_____I was jamming when I got the phone call I’d been anticipating all day.
_____“Hello Honey.”
_____“Hey boo. I’m on my way home.”
_____“I know.” I really didn’t have much to say, I just wanted my woman home and in my arms. I’d wanted her to take the day off but of course she didn’t. My baby was a workaholic if I’ve ever known one.
_____“Alright, anything you need?”
_____“Just you here right now.”
_____“In due time luv.” Jayla whispered and hung up. She knew that would touch my soft spot. She began calling me her love the night that we first kissed and it still melts my heart now like it did then.
_____365 days. 8,760 hours, and 31,536,000 seconds is the amount of time that I’d been waiting to make love to my woman. It’s been one trying ass time. Being with someone that soft and beautiful. Kissing on those full lips, rubbing those thighs, and caressing those welcoming breasts yet not able to take it all the way because of a promise that we’d made to each other. A promise that had without a doubt strengthened our relationship.
_____Jayla and I promised that we would wait one year before we had sex to show that our relationship wasn’t built on intercourse alone. Now there were plenty of times that we almost strayed from our promise to one another but we didn’t because that would have cheapened what we felt for each other. Can you imagine how hard it was to make it this long though? Showering and sleeping together. No clothes on, just her body snuggled up beside mine.
_____Oh, I’m going to tear that ass up tonight. Ok wait, I don’t want to jump ahead of myself because I need you to see exactly how this here is going down.
_____I’ve turned our already romantic bedroom into a honeymoon suite. The only piece of furniture that remains is our king sized canopy bed. Everything else has been moved into the guest bedroom. For nothing else is needed for this occasion except the bed and what’s inside my suitcase.
_____The bed is located in the center of the room on top of a platform surrounded by white curtains and silk pillows to match the white down comforter. The only light in the room lights each post of the bed. Four oversized candles placed atop 4 wooden pillars.
_____The master bathroom is attached to our bedroom and here the mood is continued. The lights are dimmed to near nonexistence. A bottle of Moet Peach Nectar is sitting inside the ice bucket next to two Champaign glasses inscribed with our names. Now that she’s called I know that she will be here in about 5 minutes. I quickly pour the pouch of Ralph Lauren “Romance” bath foam into the water and watch the bubbles for. I’m thinking only the best for the best as I begin emptying the 5-dozen royal blue rose petals into the water.
_____112 is playing over the loud speakers and I’ve turned the heat to a comfortable 72 degrees. I walk back into the room and do a quick survey, which is when I remember I’d left the Victoria Secrets gown I’d brought her under the bed. It only took two minutes to lie that at the foot of the bed.
_____Everything was perfect. I slipped into my silk pajama pants with matching tank top and dabbed a little Cool Water behind my ears and neck. I was ready and I hoped that Jayla was as well.
_____I heard the key before Jayla entered the door and there I stood waiting for her with one long stemmed white rose.
_____“Hello Janelle.” She didn’t have time to say anything else before I had my mouth surrounding hers. She tasted sweeter than grandma’s sweet potato pie and I found myself quickly losing control as a moan rose from deep within her throat. She grabbed the back of my neck and I pinned her to the door. I lifted her up by her round ass and our kiss deepened. Before I knew it I’d ripped her shirt and bra off and they both feel to the floor in a useless mess.
_____I had to stop it before we did the dayum thing right here before she could even see what I’d done for her. I began walking towards the bedroom while she gripped her legs tighter around my waist and began kissing on my neck. I freed her back length hair from the tight bun she twisted it into and watched and it fell around her shoulders and covered my face.
_____“Um Jayla baby. Don’t do that boo. I got something for you.”
_____Jayla acted as if she didn’t hear me as she placed my hand back on her exposed breast. Shit she was making this real hard. The only way to make her stop was to detach her legs from around my waist. “Come on baby, don’t stop me please.” She said looking at me with those round beautiful eyes. I don’t know about you but every time I looked into her eyes I was ready to give her the world. And her saying please didn’t make it any easier.
_____“I have something to show you boo.” I said stepping behind her and covering her eyes with my hand.
_____“Okay.” She pouted more than said. “I’ll keep my eyes closed but I want your hands here.” She said placing my hands back over her hardened nipples. This woman was trying to drive me crazy.
