by Ten

I cant describe what it feels like
laying next to you in bed
Words way beyond description
Thoughts too powerful to be said
When we`re together its like I feel
that you belong right here in my life
And when im tasting every part of you
Its like im making love to my future wife
When I hold you in my arms Imoni
and your heart beats next to mine
I close my eyes and freeze that moment
to preserve it for all time
Undenyable & Indescribeable are the words i choose to use
to tell you how it felt the other night to be inside of you
Sliding in and out your sugar walls
As they held onto me so tight
Im thinking to myself that dang i could
go like this all night
I love to fuck you wit my tongue
And look up into your eyes
Girl im bout to bust a nut right now
Cuz i could live between your thighs
I love to feel your body tremble
at my tongue`s slightest tickle
And i cant wait to taste your juices
when down your clit it trickles
Its kinda dangerous for us to make love the way we do
But your pussy tastes like candy and i cant
get enough of you
And after we bust a nut for each other
its like being high on life
And as i hold you in my arms i KNOW that i just fucked my future wife.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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