Renee met her first in Spanish class in grade 11, really that class was for grade 10s she only needed that class to fill my schedule she was already fluent in Spanish. Renee didnít notice her until one day she stood up from her seat in a navy wife beater showing off her strong muscles in the ends of her shirt, she was putting her binder in her knapsack. She was 5í11, with the skin of dark chocolate with her hair in long braids to her back. Renee grew fond of her and she managed to find a seat across from her.

Unfortunately, she didnít know her name until the teacher asked the class, "What is the capital of Honduras?" and her fine crush raised her hand the teacher spoke again, "Yes Chante?"

Chante spoke with assurance, "Tegucigalpa." Her deep voice was as soothing as a mellow ocean.

Renee never had crushed for anyone, well maybe the one time she had in the 4th grade with the rich white boy in her class but not with another female. Renee tried to avoid the occurring feelings, but, as she caught Chante staring at her with her captivating dark brown eyes, she couldnít resist.

As she reached her senior year, Chante joined the senior girls basketball team. Renee came as often as she could to see her. Before every game, Chante skimmed through the bleachers to scan the crowd as though she was looking for someone. Once she found who she was looking for, she took off her sweater and began throwing free throws into the hoops. Renee joined the school Dance Company and she practised every day after school until 5:00. At 4:35, after Chante finished her basketball practice, she came looking in through the narrow windows of the dance theatre and watched each movement of the dancers. Renee knew she was there but she pretended not to. They never spoke a word to each other, but Renee longed to talk to her so badly.

After Renee graduated from high school she attended York University in Toronto to work on receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre and in Dance. It was kind of lonely there since she moved away from her small town to boarding in the campus. All Renee did was think about Chante, and how her strength could keep her safe and the love they both could share.

However in the second year things got better. She had a wonderful roommate her name was Natalia the most beautiful Hispanic woman she has ever seen who soon became her best friend. Coincidentally she was there for a musical theatre major and an out and proud lesbian who was in a 1 year relationship with the student council president Lakeesha Mavis. Their love was pure, Renee heard them some nights in the dorm room hearing Lakeesha screaming for Natalia to make her cum like there was no tomorrow. Renee admired their relationship and their courage. She had never been in a relationship with anyone, including men and she had yet to experience real love.

"Donít worry, chica," Natalia said. "I know you, youíre such a loving person and if anyone canít see that then they must be blind"

Renee sighed. "I know. Right now I am just going to focus on my studies. If I canít find love then love must find me."

"Damn straight baby, You do you and then someone will do you too," she giggled. "You know what Renee, weíll go to Club Blue on Jarvis tonight at 11:00. Just me and you okay hunny? WeĎll take the subway down and weĎll find you a woman!" She passed a grin.

Renee loved the presence of Natalia she always lifted her spirits. "Whatever, just be ready"

Natalia left the dorm room to see her woman and once again Renee was stuck in the room alone. But tonight it was going to be different, she could feel it. So as 10:00 approached she ran straight into the shower and then put on her best clothing. Renee went for her black halter top to compliment her long black flowing hair with a pair of ripped low-rise Baby Phat jeans to go with her petite 5í5 body. Her caramel skin was glowing so to top off her outfit she wore her rhinestone stilettos. Renee knew she looked off the hook tonight.

Natalia appeared in through the dorm room with her jaw hitting the floor. "Chica, baby... you look so sexy! Youíre gunna be gettiní lots of girls tonight!"

"Come on, letís get out of here," Renee said pulling Nataliaís hand.

Renee grabbed Nataliaís hand and guided her straight to the subway. They reached Club Blue at 11:15 and the party was definitely jumping. Colourful lights flickered around the room with a three level dance floor. Women were parading the metal poles and tonight the place was packed to the brim. They arrived just in time for Reneeís favourite jam to play "Drop it Like itís Hot" by Snoop
Dogg and Pharell. Immediately Renee guided Natalia to the dance floor where they were bumpiní and grindiní and gyrating their hips to the song. As the song slowly switched to a slow jam Renee and Natalia made their way to the bar to have a few drinks. "Martini on the rocks for me," Renee said to the bartender.

"And a Rum and coke for me," Natalia responded thereafter. "Man, tonight is the night Renee, I just know it girl, youíre gunna find yourself a nice......."

"Letís not talk about that right now, letís just have some fun okay?" Renee
said with a half smile

As the music progressed Renee was bouncing her head to the music when suddenly this tall dark man approaches her. "Is this seat taken?" he asks pulling the stool aside for himself.

"No, itís not," Renee says not really noticing him

"Hi, Iím Malcolm and I was just noticing how beautiful you look over here that I just had to talk to you."

Suddenly, Natalia appears between Renee and Malcolm and throws her hand around Reneeís waist. "Iím sorry Malcolm she doesnít do men!!!" Then, Natalia kissed Renee right there on the spot. Filled with disgust Malcolm leaves the two.

Renee was in shock. "I can't believe what you just did!" She calmed down "Now, people are going to think that weíre together!!"

"You see Renee, thatís exactly why you are alone and then you wonder why! You are so afraid to be yourself and other people can sense that, thatís why you donít have a woman in youíre life Renee! You check yourself next time you tell me to not be myself." She finally regained her composure. "All Iím saying is that you have to be true to yourself then other people will."

Renee thought to herself for a second. "Iím sorry.. I didnít mean to.... Iíve got to go...." Renee grabs her coat and heads out the club leaving Natalia alone.

"Renee... wait!! itís okay." But Natalia couldn't catch up.

