by Marsha Blue

I can still picture u lovin me right
Air tight
Keept me cumin err-night
I mean to not be with you
That shit aint right!!
Head in between
Fingers through your dreads mean

I can still picture u lovin me right
Air tight
I am cumin 4 times err night
Lips all over my clit
Suckin the shit out of it
Till I cum
Ah... Yeah....
Even over
The "peace maker"
As so she called
While she stroked it
Stroked me
Set my shit so free
Till I am no longer me
But mind Blown
Mind froze
No words but yours

I can still picture u lovin me right
Air tight
Kept that pussy
On act right
No one can even try to
With her tongue action
With that fuc-traction
That she gave me
I am still waitin on her
To come set me free

I never felt no shit like that
I mean what was it we lacked
That we aint doing it no more
No word
No smiles
Not even the goodbyes

But I bet that shit is still nice
From The way that I am sounding right?
Sounds like that was some

heavy shit

Sometimes I can't think

About nothing
but it

Her and me
Me and she
Hazel can be
Hazy to me
So hazy that I write about
Her constantly
I think about her rhythm on top of me
In my chest
she beats non stop
Sometime she fades to this low hum
And more time she beats loud
Like a wild man drums
I fucin just want her back
Fuc all the miss-haps
As long as she is lovin me
I will endlessly love she.

Isn't that what soul mates do
Hazel damn my soul mate was you
But u got that moving on thing
Down pat
I mean shit we don't even call back
U wouldn't even pick up the phone
Like I so often do when my ass is alone......
Thinking about you

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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