Being True

I sit here in my dark hotel room and look out my window at the busy city below. People moving up and down the street looking like they have no cares in the world. Rushing to wherever their destinations are. I wish that I was on my way somewhere that there was happiness. Seems like lately that place is non existent. Maybe I just don't have the right map.
Benjamin and me broke up less than a month ago. It was too much for me to bear. It had finally come to a head and we decided to end it. Well his actions ended it and I chose not to deal with it anymore.
Benjamin was what some might call "to good to be true". We met when I was in Rite Aide one day waiting on line. I had the slowest cashier that I had ever seen. She was moving so slowly I thought that we were going in slow motion for a sec. Anyway, I started to complain and got fidgety when I heard this voice that sounded so deep, and smooth that if you could feel it velvet would be your only choice of fabric.
"She getting on your nerves huh," he said.
I turned around slightly and beautiful white straight teeth greeted me. I smiled. "She must think that we have all day to stand here. She packing bags like she checking for bombs." I said and chuckled.
He laughed. "You are right about that."
We didn't speak any more and I finally paid for my purchases and left. I was standing outside looking in my pockets for my keys when the man came up again. "Waiting for me." he said in a sexy voice.
"No just looking for my keys." I smiled. I didn't know this dude from a hole in the wall and just because he was fine did not mean that I should not be cautious. So, as not to make the six o' clock news, I politley turned away.
He said goodbye and walked to his car, a silver lexis coop. I took him in. He looked to be over six feet. His skin was a chocolate brown and he had a close crop haircut. He was wearing what looked to be black linen pants and a cream short sleeve top. On that seasonably fall day, he looked like he jumped off the pages of GQ magazine.
It was then that I realized that I must look like a mess. I had on a light blue sweat suit with some with Adidas that had seen better days. I had pulled my naturally curly hair in a messy ponytail. I was just going to the store for some beauty products and some candy. Now I regretted not looking a little bit more put together. I started walking towards my home, I only lived a couple of blocks down. When I came to the corner he drove into the crosswalk. "Were you going to hit me?" I said jokingly.
He bellowed a laugh. "Of course not but I had to do something before you got away." I blushed. "So may I ask you your name?"
"Are you asking?"
" I am. What is your name?"
"Nice name. Mine is Benjamin. Am I holding you up from something?"
"Not really. I was on my way home to enjoy the rest of my day. Get ready for the weekend."
"Oh, okay."
There was silence except for the sound of the cars. "Are you going to say anything else or should I just move around your car?" I smiled.
"I was just thinking. Would you like to go out to dinner. I don't know what kind of food you are into, but I know a nice Italian resteraunt in the village that is great."
"I don't really know you. I can take your phone number and I'll give you a rain check on the dinner invite."
He looked defeated, but I was not budging on this. After he gave me his number, I went home and eventually called. We went out to dinner the following week. It was there that we realized that we were naturally comfortable together. As the months went on, we never really said that we were dating but it was known by the both of us. Benjamin was a stock analyst that worked on Wall Street. He was a man who was smart, gorgeous, and funny. He swept me off my feet so fast that I cannot pin point the moment that I officially left the ground. I fell in love with him. We made love passionately but with force and I thought that we would be together forever. No man had ever treated me that way. Taking care of my every need and want. For a man who was only 28, Benjamin seemed to have his head on straight. Then, the waves crashed in and knocked me to my feet and I thought that I was going to drown in my sorrow.
I came home one day to find a message on my answering machine from Benjamin's wife. Who let me know that they had been married for four years and they had 2 children together. I was told to leave him alone or be dealt with. Not as a threat but as a promise. Benjamin came over to my house that evening for dinner and I realized that he did not know that he had been busted. As we finished our dinner and made love on the table I cried because I knew that this would be the last time that I would let the man that I loved touch me.
When we finished I walked over to the answering machine a pressed play and watched his face as he heard his wife on the machine. He looked away from me and then tried to come over to explain. I told him that his wife had given me all the explanation that I needed. I asked him to leave my house immediatley.
