Yolanda Green

“Did you all sign the attendance sheet?” Janice waved a piece of paper above her head. “No takers. That’s fine.” She mumbled to herself. “Mr. Daniels left a lesson plan for today-” The class let out a collective groan, “But we won’t be using it because there’s an assembly.” The class started to clap. “I thought you’d like that.”
“What is it?” A tall kid in the back asked. His voice cracked on “is” and the rest of the class laughed.
Janice smiled and tried to keep it together. “I’m not sure.” The principal’s voice came over the PA system to dismiss classes to the auditorium. “But we’re about to find out. Line up, please.” Janice took a quick head count and left last.
Walking down the halls, Janice reminisced about her time at Wakefield Jr. High School. She passed by her old locker and the lobby pay phone--she had grown to know. Begging her mom to drop off gym clothes, calling for rides, or the occasional take out lunch. It’s a shame this cell phone generation won’t learn the pains and joys of pay phones. She thought. Her group made it to the auditorium.
A short, brown skin girl popping gum asked, “Can we sit with other classes?” Janice stared at her blankly, “Sure.”
The students hollered and spread out to other rows. Janice watched the girl, who asked the question go sit with some other students. Something about her walk made a smile grow on Janice’s face and she said aloud, “Tamisha Johnson.”
Mrs. Waters walked up behind Janice, “She graduated three years ahead of you, right?” Mrs. Waters had taught English since Wakefield was a one room school house.
“Uh…,” Janice stammered a little flustered, “Yeah. I believe so.” Janice rubbed her face.
“You know she still lives here. Maybe you should look her up.” Mrs. Waters winked at Janice. I just might do that. Janice nodded.
“Of course, she’s married now with three kids.” Maybe not. Janice thought. Mrs. Waters smiled at Janice. “How long are you going to be with us?”
“I’ll be here unt-” She was cut off by the principal introducing the cast.
“We’ll catch up later.” Mrs. Waters patted her on the back. Janice leaned against the wall like the other teachers except she did not have a ‘clique’. That’s just one of the many joys of being a substitute.
The lights went out. Some of the students shouted out in the darkness. A spotlight came on and a single drum started to beat. One dancer came on the stage and moved languidly to the beat. As more instruments were added more dancers came on stage. Janice tapped her foot to the music. She scanned the stage and her eyes stopped on a dancer in the corner. The dancer moved to center stage and gave Janice a better look. The cheers from boys in the audience told Janice that she was not her only admirer.
“Be respectful.” She weakly warned. Hell, if I wasn’t standing here. I’d be cheering too. Janice shifted at the moisture growing between her legs. Her thoughts drifted to kissing the dancer. But the lights came up before she could undress her. Shit. That’s it.
Janice ran her hands through her dreads and looked down at her watch. Lunchtime. She grabbed her lunch from the cafeteria and started to sneak into the library, Judge Milian here I come…
“Ahh…Janice.” The principal called as she reached for the door. Shit, I’m caught. She slowly spun around and he looked at her, “I was wondering if you could take some refreshments to the dance group.”
“Are you sure? You look like you’re about to go on break.”
“No problem.”
“Great. I thought they would enjoy talking to you.”
“Why?” Janice stared into the middle-aged, blue eyed, white principal’s eyes. He turned red and began to stammer, “Because you’re closer…in age.” Janice smiled at him, took the refreshments, and walked away. She shook her head. Racist motherfucker. The racial balance in Wakefield shifted from predominately white to almost 50-50.
Janice paused outside of the green room. She tugged on her sweater sleeves and patted her khaki pants before knocking. There was no response so she waited again before entering. Make up bags, costumes, and equipment were everywhere. Janice sat in a chair, turned on the TV, and started to eat lunch. Judge Milian was about to give her ruling and the green room door swung open. Janice struggled to get to her feet and one of the men asked, “Who the hell are you?”
“Janice?” She looked over the dancers and saw a dark skinned man in a leather jacket.
“Russell?” They hugged. Russell had a big wide smile on his face, “Everybody, this is my home girl, Janice. We used to kick it in home room. And I had the biggest crush on her.” He hugged her again, “Until I found out, we both liked Tamisha.” Janice’s cheeks burned a little.
“I’m here to drop off these.” She pointed to the tray, “I’m gonna head out.” Janice walked to the door, but Russell pulled her back and put his hands on her shoulders.
“Let me introduce you to everyone.” And he went around the room and introduced her to everyone. Janice waved politely and smiled until he introduced her to the dancer. “Janice this is Melanie. Melanie this is Janice.” Russell rubbed Janice’s shoulders for emphasis and she shook herself free. Melanie smiled at her. She had cheek dimples and when she smiled her face crinkled with tiny wrinkles.