Renee reaches the subway and is heading home when she bursts into tears. She knew Natalia was right about her not being proud of who she was. All she could hear was the echo of Nataliaís voice saying "All Iím saying is that you have to be true to yourself then other people will." Natalia hadnít been even more right.

As Renee reaches campus her face is still blotchy from her crying earlier on. She looks up at the clear Toronto sky where the stars glisten and takes a deep breath, she knew she had to make a change in her life. Renee sits down on the campus bench near the basketball court where she thinks about how her life is going.

Just then she hears the sound of a bouncing ball on the basketball court. Renee looks up and at her surprise she sees the face of a woman she has missed for so long. It was Chante shooting hoops at 2:30 in the morning. She was wearing navy basketball shorts and a white wife beater. Chante looked the same, the only difference was the extra muscles she had packed in.

Then, it hit her for the first time, a wetness in her panties. Renee didnít know what to do but she knew this was her only chance to set things right with herself, to be true to her emotions. Renee stood up and slowly walked over to Chante where she was so engulfed in her game. She tapped her on the shoulder as she finished her shot. Chante turned around and her eyes brightened.

"Hi Chante," Renee blushed

"Hey," Chante said in a smooth voice and smiled

"Iím not sure you remember me but...."

"No I remember you, you were in my Spanish class and the dancer with those
moves...Renee right?"

"Yeah, I remember you on the basketball team. The star player. I used to come to almost every game"

"I know." With each word Chante spoke Renee became more moist and soon her panties were drenched. She was turned on by Chante and she knew it, she couldnít hide it. She was waiting for this moment for so long for it to pass by. Chante continues, "I used to look for you in the bleachers."

"You know, I always wondered who you were looking for."

"So tell me, what are you doing at York U?"

"Well Iím here to major in Musical Theatre and Dance."

"Oh, I should have known. Youíre a really good dancer, I watched you after practise."

"Yeah I know." Nervous, Renee changed the topic "So why are you here?"

"Well, Iím a freshman and well Iím trying to get my Bachelor degree in World Business and Marketing."

"Thatís impressive." Renee notices Chante beginning to shiver and realizes just how cold it is outside. Then, she asks Chante, "Would you like to come in my room? I see youíre shivering and I would love to catch up on some more of you. DonĎt worry, my room mate is gone for the night so you donĎt need to feel bad either."

Chante says calmly, "If you donít mind." The two head over to Reneeís dorm room. Chante sits on the bean bag chair across from Reneeís bed.

"So do you like it here at York so far?" Renee asked.

"Yeah, now that I know youíre here"

"Really?" Renee blushed and smiled. "Can I ask you a question, Chante?"

"Yeah anything"

"Why did you look for me in the bleachers?"

Chante said smoothly, "Because I wanted you more than anything. I thought you were the most beautiful thing on the planet. And if you were there watching I would have something worth playing hard for. And I knew you secretly wanted me too, but you would never talk to me."

"How did you guess I wanted you?"

Chante smiles. "Because of the way you used to look at me in class, your body language said it all. And I caught you one day eye fucking me. I was waiting for you, but you never came around. I figured you were afraid of what you were feeling."
"I am not like that anymore. I know what I want and what I want is a strong black woman to love and return the love in my life"

"Like me... right?" Chante quickly changed the direction of the conversation. "Can I ask you a question Renee?"


"Do you want me?"

Renee bluses. "Yes, more than you could imagine."

"I know."

"What? How?"

"Through the wetness in your panties"

Renee looked down at her jeans which had a faint wet spot on her crotch. She was so embarrassed but didnít show it to prove to Chante she was proud of her sexuality.

Chante said softly, "Itís okay baby, relax." Then, she got up from the chair and caressed Reneeís body and held her by her waist.
Renee took Chante in and wrapped her arms around her shoulders. Chante parted her lips and kissed Reneeís . She sucked on her bottom lip and slid her tongue in between her lips and kissed her passionately. Just then, Chante whispered ever so softly, "Iíve wanted you since the day I laid eyes on you. And I couldnít stop thinking about you. Let me love you baby." Then, she laid Renee on her back.

Renee had never been so aroused she felt like she was going to burst with the slightest touch of Chante.

Chante slowly unbuttoned Reneeís jeans and slid down her thong to the floor which revealed her bare pussy. Impatient, Chante rushed to take off Reneeís halter but was welcomed by hear bouncing breasts. Chante took in Reneeís right breast to her mouth while entertaining the left one with her hand teasing it. She sucked and flicked her nipple with her tongue and teased every inch of her
caramel breasts. Renee let out another soft moan and she began to breathe harder with each touch of Chante. Chante kissed her way down to Reneeís inner thighs where her pussy was awaiting her.

Renee couldnít take it no more and said, "Please Chante baby, please donít tease me. I need you". Responding to her command Chante massaged Reneeís clit and slid in her two fingers into her wet throbbing pussy. She took her hand out and dove into her pussy licking and slurping her canal from top to bottom and slurping her clit making Renee scream for the first time she was at a point of no return. Chante sucked Reneeís pussy licking every inch of the wet art she created. Reneeís screams became so loud that Chante thought she was going to wake up the whole campus. "Oh Damn. Baby, Iím Gunna Cu-" Before she could finish Renee came right into Chanteís mouth and she took in all of it.

Renee was out of breath. "Nobody has ever made me feel like that before."

Chante replied, "And I will be your only, baby." She smiled and they kissed once more before Chante undressed and cuddled Renee in her arms. She asked, "Baby, will you be my girl?"

Renee replied in a soft tone, "Hunny, I already am."

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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