by Raezia Washington

The bedroom clock strikes just past twelve
and the walls intensively listen in envy as I describe the
way that keeping you in my world as more would make me the
luckiest living creature that walked the face of this earth.
How I- yes a woman, could open your eyes to wonders and
expose you to things that a man would never be able to bring you to.

The moon peeks through the window and watches
as I stroke your thick hair and kiss your pouted lips.
My fingertips play a game of "blind man walks" while our minds
secretly dance in symbiotic rhythms in the game of "made you look"-
I can't wait to see what's beyond the horizon of friendship, then
again I don't have to wait because you're already mine...
keeping you is the issue.

The sparkle of candles twinkle in our eyes as we gaze upon
each others curvaceous bodies.
Yours twitches and your hand shakes when you make the first
move of passion in the night, while mine is steady, assured in every
move that it makes.

We dance in ardor through the rest of the night, emitting
low tones of pleasure and satisfaction only for me to come to the sad
realization of my alarm clock going off at five thirty in the morning...
Time to wake up and face a day without you again.

I love you, I just can't say it aloud.
I need you, I just can't understand how.
The desire I carry for you in my heart will once again show
tonight in my dreams- you and me... sharing my pillow.

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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