asiah d. belt

*Mmmm I can smell you
And I don't mean the *YSL Paris*
That is still draped around your neck
From your early morning spritz

*I mean that intoxicating aroma
That taunts me from beneath
Those "V.S. Sexy Little Things"
That are wrapped around your hips

*It makes me want to touch you
Not like when I haven't seen you in a while
And I give you onw of those gentle hugs
That say I missed you

*But the type where I run my hand
From the nape of your neck to the small of your back
And gently squeeze your butt right after
I've seductively kissed you

*Which makes me want to taste you
First with a suck on your lips
Then a lick on your neck
Before I completely take you

*By using my tongue
To massage your inner walls
While drinking up your waterfalls
As you orgasm like you always do

*Then I'll get to hear your voice
All those freaky sounds I like
The moans and screams as they echo in the room
Because your silence can't be kept

*I want to hear you say my name
As your toes curl towards the end
After you've came so hard
And struggle to catch your breath

*Last I want to see you
And no not just to watch you sleep
Because you look so angellic while
You're laying there so peaceful

*But to see you smile
Right after we're done
Before you close your eyes
Because I've totally pleased you

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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