_____“Open your eyes.”
_____“Baby. Oh my goodness. Look at this. It’s beautiful love.”
_____Jayla turned to face me and I could see the slightest dampness of tears in the corner of her eyes. One thing I love about this woman is that she holds dear the littlest thing I do for her. Every part of her being is sincere when she says thank you and she appreciates everything that comes from me.
_____“You know I love you girl.”
_____“I love you too Luv.”
_____“Come.” I said taking her hand and leading her to the bathroom. Now I knew exactly what I’d seen before as a tear rolled down her cheek. “Don’t cry baby.” I kissed the tear from her cheek and tilted her chin up so I could look in her eyes.
_____“Janelle, I feel so blessed to have you in my life.”
_____“No, we’re both blessed to be in each others lives.” We kissed again but this time much softer than the one we shared earlier. This time we explored each other mouths and souls with our hands and tongue. Slowly with skill and patience I undressed her and helped her step into the tub.
_____“Lean back baby and let me bathe you. Close your eyes and just enjoy the music.” Taking the sponge I began at her feet and washed every inch of her body. By the time I was done, I was as wet as she was and I still had my clothes on.
_____She stood up and I took the towel out of the towel warmer and dried her from head to toe. Once we were back in the bedroom I slid the gown over her head and sat her at the edge of the bed and then sat on the floor. I began massaging lotion into her feet while she leaned back and looked down at me. I was being good but it was too tempting not to take one of her toes into my mouth so I did just that while I massaged her other foot.
_____This was going to be one of the best nights of my life. I thought while moving up her legs with the lotion. I knew I was about to do some real freaky shit to her ass. She had no idea what was in store for her tonight. Yeah, this was definitely going to be an all-nighter. Hell, we might even wake up doing the damn thang.
_____“Janelle, the door baby.”
_____“Huh?” I was deep into thought.
_____“Somebody is ringing the door.”
_____“Let them go away.” It was probably one of the kids from down the street. We always let them come over to watch movies because we enjoyed being in their presence but not tonight. Tonight was for the adults. But whoever it was just wouldn’t go away.
_____“We have to answer it luv. It’s not right to ignore it. Somebody might be in trouble.”
_____“Shit.” I said out loud but got up to follow her to the door. “Wait woman. Where you think you going with that on?” She stopped and looked down at the gown before looking back at me and smiling.
_____I handed her the robe out the hallway closet and we went into the living room. Even with the robe on I didn’t want her in front of the door. “Stay right there.” I said once we got by the door.
_____They always say that you should follow your gut instincts and I definitely should have followed mine because when I opened the door there stood my ex-girlfriend Carla. I almost slammed the door back in her face but she opened her big ass mouth before I could do it.
_____“Janelle we need to talk. She said pushing her way past me.
_____“No Carla, we don’t need to talk. Jayla and I are busy right now.”
_____By this time Jayla had pulled the robe tighter around her waist and was standing there with the calmest look on her face. Well anybody else would have sworn that she was looking calm but I could read her eyes and I knew she was 2 seconds out from kicking Carla’s ass. The two of them never did like each other but this was not the night for all of that.
_____“Well this is important.” Carla knew she was wrong for coming here like this. She knew exactly what she was doing. The girl would stop at nothing to get back with me but it wasn’t happening. I’d given her plenty of chances the two years that we were together and she couldn’t get her shit together then so I definitely didn’t want it now.
_____“What is so damn important that you’ve come to my house unexpected interrupting my love and I romantic evening Carla?” Once Jayla opened her mouth I knew that fire was about to spew.
_____“I don’t believe I was talking to you, Jayla.” It was about to get ugly if I didn’t stop it now.
_____“Carla, tonight is Jayla and I one year anniversary. Can whatever you need to talk about wait until tomorrow at least?” I was being extremely patient with this chick but she was really fucking up my groove. Nah I mean?
_____“I just came to give you this.” I never noticed the bag that Carla was holding but when the strap came out of it I almost fainted. “You left it at my house the other night.”
