by MsAllison67

Natural is being in the arms of another woman. Looking deep in her eyes. Our desires rising, our bodies becoming warm with anticipation. Deep longing kisses.
Natural is the feeling of soft warm lips, probing tongue in my mouth. The way her hands feel on my body as they touch every inch. Her hands massaging my breast, her warm mouth on my nipple. Sucking it like a pacifier. Natural is how her body feels to me. Pressed against mines. My hands cupping her ass firmly. Pulling her closer into me.
Natural is her kisses, her licks down my body. The way my body feels as she slowly makes my temperature rise higher. Natural is my legs opening wide. Inviting her inside. Presenting her with my special gift. The way her fingers part my lips and tickles my clit. The way her tongue goes deep inside as she strokes my diamond. Her warm breath on me as her lips wrap around my clit sucking sending me to the point I desire.
Natural is the way my body responds to her. My hands pressing her further inside me, begging her not to stop, to make me cum. My hips riding her tongue matching her lick for thrust, stroke for stroke.
Natural is the way my dam burst. The way my body shakes from the multiple pleasures I've just received.
Natural is holding another woman basking in the glow of the love that we just made. Anticipation of more to come.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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