__________by Blaaze

Iím a little bit excited being youíve got my body wired
Playing my peaks as you speak gently igniting me
Adina Howard playing in the background
Your body naked, you attempting her nasty grind
On top of me
In-between my legs grinding with me
My hands on your hips
Clit to clit
Rotating your ass as I thrust into you
You grab my hair and pull tightly
As I pull you closely into me
This here is definitely nasty
Sweat beads curling down your back
Breathing increasing
Up and down we ride
In tune with one another
Your juices drip down my legs
As mine spread in-between yours
Your clit harder than ever circling mine
Sliding up and down
Rolling that ass round and round
Ahhhhhh. Our nasty grind
Your lips kissing mine
My mouth finding yours only to be greeted by the soundÖ
OhhhhÖ. AhhhÖ Yeah, Just like that right there
Burying my head into your neck assured to leave a mark
Dayum I never felt a woman like Iím feeling you right on top of me
Nothing matters but this right here right now
Can you feel me baby.
I feel you as you turn so we can 69
Your pussy on my face dripping into my mouth
I swallow as you lick and grind on top of me.
Ah dayum girl.
What are you doing to me?
Spreading my thighs to bury your tongue deeper into me.
Sucking me,
Tongue fucking me
To ecstasy,
Me pulling you closer
Telling that ass to come hither, your body slithers like a snake,
Knees backing towards me
Oops did my tongue slip into your ass
Causing a wetness in-between that tightness
You moaning for me to stop although I know you donít really mean it
I insert my fingers just to pull them out and taste them
Replacing my tongue back into your ass,
Sucking and licking, while your hips begin bucking
Your mind not understanding how Iím fucking you like this.
Flipping you to make sure you feel me
I enter you slowly, gently
Making your pussy call me
Blaaze you say,
Take me
This pussy here is all yours
But I already know itís mine
Just by those slip slop sounds itís making
I promise Iím taking you 3 steps past ecstasy
2 beats closer to delirious,
Iím getting serious inside of you
With you cumming constantly
I canít help but taste you
Just so you can flow into me
Sucking you off down into me
Your juices flow freely
This is definitely tasty
But only part of why i'm called nasty.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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