Life was much better now that the headache was gone. Even my relationship with Gaby had grown stronger. We even tightened up some loose ends business wise.
Now, back at the office where I only visit when there are meetings of the minds, was a young woman who flirted with me often. Sonti, the lobby receptionist. All of twenty-two. Been with the company for about two years. Every morning she radiates a warm smile that greets clients and business suits throughout the day. Unfortunately for her, there was a greater interest of mine in the adjacent building second floor, suite 208. Myrna Veers, District Attorney. She was the kind of person everyone loved to hate. And I wanted to know just how much I hated being in love.
At least three times a week when I walk through the doors of Bering, Blain and Associates, we managed to run across each other in the lobby or pass one another in the parking lot but weren't able to connect. Coincidental, I think not. We've shared the elevator more than enough times to strike up a conversation of sorts - I was either getting on or she was getting off walking and talking with clients. She always waved or smiled but that was it. She was playing hard to get and I knew that. It was cool though because I was busy enjoying my freedom and we were kinda feeling each other out anyway. Sensibly, I've learned along time ago, never ever have a relationship at the work place.
It brings nothing but trouble. However, I was feeling a bit vulnerable and hunger and she didn't officially work in my building.
Between Corporate business and mine, my daily messages were piling up, mostly from that crazy woman Kalia who refused to accept rejection. And Sonti wasn't having it. She expressed herself often one way or the other. But she too needed to be checked. Don't get me wrong, she had it going on. It just wasn't for me. Why, because first; she worked for me. Second; my business was my business and lastly - I simply wasn't in the mood to mother another girl-child.
Lunchtime was near and since I was pulling a full shift today, I decided to check out miss thing across the way. As soon as I stepped off the elevator she turned the corner.
"Good afternoon Ferterri" she purred, (everybody except family calls me by my last name). "Good day to you too Miss Veers. Having lunch in-house today?"
"Only if you accompany me," she responded flirtatiously. Sex on a platter is what I was thinking but instead I went with "After you!"
As we entered the cafeteria and collected our meals and drinks, we located a window seat that viewed the mountain snowcaps then we sat and chatted. Talked about everything from famous people to world events. Far away places to politics. Stocks and commodities, favorite dishes to opera. You name it we pretty much opened and closed chapters on it. As we talked, I tuned in on how happily divorced she was - married four miserable years with no children. Said she'd like to provide a safe haven and a stable environment for her seeding. That she would like to adopt children who were abandoned and how she too was adopted. About how her paid parents taught her to be self-sufficient and independent. How she traveled to Asia, Switzerland and Africa. How she never wanted to regret anything in her life. She also informed me of how she planned to retire at forty and she probably could. Hell, she was all of thirty-six. I wasn't mad at her 'cause I planned to do the same except I was already forty and had too many plans. Anywayz, we laughed and engaged in more in-depth conversation. Talked like we knew each other for years. Come to find out we did. We attended college together. I never really spoke to her, but I did take notes.
I watched her inhale her food and she teased me for picking at mine. It was quite comforting to sit with someone who had goals and intent. She even invited me to her bowling tournament. Officers of the law verse their legal staff. I had no idea Miss Corporate was so well rounded. She was about it. I was impressed. My future (for the moment) was looking brighter.
We enjoyed each others company so much that we'd completely forgot about the time. It was two hours later and we both needed to get back to work. It's a good thing we didn't punch a clock or report to anyone; otherwise we'd be very fired.
I agreed to meet her at the bowling yard after hours. "Be sure to dress casual" she sang out, "Any particular style?" I queried "Just look as good as you always do!" she replied. Now who am I not to oblige!
Word had gotten out that Kalia and I had parted. I guess it came from Gaby's last event since "We" didn't attend. So Gaby was checking in regularly and the other women were pursuing persistently. I met with Gaby a few times a month between schedules just because. She was very excited each and every time we got together. I wasn't quite ready for another relationship and she felt it, but if it happened it happened. So she just stayed close enough for comfort and to share a shoulder whenever needed.
That evening I met with Miss Myrna Veers. She bowls a mean game. The team captain and crew were very happy to see me, even made sure I had a front row seat plus all the drinks and eat I wanted. They sure smiled a lot. Gleaming and gawking. Made me a whole lot of uncomfortable. But they assured me that I was in good hands. After all, they were the law. I think that's what made me nervous.