“It was nice meeting you all,” Janice waved goodbye and locked eyes with Melanie.
“We’re going out tonight. You should come.” Russell offered.
“I don’t know if I should.”
“You got papers to grade?”
“No, it’s not that.” She ran her fingers through her dreads again.
“You should come.” Melanie offered with a smile on her face. Janice smiled back and paused, “I guess I could make it.”

Janice stared at herself in the rear view mirror. I look good. Fuck that. I look damn good. She opened one more button on her shirt so just the right amount of her dark chocolate skin showed under her button down. She stepped out of the car and walked into the bar. Russell caught her attention and waved her over.
“Damn, Janice when’d you get titties?” She pushed him, “Shut up, Russell. I can still kick your ass.” Again she was thankful that she didn’t blush. Janice greeted everyone, but did not see Melanie. The rest of the table fell back into their own conversation, but Janice looked down at the menu.
“Don’t be sad.” Russell whispered to her, “She’s in the bathroom.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Yeah ok.”
“Does she like women?”
“I thought you didn’t know what I’m talking about. But to answer your question…more than me. And I think she likes you.” Janice felt a warm flash wash over her. They began to gossip just like in high school, “How do you know?”
“She asked for your vitals.”
“What did you say?”
“You’re single, going to law school in the fall, etc.” Melanie wrapped her arms around the two of them, “Hello.” She walked around the table. The smell of sweet vanilla and brown sugar lingered even though she moved. I would love to suck the …Her thoughts were interrupted by Melanie.
“And what exactly are you two talking about?”
“Tamisha Johnson.” They said in unison.
“Who is this Tamisha Johnson you keep talking about?”
Russell and Janice shook their heads.
“Biggest titties, I’ve ever seen.”
Melanie looked her up and down, “I find that hard to believe.” Janice dropped her head and smiled. The conversation flowed.
“CDs are great for storing stuff, but when I really want to just vibe... records.” Melanie cooed.
“Me too. I just bought a new needle.”
“I’d like to hear it sometime.” Janice smiled at Melanie.
“It’s close to midnight. I’m kinda tired…” Russell stretched, “but I need to drop by my Mom’s. And you know she don’t like me bringing strange women home. No offense, Mel. I was wondering maybe if you could take her back to her hotel for me, Jan?” Damn. Russell talking so fast like it’s his first date.
“Sure. No problem. Is that okay with you?” Janice looked towards Melanie.
“That’s fine by me. I’m ready to leave now too. If that’s okay with you?” Janice nodded yes and the two of them walked out to the parking lot. Janice opened the passenger door for Melanie.
“Thanks. That’s sweet.”
“The door is a little tricky.” Shit. Why’d I just say that. Melanie nodded her head and sat squarely in the passenger seat.
“So which hotel are you staying at?”
“I don’t feel like going there right now. Can I check out your record player?”
“At my house?”
“Where else would it be?”
“My house it is.”
Janice started the ignition and Melanie reached over to the radio dial. The jingles of her bracelet distracted Janice, but once the music started to blare she slapped Melanie’s hand away.
“What are you doing?”
“I think it’s pretty obvious.” Is she coming on to me? Russell said she liked me, but still…
“It’s obvious you want to walk.” Janice turned the radio station back to her preset. Melanie leaned her head against the window and stared at the moon. Janice stole glances and bit her lip at Melanie’s curly hair and her breasts snuggled in a tank top. On her left side there was an ink tiger.
“What are you thinking about?” Janice cleared her throat and stared at the road while she scrambled to a response.
“Did it hurt?”
Melanie’s face looked a little confused, “Did what hurt?”
“Your tit-too.” Janice smiled at her momentary triumph.
“Ti-?” Melanie asked again and then ran her fingers over her chest; circling them around the tiger tattoo.
“Oh. This was a gift. And no it didn’t hurt.” She leaned over to Janice, “Why are you looking down my shirt, teach?” Janice cleared her throat again. “Uh. We’re here.” She pulled up in front of her house and turned off the ignition. Melanie stayed in her seat. “Are you coming in?”
“Answer my question.” Melanie leaned back into her seat. Janice stared into her green eyes. Melanie returned the stare. Janice licked her lips and slowly opened her mouth, “You’re wearing a low cut shirt.” She said and got out of the car. Melanie got out and slammed the door.
“Don’t pout.” Janice laughed. She opened the front door and extended her hand for Melanie to follow. Melanie brushed by Janice and their breasts touched. The smile melted off of her face, “Touché.”
She collected their coats and hung them up. Melanie walked around her living room looking at the different pictures, “Very suburban.”