I did not cause a scene or act ugly. I would not let him know that he had gotten over on me for almost a year. He left and I cried. Weeks after that incident, he kept calling me numerous times. It got to tthe point that I turned the ringer off on my phone. I did not even want to hear the sound of a ringing phone. Something that was impossible because I was a receptionist at Met Life Insurance company. I was strong on the outside but falling apart inside. My soul had been damaged. I decided to take the vacation days that my boss had been on me to use. That is why I ended up in the hotel room. I had no plans. I told no one where I was going. I just wanted to be alone.
I turned away from the window and told myself that I was not going to let this beat me. I was going to fight it. I was going to go out. I did something that I never did. I put on a black leather mini dress and a red v-neck top that showed off my hourglass figure. Along with a pair of black thigh high boots I knew that my outfit was the shit and I was looking good. I let my aubourn hair flow, touched up my make-up and went out. I grabbed a cab outside of the Hilton hotel and I told him to take me to a club called the "Cat".
The "Cat" was a club that I frequented with my best friend Darrien. Darrien is a lesbian and as her best friend it makes no difference to me. We had been friends for fifteen years and now that we were both hiting thirty years of age I saw her as my sister. She introduced me to this club when she found out about it from an ex grlfriend. It was a decent establishment. It was of average size and had a nice size dance floor. It was one of the few clubs in NY that still employed go go dancers. The women that they chose were beautiful and of all races. The were shapley and mesmerized you with their moves. They could dance to anything.

There were no lights that blinked and caused you not only a headache but the buzz from your drink. It was dim except for the neon lights that lined the floor. The brightest place in the club was the bathroom. Although I was not into women, I loved the place. I was always getting hit on, but I nicely declined. With my five feet three shapely but toned frame, skin the color of perfectly toasted bread, and full long curl hair, I was cute. Darrien said that it was my eyes. They were light brown and if I looked at you you felt them. It was just something that I did.
Darrien was good looking also. Her hair was long, to the middle of her back, she almost always kept it in stylish cornrows. She was one of the few sistahs that I knew that had grew their hair out to such a length. She was what most would call "red boned" and she had an amzing smile. Most importantly though, she had the gift of making women feel good and drop their panties when she spoke. I watched often as she would lay her game on women, some straight and some who were lesbians. She saw no challenges. Even in rejection she would still leave her card because as she told me once "she'll change her mind."
I had never went to the Cat by myself. I felt like Darrien was my way inside because she was a lesbian even though I was very comfortable in there. This night however it was just what I needed to get the stress off of me. I wanted to dance the night away and let all the negativty leave my body in the form of sweat. As the cab driver pulled up in front of the club and I got out I began to get scared. I almost flagged the cab down again but I held back and kept going. There was a small line but since I went so much the bouncer knew me and let me right in.
"Where is your friend" she asked as her eyes floated all around my body then back to my face.
"Just me tonight."
"Is that right. Well when I finish up at the door I'm going to look for you so save me a dance."
"Ok." I smiled nervously and walked in.
It was a usual night and I could see that the dance floor was almost filled. People were getting their party on and enjoying themselves. It was Saturday and it was time to party after a hard week. I walked over to the bar to order myself a sex on the beach. When I received my drink h sat at the bar. I admired the happy and eager people that surrounded me. Being that it was the begining of Spring and it was warm out the women had pulled out their best outfits. Their was more skin then material moving around as the songs changed to faster and faster tempos.
I wanted to get up and dance but it seemed like I was stuck to the bar stool. I do not consider myself a shy person so the fact that this was happening to me was ridiculous. I ordered two more drinks and kept people watching. The D.J was doing her thang and the music was great. Then I heard my favorite reggae artist come out of the speakers, Lady Saw. Her raunchy lyrics made you do things with your body that you saved for the bedroom. I drank the last of my "scewdriver" and I made my way to the dance floor. Everyone was bugging out and doing their thing. The floor was so packed that you did not know who was dancing with who.