After the team celebrated their winning. Some of the girls from her office decided that we should go to one of the local clubs. I wondered if they sensed my crush on their colleague. Myrna never mentioned any of this.
We sucked down the last of our drinks then traveled in a pack to the parking lot. Myrna asked me if I wanted to hang out for a while. I didn't mind. It seemed harmless. Luckily, most of the other girls had hubbies to go home to. So Sonya, Myrna's secretary drove. Steered a very nice eight seat Suburban. The extended luxury edition I might add and it packed all eight of us comfortably. Myrna and I sat in the second-row middle as she properly introduced everyone to me before the ride. First, there was Sonya; designated driver and Myrna's secretary. Next was Michelle, Defense Attorney. Von; Legal Administrator, Taylor; Deputy County Clerk, Tyann; District Coordinator and Rosalyn the teams captain and liaison to the county Marshall's office. These sista's were no joke.
As we rode, Von suggested we stop at a place called On Top. A rather large adult toy store in the villa. Tyann called out Little Casanovas, a small coffeehouse that caters to lifestyles of sorts. Michelle, the hard body, proposed a place titled "Escapades" hmmm I wondered why.
Myrna, who never said a word, put her hand over mine and just smiled. There was something so mysterious about her smile, it was almost hypnotic. About a half-hour or so we pull up to a place called Savannah's. The parking lot was jammed packed. There were probably a couple hundred cars parked. People scattered everywhere. Large brotha's blocking the doorway with plenty of folks in line waiting to get in. It looked like a movie scene out of New York. Myrna, now patting my thigh still hasn't uttered a word. This was starting to make me nervous. What did I get myself into? I probably would have been more relaxed if I knew what the deal was. I was feeling like a hostage. Suddenly, my defense mechanism kicked in. I didn't know any of these women. All of my thoughts became What if? Myrna must have heard the pounding in my heart because she massaged my arm then gently kissed my cheek and said, "Relax, you're going to have fun, you're in good hands." Then why did I feel like this was an Allstate commercial (they sell life insurance too!). I agreed to meet with her, not the posse.
We all piled out of that very comfortable ride and headed for the door. One of the bouncers made it apparent that he knew all of the girls', cause he was fiddling and prancing like a five-year-old. "Ladies" he cried out, "Do come in." Michelle entered first. The rest followed with me sandwiched in the middle. I looked back to see who was picking up the rear and it was Taylor. Obviously, they were regulars because the other brotha at the door yelled out
"Bake sale?"
"Day old!" Taylor replied with a smirk on her face. I spun around to address boy with the comment at the door but it was already closed. Taylor was still smirking and had stepped up a beat. They had this arranged because the VIP service was definitely in tack. As we shuffled upstairs toward two brightly red colored doors, I noticed about thirty other people pounding the steps ahead and behind us. We finally reached the top of the stairs and entered a smoke filled room. I couldn't believe my eyes. This room had a full bar, bowls of bud on every table, several TV monitors, a big screen with cinema seats, two pool tables, video games, miniature golf islands on the floor and private rooms off side. I was even told there were a couple of spas in the back. These were sworn officials of the law. I had to wonder what the hell was going on downstairs.
Tuesday night and this place was packed! These people were serious about getting their party on. I looked over at an odd shape clock that was built into the wall just above a fish aquarium. It was only ten thirty. By this time I was sweating bullets. Von came over and pushed me onto a red leathered plush sofa. Said "Relax, were not going to hurt you!"
Seconds later all eyes were on me. Myrna made a hand gesture to Sonya who then picked up a phone on the bar. A waitress came in first and made sure my glass wasn't empty. Then some half-naked guys came up with chocolate covered roses between their teeth and shoestring in their cracks. There were six of them. They all reeked of a licorice scent. Mr. Raspberry was up first. He was swinging it here and there. Then Mr. Strawberry, who jiggled and twisted so hard little peepee almost lost its cover. Next was Black licorice. He did pretty much the same. The other two, Peach Snapps and Cranberry were table dancing. Rosalyn had her buzz on so she was jiggling too. She said to me "Sweetie, if this ain't your flavor there are plenty of others to choose from" then bellowed out a roaring laugh grabbing Michelle by the hand and pulling her along to dance. Oh yeah, these girls were no joke.
