by Kimberly Jones

She's not what I expected
What exactly did I need?

If she's not what I expected
How did I expect her to be?

More than what I suggested
I'm pleasantly surprised

She's not what I expected
Straight forward, no disguise

She's not what I expected
Like a novel I can't pause

She's not what I expected
Every day I rise to fall

In her palm my heart has rested
Stranger to this feeling before

God rejected what I requested
Clearly, I deserved more

Convinced my dreams were in vain
Slim chance she'd come true

My patience is no longer tested
I've been shown love's proof

I had lost in the game of love
Following the wrong directions

Rescued by the glare in her eyes
I gaze into love's reflection

Never suspected
I'd be selected

Held and protected
Honored and respected

Our lives, now redirected

Genuinely accepted
Eternally connected

To Frankie
A.K.A My Heart

Mrs. Unexpected

Copyright © 2005.Used by permission of author.All Rights Reserved.

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