Elvira Perthson

Kaswana slammed the front door, took out a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey and sunk unto the sofa. She couldn’t believe that Taylor had cancelled for their fifth anniversary dinner.
Six months ago, just for tonight, she had made a reservation at The Drum, a plush afro-centric restaurant with a long waiting list, and, booked the honeymoon suite at the Hilton setting her back the better part of three months’ wages.
This evening she had waited outside the restaurant for a good half hour till Jen, Taylor’s snooty assistant rang to say Taylor wouldn’t be able to make it. Apparently there was some last minute meeting Taylor had to attend. Kaswana had hung up on Jen and hailed a taxi home.
Taylor was a career-guidance counsellor at a downtown youth centre. It was her clichéd idea of giving back to a community which she knew nothing about. Kaswana had thought it patronising because Taylor had an obscene- sized trust fund and she was probably taking the job away from someone who needed it.
No drama though thought Kaswana, opening up the whiskey and taking a mouthful. She was going to party on her own, get drunk and just maybe she would feel better in the morning.
She and Taylor had been freshmen roommates and after one night of heavy drinking had ended up together.
“I’m not into labels, Kaz, but the minute I saw you, I wanted you" Taylor confessed later on that night tracing a long finger round Kaswana’s breasts. She paused teasing a nipple hard till Kaswana moaned. “I demanded we be roommates.”
Kaswana later found out that Taylor was practically college royalty. For decades, her family had given generously to the college and she was the sixth generation to pass through its halls. Unlike Taylor, she was there on a small scholarship which she had to supplement with two part-time jobs.
After graduating college and despite the good job she had landed, when Taylor had called pleading how much she missed her, Kaswana had dropped everything, packed up and moved cross country to be with her.
Some fifth anniversary she mused and was about to take large another gulp of whiskey when she heard a knock on the door.
She got up slightly unbalanced, went to the door and looked through the key-hole. It was Taylor.
“Kaswana, I know you are in there!” Taylor hammered on the door again. “Kaz, open up!”
Not wanting the neighbours to know her business she let Taylor in and a whiff of flowery fragrance filled the air.
Taylor tended to dress conservatively in a simple understated old money style. Tonight, she was wearing a soft cashmere camel twin set, a roll of pearls on her neck and as usual, her hair and make-up was perfect. It was hard to imagine her even having sex, not to talk of burrowing into pussy.
Taylor walked in as if she owned the place. She looked round, stared at the half empty whiskey bottle for a second then she looked at Kaswana wrinkling her nose. ‘You look a mess; I would stay off the whiskey if I were you.’
“Is that it? No happy anniversary?” Kaswana asked slightly slurred. “No, sorry for cancelling Kaz at The Drum” she mimicked in Taylor’s sophisticated tone.
“I’m not talking to you like this.” Taylor turned round to leave but Kaswana was too quick for her. She pulled her away from the door and pinned her against the wall.
“Now let’s try the word sorry” she said. “It’s easy, Tay, S-O-R-R-Y, say it”
They were so close she could feel Taylor’s warm breath on her face. More than anything she wanted to brush her lips against Taylor’s.
Taylor struggled but Kaswana had her firmly against the wall. “What’s it to be, Tay?” she prompted.
Taylor smiled and without warning leaned forward and kissed Kaswana.
Hot sensations shot through Kaswana and loosening her grip, she put her hand between Taylor’s thighs - it was wet.
Suddenly they were kissing passionately and stripping each other naked.
Taylor pulled Kaswana to the floor, grabbed the Jack Daniel’s bottle and emptied it over Kaswana.
Kaswana gasped as the cool dark amber liquid ran down her body igniting a small flame between her belly and pussy.
“I’m going to get drunk on you,” Taylor muttered lapping up a pool of the deep amber liquid from Kaswana’s navel.
She licked and sucked circles round Kaswana’s nipples till they were hard and Kaswana growled in pleasure. Then pushing Kaswana’s legs further apart she parted her dripping pussy with her tongue and drank from the gushing sweet nectar.
“Mmmm, Kaz, you taste good mixed with JD,” moaned Taylor as she slowly tongued Kaswana’s clit.
Kaswana wiggled, her body alight with fire on the on verge of an orgasm and for a moment she could not bear to be touched.
She tried to push Taylor away and press her thighs together but the build up was too much that she climaxed with an exquisite tremor travelling through her causing her to howl.
But Taylor didn’t allow her to rest. Still working her, Taylor pushed her tongue in and out of her now heavily throbbing pussy, going faster and faster till Kaswana felt the slow build up of another orgasm.
Then Taylor wrapped her pearl necklace round her fingers and slid her entire hand deep into Kaswana. The ripples and sensations caused by pearls as Taylor kept sliding in and out, and, hitting her g-spot was so severe it drove Kaswana over the edge. Straight off with her hips bucking wildly and legs thrashing from pleasure, she pounded her pussy hard into Taylor’s fist as her body racked with spasm after spasm. “Taylor!” she cried out giving way to the final orgasm.
