgeous body and beautiful smile. After I unpacked, I took a shower and got comfortable. I put on my lucky boxers and a wife beater. Then I lay down and began to write in my journal about this beauty that I had the pleasure of meeting. I must have dosed off because when I woke up, Ada was in the bed next to me reading my journal. I was a little upset and embarrassed. Upset that she reading something very personal and embarrassed by the fact that I wrote about her.
“How was your nap?” she asked as if this was just a casual conversation.
So I played along and my reply was, “it was good, I needed it.”
“So Ms. Karen…” she began to speak.
I interrupted, “Please call me KT.”
“I like Ms. Karen,” she said
“Well if you like it, I love it,” I said, flirting a lil bit.
“As I was saying, how long did it take you to decide that you wanted to fuck me?” A surprised look came over my face and I became a little uneasy and began to stutter. “Um um I….I…..I… um--”
“Don’t lie, I read it right here in your journal and I must say you have had some interesting encounters,” she said.
Now blushing, I got up the nerve to say, “So would you like to be an interesting encounter?”
There it was again, that beautiful smile. “Well Ms. Karen, if the right time and place occurs, I guess you’ll have an answer to that question” she said.
Anxious to know her, biblically speakin’ of course, I asked, “What about here and now?”
I stood to my feet and she stood as well. I looked into her eyes and they spoke to me so I had to respond by engaging in the most seductive kiss that I had ever experienced.
When our lips parted, and our eyes opened, we both shared the same expression and it was that of ecstasy and curiosity. “Listen, the camp will be virtually empty tonight because the campers and the counselors are going to camp out with our sister camp across the lake. We are both gonna be ill so we can stay behind and finish this encounter. If that alright with you?” she suggested.
Now there was no way that I would turn this offer down. She took my hand and placed it on that nice ass of hers as she walked away. I guess the expression on my face said yes because all she said was “see you tonight” as she walked out of the cabin.
I could feel my wetness begin to trickle down my leg, so I had to take another shower before my hormones got the best of me.
The whole camp gathered in the eating hall for dinner and all I could do was smile because I knew that I would be havin’ some Ada tonight. She’d smile and wink at me when no one was lookin’ and my pucci would jump every time we made eye contact.
Dinner was takin’ way too long. We finally gathered in a circle to pray and she came over to hold my hand and I almost came right there. I don’t know what it was but her very presence made me weak. After we said amen, she whispered “I can’t wait for you to bury your face in this.” I wasn’t even hungry anymore; well I was hungry, just not for what they were servin’ up. I wanted to have her right then and there. But we’d probably both lose our jobs and my youth would probably be like, “Ms. Karen, you dykin’?” So my urge to have her was cut short by the consequences that we’d both have to endure if anyone found out.
As I sat with the group of ladies that I shared the cabin with; one of them noticed that I wasn’t eating and that was the perfect opportunity to express the fact that I wasn’t feelin’ well. “I’m gonna go lie down,” I said. So I headed to the cabin anxiously.
My cabin mates came in to check on me and one of them suggested that I stay behind. There was no way I was gonna argue with that. So I just took a shower and awaited the presence of Ada, the finest camp director I had ever seen. I was getting’ tired so I fell asleep only to be awaken by one of the sweetest kisses I had ever experienced.
“Wake up sleepy head, I wanna fuck,” she whispered.
Shocked by her choice of words and turned on at the same time, I was all too ready to oblige. I took her head into my hands and began to kiss her with soft gentle kisses. I like to begin nice and slow but I always end with a bang. “Aye, I want you in the worst way right now,” I whispered.
“I’m all yours.”
We stood and kissed for a moment and then she began to take off her clothes and the beauty that those clothes hid was so incredible. Her breasts were soft and succulent. Her ass was just right and the moment her thong hit the floor; I was all over that. I laid her on my bed and I began to explore her body with my hands and my mouth. I kissed her on her lips and then I worked my way down to her neck. As my hands gripped her breasts, she let out a passionate sigh. A sigh that told me she was feelin’ this.
Now my mouth has taken the place of one of my hands and I began to lick, suck, and bite her nipples. Her sighs have now become moans and that turned me on. I tried to put as much of her breast in my mouth as I could. Then I went to the other one to pleasure it the same as the first one while my hand wondered to her precious spot. I thought to myself shaved and wet; just like I like em.
As much as I loved her breast, the aroma from my favorite place was calling me so I began to kiss her down her stomach. I stopped at the belly button and allowed my tongue to play there for a moment. Now that I have had my appetizers, it is now time for the main course and I was feelin’ greedy. I gently gave her a peck on her wet lips and I allowed my tongue to glide up and down her slit. She tried to grab the back of my head as if to rush me. “Ooh baby don’t tease me,” she said.
I pushed her hand away and said, “Don’t rush this; I want you to enjoy every second.” She then anxiously arched back. So I gave her what she wanted. I dove in and she gripped my hair tightly. That always turned me on. I fucked her with my tongue first which is not the order that I like to go in usually, but I just had to get a better taste. I felt her walls grip my tongue as she moaned with pleasure, but I wasn’t ready for her to cum just yet. So, I parted her lips to expose her swollen clit. Immediately my tongue went to work and her body began to buck. I then worked two fingers in her pucci and the reaction was incredible. She began to scream my name and gyrate harder. Wild was an understatement. She grinded until she exploded into a beautiful orgasm. She came all over my fingers and her body went limp. Impressed and proud of my performance, I smiled.
“Come lay with me KT” she requested. I cuddled up behind her resting my hand on her stomach. “I must admit, I thought this summer would be boring but you have proved me wrong” she said.
“I’m glad to have made your summer,” I replied.
“Hell you made my year,” she said as she let out a little giggle. I set the alarm on my cell phone so we could awake before everyone came back and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.
I know I’ll be coming back to this camp regardless if the kids like it or not.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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