by SoulSearch

You need to worry no more.

Iím at the door.

This constant battle is wearing me down.

Iíve already cleaned house.

All the feelings are stored and packed neatly on the closet shelf.

Those feeling will never expire and are yours to keep.

So, when you need a dose of my LOVE, itís within your reach.

Yeah, itís true. Itís not going to be the same

But no longer will I wait in vain.

Waiting for you to say and show those three words is gonna drive me insane.

I canít and I donít know how to talk it out from behind the secure gates that surround your heart.

Iíve tried every tactic there is but your Panic Room is tighter than Fort Knox.

Iím not bitter

I understand my place in this universe-in your world.

Without conditions

My LOVE will wait outside the gates.

Waiting for a glimpse on visiting day!!!

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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