Now glowing with perspiration Kaswana stared at Taylor. This was a good, not exactly what she had planned but it good all the same.
Taylor smiled at her, her eyes alit with passion. “So guess I’m forgiven, Princess?”
Not answering, she flipped Taylor over, so now Taylor was on her stomach with her butt in the air.
“Who’s been a bad girl?” asked Kaswana slapping Taylor’s ass so hard that it left an imprint on the chocolate skin.
Taylor shrieked in pleasure mingled with pain.
Fingering Taylor’s ass, she slid two fingers into Taylor’s pussy and began fucking her at both ends.
Taylor panted hard as her breathe got faster and shallower. ‘Kaz, the bottle…., use the bottle, Girl!’
Kaswana reached for the bottle and did as she was told.
Taylor groaned in pleasure as she felt ripples radiated through her cunt with each deep thrust.
Slowly, she grinded her hips to Kaswana’s thrust rhythm. “Mmm, oh, this so good, Jen,” she moaned deep in oblivion, “Oooo…better than beer bottles.”
They had never used a bottle before and what was this about Jen. Kaswana stopped.
Taylor turned on her back to face Kaswana with her legs wide open. “What’s wrong, baby, why did you stop?”
Kaswana could see Taylor’s pussy was throbbing and begging to be eaten. She licked her lips, wanting savour its salty sweetness on her tongue and feel its hot juices run down her face. She wasn’t going to allow anything to stop her pleasure now.
“No reason,” she said burying her face in Taylor’s pussy, she inhaled deeply filling her lungs with its sweet musky scent. It was beautiful.
With her fingers and tongue she explored and teased every nook and cranny of that delicious pussy discovering new hot spots that made Taylor gasp for air.
The more she tasted, the greedier she became. She devoured Taylor, swirling her tongue in, out and about until Taylor grabbed her head and pushed her face deeper into her snatch as the shock of multiple orgasms ripped through her.
“Thanks, Baby, I’m done,” Taylor rasped still quivering. “You were so aggressive”. She tried to get up but Kaswana pushed her back down.
“I’m not, done with you.” Kaswana needed to have her one more time.
“Okay,” said Taylor and without warning changed position. Suddenly, they were in a sixty-nine.
With Taylor’s pussy dripping wet, Kaswana slid her hand in and started to fuck Taylor’s hard while her tongue flicked and sucked her already swollen clitoris stiff. She heard Taylor moan into her pussy and felt Taylor’s lip vibrate against her clit.
She gasped, unconsciously blowing hot air on Taylor’s clit - only for Taylor to do the same to her.
Soon they were rubbing, licking, sucking, humping, grinding and biting each other in a fierce passionate frenzy. Deep guttural screams replaced shallow gasps as they finally lost control giving in to deep shattering quakes.
When it was all over Taylor sat up, her perfect hair now stuck to her scalp and plastered down her face in sweat revealing her nappy roots. Gone was the old money heiress with a trust fund.
Taylor put her pearl necklace in her mouth and sucked on it before putting it back on. “Delicious, it still tastes of you.” She pulled Kaswana and kissed her hungrily.
“Wow, that was amazing,” said Taylor teasing an ear-lobe, “Let’s make a night of us.”
“No.” Kaswana stood up, gathered up Taylor’s clothes and threw them at her.
“Are you still pissed about The Drum? I could get us another reservation easy, it’s no big deal, Kaz,” She paused playing with her titties. “And I’m sorry about tonight. I had to work late, okay, Honey? I had go through some paper work with Jen”
Kaswana realised Taylor was clueless to saying Jen in the torrents of passion. The other thing was that Jen had told her Taylor had been delayed in a meeting.
“No, it’s not okay.” Kaswana said putting her clothes back on. “How many people do you know discover during sex that their lover is a common slutty five-dollar hoe who allows other bitches called Jen to shove bottles up her ass?”
Taylor stood up, clothes in one hand and slapped her hard. “How dare you!”
“Ow!” Kaswana winced in pain. “It is true, Taylor, isn’t it?” she accused.
“So what if it is?” replied Taylor coolly as she put on her clothes. “Maybe I fancied some variety and excitement after five years of the same old, same old boring sex,” she smirked.
“Get out, just get out!” screamed Kaswana as an emotional cocktail of pain, anger and betrayal boiled over inside her. She dragged Taylor towards the door, opened it and pushed her out. “I want you out of my life!” she yelled not caring if the neighbours heard her.
In the hallway, Taylor adjusted herself and smoothed down her clothes. “Just one thing, Kaz,” she said to Kaswana. Something in her voice stopped Kaswana from shutting the door.
“You think you are something, Miss high and mighty wannabe. Well, I’ve got news for you.” Taylor jeered turning ugly, “I’ve been with Jen for three years. I joined the centre because of her and we’ve been fucking ever-”
Kaswana gently closed the door and heaving a heavy sigh, sank to the floor weeping - her heart breaking.

The End

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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