I let my mind and body free. I swayed to the reggae beats and gyrated to the words. I was getting hot and I felt lil beads of sweat begin to form on my forhead. My drinks were catching up with me and I was feeling nice. The song ended and the DJ put on Sean Paul's "Temperature". I was really dancing then not paying attention to anyone. Just having a good time. I danced with this woman who was rather attractive. More on the boyish side and a little taller than me. She was a good dancer. When the record ended and she tried to say a few words to me she was interrupted by the bouncer.
"Exscuse me partner but the lady promised me a dance."
Pissed off but not willing to argue about it the woman walked away and we began to dance to a reggae song that I was not familiar with. I took in my dance partners beauty. She was tall and her skin was the shade of honey. Her face was flawless and she had a great smile. Her dreads were to her shoulders and dark. You could tell that she kept them up well. She was beautiful and she was a great dancer. She moved in sync with me and I was having a good time with her. I did not even realize that we had danced though 2 songs.
I needed to get off the dance floor and take a break so we walked over to one of the empty booths and had a seat. We did some small talk but I told her that I was not interested. I was just there to have a good time. She told me that she understood and that she had to go back to th door but asked if I could save a dance for her. I started to get up but she told me that I could sit there as long as I wanted. I sat ther and ordered another drink. The dj decided to play some old skool music. She played the generation after gerneration favorite "Before I let go" and other jams. She then decide to slow it down and play Luther Vandrous's "Don't you remember". The couples on the dance floor two stepped and swayed with the music.
I found myself feeling the meaning of the song and became sad thinking about my current relationship situation. I let my eyes wander over the dancers and that is when I saw her. She was by herself, eyes closed moving her body slowly as if she was being pushed by a breeze. Her hair was in a short blunt bob, her eyebrows were perfectly arched ans her lips were slightly parted as she sang along with Luther. she was slim with a nice shaped butt. Her figure was shown off by a burt orange halter dress that fit her like it was made just for her. I watched her dance. I watched her expressions change. I watched. J. Holiday's "Bed came on and she moved as if she had a partner. She opened her eyes and moved her hips like she was hoola hooping slowly. I could not take my eyes off of her. I had no control. The other thing that I could not control was the wetness that was forming between my legs. I knew that it was not because of the liquor but it was her that
had taken effect on me.
As the dj finally let the song play through after cutting it up a few times she felt my stare. I never stopped looking at her. I challenged her to make a move. The only thing that she did was continue to dance to the song. She moved her body to the sensuous beats. She gave me a private dance and never broke her eye contact with me. She threw her head back and let her hands travel around her body. Her moves were doing things to me. Waking up emotions that I had not visited since my break up. As the song came to a close and the dj put on something a little faster. I did not know what to do or how to react. I looked away and when I looked back she was gone.
I scanned the floor and did not see her. It was getting late so I decided that it was time for me to head back to my hotel room. I left the club and tried to decide whether I was going to hail a cab or call for one.
"Are you going to leave without letting me know who you are. That is not nice."
I turned around already knowing it was her. "You are the one who dissapeared on me."
"I went to get a bottle of water from the bar. I had been dancing for a while."
"True. You were dancing for some time."
"How long were you watching me." she said in a low voice that moved me.
"Only for a little bit." I lied
"Are you sure about that."
"If you asking me that then the question that I should be asking you is; How long did you know that I was watching you." I asked her bodly.
"I didn't know it was you until I looked up to see you looking. I felt someone staring for a while. So why were you staring?"
"Your dance caused me to look. You seemed to be dancing like you were thinking about someone."
"I wasn't thinking about anyone. I was just letting myself go. Releasing ."
"That is exactly why I came here tonight. To get things out of my system."
"Do you come here a lot?" she asked
"I do but I'm usually here with my best friend. I decided to fly solo tonight. Needed to get out."
