by Cyncere

Sitting here once again....alone
Wishing I had someone...anyone here with me.

Well not anyone..

I wish it was you...

But I know you have your own life to live and don't even give me a 2nd thought..

Or a 1st

I know I need to find my own way, my own life..
But if it's not with's not a life I want to live..

You have no idea how you've turned my world upside down or do you care.

I play if off like it's no big deal but it is.

Everything I see
Everything I hear
Everything I touch
Everything I smell
Everything reminds me of you

You'll probably take this as sum game Iím trying to run on u because you've heard it all before..

Just some bullshit Iím saying to make you love me
Want me
Fuck me
Maybe it is...

But can you blame me??

All I want is your attention
Your conversation
Your affection
Your heart
Your soul
Just you...all of you

*sigh* but as usual you donít give a fuck.

You can't see that the person in front of you will always take you as you are . . . instead of trying to changing you into some fantasy that i think you should be.

Instead you push me to the side to follow you throbbing clit instead of your throbbing heart.

You say you love me...but do you?
Or am I just as a pause button until someone better comes along.

I'm tired believing in a future that will never happen.
I'm tired of believing in promises that are never kept
Iím tired of searching for a love that i will never receive
Iím tired.

Is that what a woman gets for falling in love with you?
Is this the prize that Iíve won?
If it is...then I must have come in last place.

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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