Myrna sat across from me watching for my response. Legs crossing and uncrossing. Anxious to see me react. Tyann was sitting on one side of me, Taylor on the other, folding and unfolding their arms, as if it was required that I respond. Sonya made a second call. That request was for a rainbow of women who came up smelling like fruit baskets. Each one of them did some dirty dancing too. Squirming and wiggling from lap to lap. They were definitely working hard for the money. I just sat there and observed not sure of how much of this would get back to the office. Myrna was still watching me. Von cued Michelle to go downstairs. Sonya and Tyann were talking to some boys at the bar. Taylor and Rosalyn just disappeared which left me alone with Miss Veers.
As she sat across from me glaring, I noticed that she had a puzzled look on her face. Then she moved closer to me as if she were examining something on me. She then moved beside me, patted my hand and smiled. I had to ask her what this was all about. She said, "I didn't know where you were coming from, so the girls thought that this adventure would break the ice."
I said, "Why didn't you just ask me?" She replied, "You haven't mentioned anything personal about yourself and I wasn't sure." I'm thinking, if you were monitoring me before, why not know about me now. I leaned back in my seat as she continued with "In case you haven't noticed I am very attracted to you and have been for quite a while. I simply didn't know how to approach you." Again I'm thinking, you managed to find me and pursue. I exhaled and she finished her attempt with "Since that wonderful little secretary of yours won't allow anyone to see you or forward my calls I decided to check you out for myself." I cut her off to ask, "Have you been calling?"
"Oh yeah, several times, even had a messenger deliver flowers and a card"
"Is that right!" was all I could think to say. She continued to explain
"I've been trying to get in contact with you ever since I saw you at the party!"
"What party?"
"Gaby's Masquerade party," she stated.
How could I have missed her at Gaby's? Was I so pre-occupied that I overlooked her?
She said, "I even asked Gaby to give you my number." I was trying to think back. Gaby and I need to have a talk. So I pursued, "What were you wearing?"
She said, "I was the Brazilian dancer you kept avoiding."
"Oh snap!" I muttered to myself. All of this time I thought she was eyeballing somebody else. "Wait a minute, if that that was you?" I exclaimed, "Then why didn't you say something at lunch?" She openly admitted, "I know Kalia and I didn't want to create any problems" Create any problems! Hell it was too late for that. And on top that she knew Kalia too. Know wonder Kalia was acting all funny. I wondered how many more ghost came from my past that evening.
So I say to her, "Why here? And what makes this night so special!"
She hesitantly announced, "Maybe I should explain,"
"Yeah, maybe you should!" I replied shaking my head.
"Do you mind if we go for a walk? This really isn't my scene," she pleaded. As we got up and grabbed our coats, Taylor, out of breath whisked by inquiring "You two aren't leaving are you? The party is just getting started!" She extended her hand and added, "This smoke is some nasty shit. Ya'll need to take a toke and free your mind then let your ass follow!" In agreement we rejected the offer as Myrna turned to open the door, "We're going out for a bit, we'll catch you later."
Outside was quite chilly so we bundled up and walked. Her tone changed from fearless to innocent. I started with a question but she cut me off and said
"I hope I haven't put you in a disposition? I've always had a crush on you but I knew that you and Kalia were an item since college and instead of interfering I decided to check you out, you know, see what I've been missing. That is to say I heard you were very successful now and doing extremely well for yourself. Not married or bogged down with family and issues. I often asked about you. But since Kalia and I don't really speak much anymore I never really knew." I had to respond "Ok I'm just curious. What took you so long to step up?"
She lowered her head, "Please understand my position. I'm not always able to communicate my feelings I mean, I used to be so in love with you. Kalia was my best friend and I didn't want to hurt her." I shook my head and laughed, "Hmmm that's interesting, because Kalia was my friend too! I've always liked you too but there was never any indication that you were interested. After all, Kalia was my college sweetheart but damn girl Why now?" She nodded her head in acknowledgement, then continued "The first time I saw you at Gaby's I didn't want to believe it was you. Then I found out that you were working at Corporate Center. How many years has it been?" She paused. My thought process became fully activated. I wondered what else she knew other than the fact that I worked at Corporate.