"Oh ok. It's my first time here. I was supposed to meet someone here tonight but they didn't show up. Guess I got stood up." She chuckled.
"Are you fucking serious? Well whoever it was they don't know what there missing out on." The words flowed so easily out of my mouth that I almost looked around to see who had said them. I watched as she blushed. My stomach was feeling nervous. I felt like a teenager about to get their first kiss. I looked away from her. "We have been standing here talking and I don't even know your name. I'm Salicia." I extended my hand. She took it and I felt like bringing her in so that I could feel her embrace.
"My name is Danyel."
I held her hand for seconds longer than I needed to. I was trying to figure out what waas going on with me. Here I was in the company of a beautiful woman that I was finding myself very much attracted to and I did not know why. My emotions had to be out of control. I could end it right now but for some reason I did not.
"Were you going to just head home and relax?"
"I'm actually staying at a hotel for the week so I was going there to get some shut eye."
"You from out of town?"
"No. I'm actually from Harlem but I needed a change of scenery. Didn't want to go far so I decided to be a tourist for my vacation." I smiled hoping that I didn't sound crazy to her.
"That is a good idea. I'm going to try that one day."
After talking a little bit more we decided to a diner that I love on Waverly street. We sat there for about an hour and got to know eachother better. We laughed about everything and talked about much more. She was from Mt. Vernon. I found out that Danyel was a fifth grade elementry school teacher. She was twenty nine and had been "out" as a lesbian all her life. It was something that she said was natural to her. She spoke with such conviction that she mesmerized me. I felt at ease with her and I could tell that she felt the same about me. She had stopped dating for a year after breaking up with a long term love. Her friends had convinced her to go out with the woman that had stood her up.
We were on our fifth consecutive cup of coffee when we realized that it was after four in the morning. We walked out of the diner and I reluctantly hailed a cab for her. As I opened the door for her and she got in I gave her my card with my info on it. She looked up at me confused.
"Aren't you getting in with me?"
The thought had crossed my mind but this was a new feeling for me. I needed to get my head on straight. "No not this time. I need to think somethings over first."
"I understand. Can I call you later?"
"Of course you can. I'll expect that call."
She began to close the door on the cab. " Don't expect something that is guaranteed." Her eyes never met mine as the cab drove off.
I hailed another cab and headed to the Hilton. My mind racing. The last thing that I wanted to do was go to sleep. I was wide awake. When the cab reached the hotel I went inside and headed for my room. Once inside I decided that I should take a hot shower to relax. As I took off my clothes and entered the shower thoughts of Danyel ered my mid. I let the water run over me and pictured her dancing for me again. Only this time the dance would not end so soon. Using my hands as my loofa the silkiness of the soap was making me get hot as it glided over my body.
I found my center and felt that my clit had already hardeed and was exposed. I pressed on it with my middle finger and rubbed it slightly. It was sensative and I knew that I could come in minutes. I used my other hand to caress my breast. Squeezing the nipples. Twisting them softly. I lifted the left on to my mout and licked it. The combination of the licking and rubbing on the two most sensative parts of my body caused me to have a strong and draining orgasm. After the first one I felt like there was another one in there so I didn't stop rubbing my clit and cam right after that. I gathered my balance and composure and proceeded to shower.
When I came out, I felt good. Going out was starting to creep up on me and sleep was not going to be far off. I heard my cell phone vibrate on the table alerting me that I had a message. I put down my lotion and checked my messages.
"I had hoped to catch you before you went to sleep. It's Danyel and I just wanted to thank you for saving my evening from being a boring one. Umm... i hope that I am not jumping to conclusions but I felt something tonight.
I can't really explain it without sounding crazy so I will not. If it was real then you felt it to. If you are not doing anything later I wanted to know, if we could do something. Catch a movie or something. If that is posswible then you can call me. If not and I don't see you again just wanted you to know that I appreciated the company."
