by Pullmydreadzzz

My complex feelings overwhelm me
You walked in to my life with great style and grace, no fatal attraction my
situation is so complex, do I love you, do I lust you a question, without end
my words for you come with no definition are u just my friend? ...........

My complex feelings overwhelm me
When your in my presence my heart skips a beat, just a glance in yours eyes
makes my heart feels so weak, longing to touch you and get into your mind, I
finally met someone cute, smart and kind........

My complex feelings overwhelm me
To embrace your soul and fill u with the deepest cavern of sublime, To eat
from the endearing passion fruits of my love, to walk with you into the
enchanted forest of my heart, construct me with a passion so rich and so rear, fill
me with your seduction take away my fear........

My complex feelings overwhelm me
When I close my eyes and can feel your soul, I can your touch your spirit
your heart is pure gold, a love like no other that never goes cold, the words
from my heart they comes truthful and bold................

My complex feelings overwhelm me
I'll tell you I love you with no hesitation, a genuine love that goes without
destination, whenever your around my hearts skips two beats, I love every bit
of you from your head to your feet.

My complex feelings overwhelm me

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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