"I felt that it was time to step up. I missed you. And I really do apologize for the informalities. I'll understand if you want to leave, it's ok. At least now I know that you are well and looking, I mean doing just fine." I was momentarily speechless. And wasn't quite sure of her sincerity. "Listen Myrna, you certainly have all the qualities in a woman that anyone can admire and appreciate. I just wish it started that way"
With sad eyes she looked at me and proposed "Can we at least spend this night together. I need to be held by you!" Wow, this is some shit! Kalia had to have known something about this. But you know what, she called it quits! And I have my needs.
With a sigh of relief, I placed my arm around her shoulder, touched her face and kissed her gently on the forehead. We talked some more as we walked down the street to a café and ordered expresso. I watched her tearfully rejoice then bare those pearly whites and glow. I guess I have a weakness for honesty and beauty. When we found a seat, I moved her chair around the table and she leaned into me. She was content now. We closed that chapter and turned the page to a new.
It was just about three a.m. The club party was breaking up and the girls must have smelled where we were, 'cause here they come. I think they even brought half the club with them singing all loud and shit. The café staff was having a hard time trying to accommodate all of the people. I'm pretty sure the owner had no complaints later. But thanks to the large crowd they didn't see us. So Myrna and I gathered our belongings and exited through the side door. I called for a cab she in turn whipped out her cellular and made a quick call to Sonya. Told her that we would take a cab back, everything was fine and she would see them in the office later today.
While we waited on the cab, she reached in her pocketbook, pulled out a small black case and took out this beautiful 24k-diamond charm bracelet that read, "My love is forever." She reckoned, "I've been holding on to this for a long time. Please accept this token of my friendship." How could her love be forever when I never had a clue. Was she confused cause I certainly was. I stood there pondering her jesture. Then decided what the hell. I extended my arm as she placed it around my wrist, then giving me a long soft kiss. She closed her eyes and fell against my chest holding on even tighter.
The cab soon arrived and we were on our way back to the office to pick up our cars - heeded by an invite to her place.
I followed her through a canyon, up and around a winding road, made a few turns here and there then to a large gated community where a very militant young man greeted us. Halted both cars, then waved us in. Dayum, she was serious about hers. We rolled up to a yard so huge you could play soccer out front. I continued on behind her into an immensely large driveway with a five and a half car garage. She tapped the remote for two doors to slide apart and motioned for me to drive in (yeah I said slide apart). Then she pulled in beside me, tapped the remote again for the doors to close. When she got out she stood smart, licking her lips, then adjusted her world's famous designer suit (designed by on sale).
The garage was so clean you could sleep on the ground. She stepped to me, frisked me with her eyes then turned her back to me to deactivate the house alarm on the remote. Told me to hold on for just a minute while she run inside. Here we go - I'm thinking I didn't come all this way to stand in a garage. Just then she yelled out, "Ok, you can come in now!" And not by much surprise the inside was as bad as the outside. Everything had its place. I was expecting Donald Trump to greet me. Unhappily divorced? Looks to me like she got it all and boy just got got! Her voice rang out from somewhere upstairs for me to make myself comfortable. Comfortable I was scared to touch anything because I knew that I couldn't afford to replace it. I did however take the time to marvel at the décor and pictures on the walls which left me speechless. Stuff from all over the world. I wondered who kept down the dust balls.
She returned from wherever she was in the house with two glasses of wine only to find me reflecting on a photo she had of our graduate class - saddled next to a collection of many other portraits. She stepped beside me, handed me a glass then placed her arm around my waist. With her hand circling my back she politely asked if I wanted anything. Well I did, but first I wanted a tour of her setup. NQA - she toured, I followed.
Monaco glass doors manicured every other door-jam. There were three custom designed fireplaces that opened on two sides and faced their featured rooms throughout the estate. Matching Greek tile on every counter top and floor. There was even a second staircase that swirled from the kitchen up to the master suite then down on the other side of the house to a private study. Six big beautiful bedrooms all professionally decorated and candy coated, each with its own private bathroom. Outside near the rear of the property were separate servant quarters and an stadium size pool over looking the city. I know my mouth fell open. I tried to shut it but my jaws locked. Here I am thinking that my way of living was too extravagant. Just when I thought I'd seen it all, my tour up the stairs led to doublewide French doors her palace. The master suite, wow. My knees buckled. I wanted so bad to ask her when did we overcome but I couldn't say anything.