“You’re right. This is my parents place. I’m here until law school starts.” Melanie let out a snicker, “Shouldn’t we be quieter?”
“No.” Janice replied. Melanie raised her eyebrow. “They’re away for the weekend.” Melanie laughed some more.
“So…your parents are away for the weekend and you brought a girl home?” She asked.
“What can I say?” Janice shrugged, “The record player is in my room. Do you want anything to eat?”
“We just ate. But I may want a snack later.”
“Yeah.” Janice led her upstairs.
“Thanks.” Melanie looked at her posters on the wall, books on the shelves, small bar, and finally the record player. Janice started to turn the machine on, “What would you like to listen to?”
“Hmmm…Whatever you listen to when you feel like you’re having a really good time with someone you just met.” Janice bit her lower lip, “Let’s see.” She reached down in the crate and pulled out a Corrine Bailey Rae album. “I’ve been really feeling her lately.”
Janice stood up, put the record on, and music filled the room. Melanie walked over to the bar and fixed herself a drink.
“You want a drink?”
“No thanks.” Janice lay down on the bed and watched Melanie. Her fingers traced the rims on the glasses. She poured a little tequila. Janice watched Melanie sip and stare at the moon.
“I like this track.” Melanie started swaying her hips to the music in front of her. Janice looked at her silhouette on the wall and then back to her.
“You look really comfortable on that bed, teach.” Janice still humming the music sang on the hook, “Don’t tell me I’m falling in love.” Janice took a breath and motioned for Melanie to come to her. Melanie kept swaying her hips to the music and locked eyes with Janice. When she leaned over the bed, Janice rose and met her lips. Their tongues danced in each other’s mouth until Janice pulled her down and their kiss was broken.
“What took you so long?” Melanie asked and sucked on Janice’s lower lip.
“Sorry. I’m a little slow.” She ran her hand down Melanie’s thigh and then back up towards her pussy.
“You’re not so slow.”
Melanie kissed her again. The kiss gained momentum and their breathing got heavier. Melanie tasted as sweet as she smelled. Janice dotted kisses along her jaw bone up to her ear.
She moaned in Melanie’s ear, “Mmmmm….I want to lick up all of your brown sugar.” Melanie’s hands grabbed at her ass. She spanked her lightly and Janice moaned again, “Ohhhh…Melanie…” Her tongue traced her neck lightly and flicking her earlobe. Melanie’s hips started to grind against Janice and pulled Janice to her. They both started to rip at each other shirts. Janice reached for Melanie’s titties above the bra. She pulled on Melanie’s nipples. Melanie closed her eyes and bit her lip. She tugged on Janice’s hair and caressed her neck. “Hmmm…,” Melanie moaned. Janice flicked each nipple.
Melanie caressed Janice’s head and ran her fingers through her dreads, “That feels so good.” When her clit started to throb, Janice slid her fingers to it. With the first flick some of the pressure started to go away. Melanie reached up and pushed Janice’s jeans and panties down.
“Let me give you a hand with that.” Melanie’s fingers were soft but knew how to work Janice’s clit. Her dreads fell on Melanie’s chest when she dipped her head, making Melanie giggle.
“What’s wrong?” Janice looked up.
“They tickle,” Melanie still giggling.
“I’m sorry.” Janice lifted up her head and ran her fingers through them. Melanie took Janice’s hand, “It’s ok. I like it.” They locked eyes and it made Janice want Melanie even more. Melanie slipped two fingers into her pussy. Her rhythmic pumping and clit rubbing brought Janice close. Janice started to work faster on Melanie and rubbed her thumb along Melanie’s opening before putting it in her pussy. Janice felt the pressure build up in her pussy.
“Melanie, I’m co---AAAaahhhh.” Melanie opened her eyes and looked at Janice’s dreads swaying as she was coming. It pushed Melanie over the edge; she wrapped her hands around Janice. “That feels really good.” She felt Melanie’s pussy convulsing around her thumb. When she stopped moving, Janice slowly pulled out her thumb and Melanie quivered.
“Come here.” Melanie pulled her down next to her. Janice wrapped her arms around Melanie.
“Have a good time?”
“Pretty decent.”
“What?” Janice looked up at Melanie, “What was wrong?”
“Nothing. You just didn’t ‘lick up all my brown sugar’.” Melanie laughed and Janice started to tickle her.
“Ok. That was kind of bad. But you were trying to be way too cool in the car.”
“Yeah.” Melanie turned over and looked at Janice. They started kiss again.
“I’m going to li-” Janice started, but Melanie pinched her lips closed. Janice nodded and started planting kisses along her body going towards her pussy.

The End

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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