I listened to the message twice. I wanted to hear her voice. Of course I had felt "it". Being that I have no experience with women made me nervous though. I did not want to be the type of woman who turns to women sexually because of a broken heart. I just wanted to see where things went. I called her back to leave a message and she picked up on the second ring We set up a date to go to the movies and then grab a bite to eat. I told her to meet me in the lobby of the hotel.
The next day, which in reality was only a few hours later, I put on a pair of jeans that fit me like a glove and pale yellow short sleeve polo top. I tied up my white and yellow Nike Air Max and called t a day. As far as makeup I wore little, just a little lip gloss. I ran a comb through my hair and went down to the lobby. Danyel was right on time. I saw her sitting on the couch that the lobby had. I walked up to her and she looked up and smiled. I sat down next to her.
"Don't you want to head out and go to the movies?" she asked.
"Are you in a rush?" I countered.
"No not at all. Actually, I don't really want to see a movie."
"Neither do I, but I am hungry. No pressure but would you like to go up to my room. We can order room service and relax. That is if you feel comfortable."
"Do you do this often?" she asked with an eyebrow raised.
"Hell no! For all I know you could be a killer."
"I was just kidding. To ease your fears the answer is no... on the killer thing."
"Like a killer would tell me that they were." I laughed. She did to. "So is that a yes on my invitation?"
"That would be a yes. Shall we go?"
When she got up from the couch, I saw that she was wearing a pair of white capris and a beige tank top. She had on some strappy sandals that were making her legs look great. her capris were tight on her and as she walked in front of me I saw no pantie line and the thought that she may be wearing a thong or no panties at all caused me to bumb right into her. She stood there and I kept my body on her.
"Sorry. Wasn't paying attention."
"What were you looking at," she asked.
I wanted to say your beautiful, round ass. "Nothing really. Just daydreaming on my feet."
She left it alone as I pressed the button for the elevator. We were only in there for a moment but I needed to get out. It was us and another person and I was glad for that. When the elevator came to my floor we walked up to my room and I opened the door to let her in. She loved the suite that I had. It was decked out with a king sized bed and beautiful gold and dark red tones throughout the room. It even had a little kitchen. If I was going to go on vacation in my backyard then I wanted to go all out. She took a seat on on one of the chairs at the breakfast bar and I turned on the TV to see if there was any thing good to watch. I landed on on marathon of one of my favorite shows, Good Times.
"This is my show right here! Is it cool if we watch a few episodes."
"I love this show too. It had everything that you need in a sitcom--drama, humor and reality."
I decided to go in the bathroom and put on some grey sweat pants. When I came out I saw that Danyel had taken off her shoes and was lying stomach down on the bed holding a pillow. She was into an episode that had already started. Her body reminded me of a wave coming to shore. It went down a slope in her back and then came up in a big way to form her ass and finanlly it minimized as it formed her legs.
"Do you like staring at me?"
That broke me out of my trance. "I do." was all I could get out. It was the truth.
All she could do was smile as she urned back to watch the show. I came over to join her, but decided to sit on the floor at the head of the bed. Not because of her but because that is what I usually did when I was at home. We sat there for at least two hours. We were really into it. I was having a good time with her. I realized again that I was hungry so we ordered room service. We both decided to get cheese burgers with fries. When the food arrived we continued to watch the show and make conversation at the comercials. After we finished eating she took her spot back on the bed and I sat back on the floor. About ten minutes into the next episode, I felt fingers in my hair.
Danyel proceeded to massage my scalp. Something that no one other than a hairdresser or my mother had ever done. It was sensual. I felt her movement. I closed my eyes. I liked the was that it felt. I liked that she was touching me. She moved up closer and licked my neck. The texture of her tongue was smooth as she trailed it to my ear. A moan escaped from my throat. I turned around to her and saw the glaze in her eyes that most likley were a mirror imagae of mine. I did what felt natural to me. I kissed her. Soft and slow. Little kisses that became more and more agressive. Then our mouths parted and our tongues became fast friends. Her mouth tasted sweet. I wanted more. I broke the kiss and got up. She sat up. I sat next to her and wasted no time getting her lips back on mine. She pulled me in closer and my hands found the back of her head and her waist.
