__________by MsAllison67

Cum and play in my play ground. My playground is soft,inviting, erotic and
sensual. The lights are a combination of soft white and purple. If you close
your eyes you can smell the scent of Mango and cherries. The furniture is all
covered with plush pillows and satin. Comfortable, cool, and relaxing.

What would you like to do. What will you bring for you and I to play with.
What shall we play with first? There are many toys and games. Any and all that
you can imagine.

Would you like to play with my scarves? Will you lie down on you back and let
me play? Let me take a piece of Mango and slide it down your body from your
neck to your ankles. Making sure to leave a little extra on your neck,
nipples, stomach, thighs, and especially your clit. Then place the fruit inside you
to wait for me. Slowly lick the juice off your body, lingering at you nipples
and sucking on your nipples. Continuing down and nibbling on your stomach.
Running my tongue from your ankle, up your thick juicy thighs. Not missing a drop
of the sweet Mango. Placing an ice cube in my mouth. Circling the ice around
your clit and over your lips. Sucking your clit into my mouth. Sucking until
the ice is gone. Then enter you with my tongue to search for my fruit. The now
sweeter taste of your pussy mixing with the nectar of the mango. Not stopping
until I find it. Your body responding to my searching. Giving you an orgasm so
strong you push the mango out and into my waiting mouth.

Would you like to sit in my chair? Placing a gel vibrator between your legs.
With your legs close I'd climb on top wrapping my legs around you. My breast
in your mouth. You sucking hard on my nipples. Spanking my ass while I ride you
as hard as I can. The feel of the vibrator inside of me. Each thrust of my
hips pressing hard into your clit. You thrusting and sucking. My humping and
riding you. Both cumming together. My juice dripping down all over you.

What about playing trainer? You strapped with me on all four. You riding my
ass from behind. Spanking and fucking me hard and fast. Pulling me to my knees.
Still inside, still riding as you reach around and stroke my hard and erect
clit as you command me to pinch my nipples and say how hard. Your trust and
strokes giving me yet another pleasurable orgasm.

After such hard play I'm sure you would be ready to lie back again. Will you
sit on the edge of the bed. With one leg up. Me on my knees. I insert Bin Wa
balls inside you. I start slowly feeding on you. My tongue darting in and out.
Tickling the balls so they connect together. Vibrating inside. I insert two
fingers inside playing with the balls. I suck tenderly on your clit. Sucking and
licking the tip as my fingers play with the balls making them vibrate more.
I increase my pace. Working your harder and faster until you can't take any
more. Until you quench my thirst with your nectar.

I hope your not tired. There are so many other things to do in my playground.
So much more fun to have. Maybe we could invite a friend or two to cum play
with us.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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