I don't even know how long I'd been standing in a stupor before my eyes locked in on how naked she was before me. I just stood there dumb-found, as she slipped off my jacket - working her way down to the shoes, pants, etc.
Her bedroom was the largest I'd ever seen. But oh how I could learn to adjust to this type of living. Hmph, but then again at what cost? Either way I was bound for trouble.
Arm in arm, she escorted me through her palace. The air was filled with wild berries. Each time we stopped, she kissed me very passionately. At some point, I must have fallen into a deeper trance because without feeling, she had removed my complete attire, hung it up too. Now here I stand butt naked with a woman I haven't seen in years. I was definitely in trouble.
Well, without much resistance, we fell across the bed, kissing, cuddling, laughing and talking. The sweet sound of Michael Franks swarmed our inner circle. She stroked my body. I massaged hers. She giggled. I teased. We rolled all over the sheets. Then under them for more provocative play. As I touched her everything, the throbbing started between my legs so I squeezed my thighs tightly together to restrain the delicious anticipation of what would come next. She ran her fingers up and down my backside working towards my sex. She was very aggressive. I was delightfully surprised. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts, licked her lips, then said with much authority; "Make love to me with all of your passion" so I did. I took my time unfolding her deepest and darkest secrets. I pulled her on top of me as my mouth found her soft plump nipples. She had very nice breasts. Forties, I know because experience fits perfectly in your hands. I sucked and teased them as we exchanged long deep wet kisses. She repositioned herself in the ready sixty-nine position and stuck her tongue in my navel. That makes me real crazy. So crazy that I squirmed and flinched, almost threw her on the floor. We laughed, she climbed back on board and we continued. She massaged my everything while I tried to regain calm. Tasted me from root to toot. God she's good!
I tried to measure her movements of expertise but couldn't keep up. She even turned me over to lick and taste some more. Worked me like a tootsie-roll pop. I blasted off two or three times before she allowed me to enter her world. I rolled her onto her back and began tickling her fancy with my fat shorty. I kissed and fondled every part of her honey colored skin. She was very hot. She moaned and scooched from the head of the bed to the foot. My every stroke and every touch sent trembles through her body. Her back rose and fell with each lick. I was melting along with her. So I pulled back. Then massaged her sticky warmed walls with my fingers. Her moans drummed sporadically as I circled her dampened den. I tasted her essence again before I went deep inside her lovenest. I asked her, "What are you feeling?" She crooned, "Like this could go on forever." She wanted to escape but couldn't. She was very vulnerable and this sensation was pleasant. She moved like a belly dancer, struggling for control trying not to surrender to this intimate moment that excited her. With a shaky breath she replied
"Oooooh baby, love me like you own this!" Once again I did as I was instructed.
As I listened to her spastic cries of orgasmic love-songs, she bellowed out lullabies constrained within her hallow walls of climatic origa. The more I tickled the more she begged. Close to tears from half-maddened lust she gritted her teeth and called out my name Ayal. We made love like tomorrow's sunset, slow and easy, satisfying and fulfilling. This woman didn't know what to do with herself. She held on tight, grunting with a sharply intense gasp. She then spread her knees wider allowing me to fill her with lusting joy.
She came erratically over and over. Each time she exploded I saw stars. Her melt down was much anticipated. I watched her drift away as she mumbled pure satisfaction, falling deeper and deeper into a non-blinking trance.
Already morning her alarm beeped and chimed at exactly seven forty-five. We had just gone to sleep. She didn't have to be at work until ten and I made my own hours.
In that short time, I was sleeping like a newborn when she woke me with tickles from her hot tongue. "Good morning beautiful," she smiled.
"Last night was absolutely wonderful. I see you're still very good at what you do!"
I touched her face. Ran my fingers across her lips and through her hair, expressed how good she felt too. She was ready for another round when I asked teasingly, "What do you feel like to eating this morning?" She licked her lips and replied, "You!" Then slid under the sheet, tasting her way down to my already wet puzzy. One slide across my pulsating clit from her hot ass tongue, unleashed a howl so loud, the dogs in the back that I didn't know she had, howled too. She was something else - even in the morning. After she sopped me up like a biscuit in gravy, she slowly moved upward kissing every part of me until she reached my lips. Then stopped suddenly and started crying. With much compassion I pulled her to me and asked, "What's wrong?"