_____“Janelle!” Jayla screamed by name before running into the bedroom.
_____“Carla, why did you do this?”
_____“Well I thought that you might need it for tonight. It is your one year anniversary isn’t it?” Carla knew what she’d done and now she was standing here smiling at me with that dumb ass look on her face.
_____I’ve learned how to keep my temper in check but right now I felt like slapping the shit out of this bitch. “Get the fuck out my house yo.”
_____“Come on Janelle, I know you’re not mad at me. Listen baby.”
_____“Don’t call me fucking baby.” I was about 2 anger management classes from slapping her ass. “Just leave Carla.” I opened the door and stood in front of it so she could leave.
_____“Look Janelle, I didn’t think that she was home yet.” Carla said touching my arm.
_____Before I knew it I’d grabbed both of her arms and pinned her against the same door where I’d had Jayla earlier. “Listen to me and listen good. I want you to get the fuck out my house and don’t ever think about coming back. If you have messed up my relationship with Jayla over this little stunt you can believe that I’m going to come and find you.” A long time ago, I was a different Janelle from who I am today. A long time ago Carla would have been knocked out just for coming to the house, but now I had my shit in check. I hadn’t placed my hand on a woman in over two and a half years but I was losing it quickly.
_____“Janelle, Janelle you’re hurting me. Please let me go Janelle. I’m sorry ok.” I looked into Carla’s eyes and saw pure fear. She knew who I was. She’d seen me in raw rage before. She’d even felt my rage before my transformation. I didn’t think I could go there again but I didn’t think I could let her go at the moment.
_____“Janelle what are you doing?” Jayla was standing behind me fully dressed with her overnight bag on her shoulder. I looked at her and back at Carla whose face had turned red by now.
_____“Get your hands off of her.” Jayla said prying my right hand from Carla’s arm. I’d been gripping her so tightly that a bruise had formed. I looked at it and something in me broke. The moment I let go of her she turned and ran out the door and into her car.
_____I turned to Jayla to try and explain what’d happened at Carla’s house the other night. It wasn’t what it looked like. “Jayla, I swear to you I didn’t do anything with Carla.”
_____“Oh you didn’t. I guess she just dreamed that you were over there the other night right.”
_____“No baby, I was over there the other night.”
_____“And why Janelle? Why? You couldn’t wait just a few more days?” My baby began crying and I felt as if my heart had physically torn in two.
_____“Jayla do you trust me?”
_____“I know you not asking me shit about trust right now. You have some nerve. I’m leaving.”
_____“Listen to me damn it. What does Carla do for a living baby? Please just listen baby. You know I love you and I would never ever cheat on you. I love you too much for that. You are my life and my everything. No woman on this earth is worth losing you. No pussy is worth not having you in my life for the rest of my life Jayla.” I was overwhelmed with emotions as I fell to the floor in front of Jayla.
_____“But why Janelle? What were you doing over there and why did she bring that, that thing to our house? Is it yours luv? Tell me the truth, is it yours?
_____“Jayla remember Carla does those sex parties for women. Remember that’s where I met you. At one of her parties. She sells sex toys and I went to her to get a few things just to make our night special. If you think I’m lying you can go look on the side of the bed. There’s a suitcase full of things that I brought from her. I guess it pissed her off that I was buying them for us, but I went to her because I know she has quality things.”
_____I looked up at Jayla and placed my hands on her hips. “You have to trust me Jayla.” She looked like she was struggling with knowing that I would never cheat on her yet still a little suspicious that you never know what someone would do.
_____“Baby please stop crying and look at me.” I pulled her down on her knees so I could look into her eyes.
_____“I know, Janelle, but this just ruined our night baby.” She kissed me on my lips and I nearly passed out from happiness. I pity the fool that ever causes me to lose this woman.
_____“The night is not over love, but right now I just want to hold you.”
_____I stood up and pulled her up behind me and then I led us both to the bedroom. The fragrances were intoxicating as we entered the bedroom. I just hugged Jayla and then removed all of her clothes followed by mine. I laid her in the bed and climbed on top of her. I no longer was in the mood to make love. I just wanted to smother her body with mine. I placed my arms around her and held her as tight as I could.
_____There would be no love making, not that night. We had the rest of our lives for that. At that moment, I was celebrating being with the woman I love.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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