by L.J.

I always seem to notice you
Watching me out the corner of ya eye
Like your thinking what im thinking
But trying to play it like your shy
I always seem to notice
How you casually lick ya lips
While your eyeing me up and down
Like you want me to unwrap ya gifts

I like how you showed up
One day at my door
Came in without invitation like you've been here before
You said you needed to talk to me
Something was killing you inside
And it was time you let it out it was too much for you to hide

You said "baby i been feeling you, and i really like your style,
And hopefully your feeling me, and you'll let me stay a while."
I licked my lips and smiled and whispered in ya ear
"Where do you want to do this?" you said "we can do it here."

I took you to the bedroom and I laid on the bed
And watched you while you stripped for me
While you said you needed it bad
You stood there body glistening
Ya hands between ya legs
Ya clit was jumpin heart was pumpin
And I haven't even touched you yet

I pulled you closer to me
And spread ya legs apart
Slid my fingers around ya goodies
As you moaned ya nipples got hard
I laid you on the bed
And kissed you up ya thighs
And as you rubbed on ya nipples
You moaned and closed ya eyes

I slid my tongue over ya clit
And slid one finger in
And then slid in another
In and out and in again

Ya pussy was mad wet
And my fingers had a shine
I could tell you was feeling good
I could see it in ya eyes

I had candles lit
You look mad sexy by candle glow
I turned you on ya stomach
And let the candle wax flow

When the wax hit ya body
You let out a moan
And damn it sounded sexy
I hope you ready cuz its on

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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