She turned away from me - leaning forward and into my knees.
She whimpered, "I'm still in love with you.
"So I asked "What's wrong with that?" Deeply sobering she cried, "Kalia!"
"Kalia and I are through. You know that!" Fully engulfed in tears she asked, "But can you truly love anyone else?"
My feelings were every bit as delicious in the passion as they became more dangerous in love. I didn't know how to answer that. It required deep thought. So I sat up and pulled her to me. Rocked her in my arms and said, "This is our time I don't wanna talk about Kalia. What she had is what you have now!" She eased forward, rotated, gazed at me with those puppy eyes and gave me a big hug. I continued to hold and caress her. She let her guard down just enough for me to finish what she started.
Soon thereafter, we decided to get up and have breakfast. She prepared our morning meal while I strolled to the bathroom. When I returned to the kitchen, I found that she possessed impeccable culinary skills too and had whipped up a feast in no time; toast, boiled eggs, fruit and Canadian bacon.
By nine or so, we took a shower together, got dressed and walked out to the real world. It was very cold but beautiful up here. I took a deep breath and inhaled all of God's pleasantries. She tapped the remote. We warmed our cars and hugged again. I reminded her that she would have to decide on what she wanted. I couldn't make that decision for her. Again she looked at me with those puppy eyes and said, "My void of love is the problem. How do I know you won't return to her?" I lifted her chin with my index finger and replied, "Our love was strong, but you're here now. You have to tell me what you want." I didn't see that brilliant smile this time. She was sad, as if she'd lost her most cherished toy. But what else could I say or do? She had introduced me to her world, but wouldn't let me in. My dilemma was having feelings for three women, and now, I was caught up in it.
I assisted her as she glided into her BMW 745i. Closed her in and got one good kiss before it ended. She closed her eyes and tried to hold it together. Started backing the car out signaling for me to follow. Her tap again on the remote indicated that our moment like the garage doors was coming to a close. I followed her on down the hill past the guarded gate and onto Rolling Ridge then onto Foothill Boulevard. She tooted the horn and headed east, I waved and went south. I guess that was pretty much it. I'll know someday. She's a beautiful woman that deserves the best and I honestly didn't know how much of that I could give her. I needed to think.
I called Sonti at the office and told her I had an appointment I needed to keep. I went home instead. My head was hurting and my thoughts were overbearing. I needed something but I didn't know what. When I arrived home, my gut feeling told me that something was wrong. I stepped inside. The house was quiet but the fragrance of peach was in the air. Kalia had been here. She always spiced up my place with peach or apple fresheners. But hold up, how did that bitch get in here? I never gave her a key!
As soon as I opened the door and pocketed my keys, I took off my jacket then threw it over a chair while reading a note I found carefully placed at the center of the kitchen table. It read:

Dear Ayal,
I loved you so much that it hurt. I know how enraged with jealously I've been. Maybe because I cared too much. Don't be mad at me. I KNOW that many women have been inquiring about you, I also KNOW that Gaby was more than business. You didn't have to say it; I saw it in your eyes. Perhaps this isn't the best way to share my feelings but it's the only way I know. And yes I have a lot of growing up to do. I guess I always planned on you being around. I know you'll find someone else who'll be better for you. Make sure they love all of you for who you are and tell them I said so. You're a beautiful person and my mistakes have caused great pain between us. I'll love you always. Take care.
P.S. I cleaned up the mess I made and put my key on the holder. Hugs and kisses,

Her key! Just then the phone rang. I slammed the note down on the table, snatched the receiver from its holder and listened to a long silence. It was Kalia, it had to be. I say, "Speak now or don't ever call again." I could hear whimpering in the background, then a click. I could've star sixty-nined her, but I had had enough for the day and I wasn't in the mood for anybody else's shit.
As I turned to toss the note, my aim was distracted by broken glass fragments spilled all over the countertop and on the floor. As I glanced around the corner, I noticed more things out of place. What mess did she clean up?
