by Broke N Heart

When my world seems broken in pieces
And I don't feel lyke goin on
She simply gives me a smyle
And fills my heart with a song

Her stroll is lyke the bass line
So defined and so strong
It keeps me rockin and vibin in her stride
All day long

Her smyle draws me in
We'll call that the hook
I don't kno what her story iz
But I wanna buy the book

Her voice iz lyke that hot chorus
That u jus cant get outta ya head
At tymes I wish I could turn thys song off
But I jus listen instead

No song can compare to her
Her rhythm moves my soul
She takes me frum the inside out
And spins my body outta control

She is my favorite song
She doesnt kno the wordz tho
So I jus sing it within my heart
And it remains a solo

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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