by Nujerzee Jonez

tastes---like..a sweet tune
played by my tantalizing
tounge..its slips in awe of your
wetness..mirages of pornographic images
as we---sit here--laying lifeless
your body erased and mine replaced
intertwined in your body pieces..
i cant quiet gather myself im not whole
making love to your internal peach
but tasting you---my soul dances like
africa when the drums beat
your heart beating ramped
while my fingers trollip like horses
against wind like sages..that drip like tears
and you ease your textures against me
my mind interrupted
your my equal...laying here in rawness
beauty strikes the rays that lay so perfectly
against your "brown skin"
im kissing your belly ans your womb opens to my
verbal penitration
"mmm daddie..give it to me softly"
you constantly repeat
"this pucc13 is hea awl fah you baby..daddie make it roar!"
pulling my head back to feed me your imprints
cocoa curious ruptures
"it pucc13 screams"
she makes mewet inside my soul
and the reality is dreaming this
as she stands on the balcony

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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