by Lil AJ

Thinking back to days long gone,
Our late nights on the phone,
Me listening to love songs while you listen to me moan,
Those days…gone…
And even though they’re gone, you still run deep,
Even in my sleep, you still manage to creep, as you take over my dreams,
I don’t wanna wake up, don’t wanna feel the pain,
I don’t wanna feel my pillow wet or see the tear stains,
After all these years it still remains…immortal…
My immortal…
I tried to forget what you meant, how I felt,
And even though it hurt like Hell, I dealt,
And I try to lie and say that I’m completely over you,
I’m fooling everyone but myself, my heart knows the truth,
I’ve never known love or pain like I knew with you, and both remain immortal…
My immortal…
My immortal love, my immortal pain,
My immortal wondering if you even slightly feel the same,
My immortal lie, my immortal truth,
My immortal…
My immortal you…

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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