by Dakerri Rhone

The clock strikes midnight and I'm waiting to see.
Will you come over to unlock my deepest fantasy.
I envision your sexy silhoutte in the moonlight,
I'm nervous and trembling and my body is filled with delight.

As you slowly walk toward me I shiver with anticipation.
My mind is racing, I'm sitting here with wild fascination.
You walk up and stare at me so passionately.
Like there's no one else you desire in the world, but me.

You bend over and give me the sweetest kiss.
All my concerns, doubts, and fears, I immediately dismiss.
Before I know it, your in the bed beside me,
Rubbing and caressing what makes me womanly.

You feel so good, I think I could cry.
I'm so in love with you baby, there's no way to deny.
Your kisses send shivers down my spine.
I'm loving every minute of this, I can't believe this woman is mine.

As you make your way down I'm getting so wet.
Every touch seems new to me, as if we just met.
Right as you dive down and are about to taste me,
I snap out of my trance, damn I realize it wasn't reality.

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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