by Marsha Blue

I can feel you underneath my skin

I try and claw you out and they say that obsession is a sin.

Will I go to hell for loving you?

I will sit alone and imagine that we were happy,

That we were even lovers and everything came easily

Even though I have never spoken a word to you

I have watched you talk and the little gestures that you do.

I have watched you walk and how you are slightly bowlegged too.

Is this obsession with you taken over me?

I lay here in my bed night after night.

Close my eyes extremely tight

I imagine kissing those soft sensual lips and

Getting moist where your tongue lies and you only exist

Even though I have never spoken a word to you

You know my deepest feelings and we share our most

Intimate thoughts

I tell you all of my secrets and you share with me all your wants.

Is this obsession really taken over me?

I never want to spend my life with anyone except you.

I will show you that there is no one else but I

And you will come to understand it too.

So off I go to dream land a place that I could never be let down

A place where you already love me.

Until eventually I have to wake up and realize that I still have not

Spoken a word to you.

Is this obsession taking over me?

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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