There was no turning back. No stopping. She sucked my tongue and bit my lips. Everything that she was doing was turning me on. I lost control. I held on to a bunch of her hair and pulled her head back. She gasp. I licked and nibbled on her from her chin to her neck. I felt on her hardenned nipples through her shirt then instructed her to take it off immediatley. She was wearing no bra. Her perky breast stood at attention and her nipples beckoned me. I grabbed them between my teeth and pulled gently. I could hear her heart beating as she tried to keep her balance on one arm. I pushed her back and continued sucking and kissing her breast. I licked on the side of stomach and then brushed my lips along the top of her pants.
I came back up to kiss her and we kissed like breathing was not an option. She tugged at my pants and put her hands in them. Wearing no underwear she easily found that I was dripping wet. When she slipped her finger inside me I sucked in a breath and when she added two more I knew that I needed her. I needed this. As we kissed I began to ride her fingers. I can't even explain how good it felt. Her thumb pressed pn my clit and I could no longer kiss her. I moaned loudly.
"You like that, don't you," she whispered in my ear.
"Yes" I hissed.
"Get up and take off your clothes." she demanded.
I did as I was instructed and she took off her capris. She stood before me in a black thong licking the finger that had been inside me. I came over to her and she put them in my mouth and I tasted my juices. She took them out and I laid on the bed. She got her knees and kissed my inner thighs. She was found my clit and licked it hard. I was moaning loudly by then. She was amazing. Danyel placed her tongue inside me and moved it in and out. I loved the feeling. She was tongue fucking my and rubbing my clit. I bucked my body on her tongue and I felt a rush coming over me.
"I'm cumming Danyel. Oh my God I'm cumming!" I yelled.
She never moved. Didn't even slow down. She rubbed my clit harder and I came in her mouth HARD. I heard her moan as she licked up every bit of me. not letting anything drop. I had to taste her. Give her the same pleasure that she had given me. sat up and reversed my position and told her to sit on my face. She was soaking wet. The scent of her pussy making me want to cum again. I licked up all of juices that had escaped from her. Then I licked her pussy like I had been eating pussy all my life. Her pussy was shaved and smooth.I stuck my tongue in her and it was engullfed in her heat. I grabbed the ass that I had been admiring. It was soft yet firm. I spanked it and she groaned. She bounced up and down my tongue. Grinding to the music of our moans and the sounds of the T.V. She tried to begin a sixty nine but I closed my legs. It was all about her. I wanted her to cum. I needed her to. She tried to pry my legs open and I spanked her. Harder this
time. One spank for each cheek.
"Mmmmm. Oh shit!" she she mumbled in a hoarse voice.
Her legs tightened around my head. She suffocated me with her pussy. I loved every minute of it. She came seconds later but I still wanted more. When she got up I jumbed up a pushed her back down on the bed. I raised her leg an spread it to the side and straddled her. When our pussy combined we grabbed on to each other and fucked like animals. I never felt anything like that before. It was like a connection. I wanted to cum after a few minutes but held back because I did not want it to end. When we finally came. We did it together. We were so loud I think the people in every room near us hear it. We layed in silence. I glanced out the window. everyhting seemed brighter. We decided to shower together and ended up going at it again. I really enjoyed it.
After that day Danyel and I became inseprable. We utilized my hotel room. She came over after work that whole week. Eventually went back to work and got back in the groove of things. We are taking things slow now. She still has a hard time beleving that she was my first and I just laugh to that. I can tell that we are falling for eachother. I don't know what lable to put on myself right now and I really don't need one. The only sexuality that I am is Danyelity. After wasting my time with so many losers and dead end relationships she was a breath of fresh air. I never knew what I was missing. There is truth in patience and healing. We are healing each other daily. We argue over little things but come together in the end. She is my lover and my friend and she will always hold a big portion of my heart.

The End

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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