__________by Synik

My sweetness
She feeds my weakness
Got me stuck on stupid like nobody's business
What is this
I don't know but it sure feels good
Got me wanting to do shit I never thought I would
Mmmm...this girl
She rocks my world
My sweetie even makes a nigga'stoes curl
What kinda shit is that
I'm supposed to be breaking backs
Not arching mine
But BabyGirl wants to stroke it this time
She wants to hit it from the back
And try to attack
My shit
And get this
She wanna bang it
Just strap up and start slangin
Like me shit aint tight
She buggin, right?
Fa sho...she better be gentle
Cuz right now, she got my mental
Screaming 'Hell No! Back away from the coochie'
She aint gon just be bangin my shit like I'm some damn hoochie
Nah, she gotta stroke the kitty...make my shit purrrrr
Make me be like, 'Yeah Baby, that's that shit right thurr'
But yo, I'm jumping way ahead in the game
After consummation, things ain't never the same
That shit could either make us or break us
I don't know where it's gon take us
But for now, I'm content with just this
Even though all I got was just one kiss
And a little tongue action when I was sucking on her neck
I never wanna do anything to lose her respect
She calls me her sunshine and I wanna keep it that way
It feels good knowing that I'm the one who brightens up her day
She belongs to me, even if she is calling someone else 'Baby'
It's just a matter of time before she wants to be my lady
She says I always write bad about her
Like she don't know a nigga's so mad about her
She should know it ain't nothing but love
That I do what I do, just because
And so, to her, I dedicate this piece
Cuz her sweetness soothes me, just like Beauty did the Beast

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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