I went in the bathroom and dropped two Motrin. Ended up dozing off. Some time later when I awoke, I realized that I hadn't heard or seen my cat. She's always at my side especially when I'm in the bedroom. Where is my cat? I get up, look around, call out her name Kitty. Nothing! I step outside, call for her again Kitty! Nothing. I searched high and low then something told me to call Kalia. She answered right away so I asked her nothing more than, "Where's my cat?" she blasted, "Try the pound, that's were most of you pussy chasing dogs hang out!" and slammed the receiver down. That bitch! I'ma kill her! But first I have to get my kitty back.
I frantically called all of the community animal shelters, gave a detailed description and yes - the local facility had my cat. Getting ready to euthanasize her over some bullshit story Kalia told about her being hit by a car and the medical expenses would be too much put her to sleep. She knows I love that cat. Maybe I should put her to sleep! She don' fucked up now! Her ass was mine.
I put my life on hold, grabbed the note off the table and rushed over to save my kitty from the death chamber. Her return cost me a hundr'd and fifty bucks. I'ma get that bitch!
I get my cat and head over to where I knew she would be at her momma's house. I pull up and catch that bitch jumping in her car, attempting to back out of the driveway laughing. So I blocked her exit. Oh she thinks this shit's funny. She yells out the car window "You mothafucka, you ain't shit! Fuck you Ayal!"
In the meantime, her sister Kendra, comes running outside to see what the commotion was all about. Posing with one hand on her hip, and as usual, smoking a cigarette and sucking her teeth, all the while smirking at me before turning to go back inside. Right behind her was momma bear with a cordless in hand. I pull the cat out (in carrier) from the back seat and sit her on top of the car. At the same time (pointing at the cat) I walk to the back, raise the trunk and pull out my nine. Told that bitch how dead she was "This pussy, YOU don't fuck with!" Her laugh quickly ceased. Her mother, still not knowing exactly what was going on, intervened and tried very hard to stop her daughters' execution. She don' fucked up now and her ass was mine. As I loaded my peacemaker, Kalia jumped out of her car - cussing and throwing stuff - dashing for safety behind her mother, who somehow managed to get between us.
I raised my pistol and aimed for her head. Meanwhile, her Moms' was begging me to put down the gun. Begged repeatedly for me to give her time to find out what the problem was. I was pretty sure the neighbors were watching by now - didn't look around and didn't care. You don't touch my cat! This pussy cost me a lot of money!
I was always taught that if you are going to pull a gun on someone, ya damn well better use it! That was my intent. So I maneuvered my way around her mother, aimed for her head and pulled on the trigger. Fortunately for her, the gun was locked. But I had that bitch running down the street screaming bloody murder. I grabbed my cat, jumped in my ride and pursued after her. Then I thought, I could nip this in the bud another way. I'll call Myrna. Her peeps could take care of this without record.
As I drove off I didn't heard any sirens, (I know how inner-city folks handle their bizness) so I double-checked my rear-view a few times. Didn't see one-time, so I mashed the pedal, made a few blocks then vanished. (One-time is Five-O, cause people of color get tagged, harassed or beat down at least once in a lifetime).
Myrna returned my call right away. I needed to vent, so she offered to come by so I could talk it out. She could hear the depth of anger in my voice. I was probably sounding like a psychopath. I was furious. I wanted so much to kill that bitch.
In less than an hour, there was a hard knock on my door. I thought it was one-time. My heart was pounding so fast I was sure I was having a heart attack. I could see through the stained glass door that it was Myrna. When I opened the door, she scurried in. Ask me what was going on then assured me that everything would be fine. For the moment - it sounded good. But everything wasn't fine. The adrenaline was running so fast through my body, I was sweating profusely. She started asking for any and all information I had on Kalia and her peeps. At that time I didn't even care why.
Calm as usual, she was trying every angle to talk me down. We paced together then walked to my bedroom. I laid down. She sat on the edge of the bed staring at the floor. Told me that she needed to make a few phone calls. That she had a friend who could be of great assistance. She insisted that I get some rest while she looked into it.
For some strange and unusual reason, I was depending on this woman to correct my situation. Little did I know that all of what was taking place would later bite me in the ass.
From the edge of my bed, I could see her pacing back and forth while having a disagreement with someone on her cell. I could also hear a loud male tone emitting from the speaker. I couldn't tell exactly what was being said, but it had become evident that whatever was going on - wasn't just about me!
By morning all was quiet and Myrna was balled up next to me resting comfortably. As I shifted, she kissed my forehead and rubbed my back. Could it be - that after all this time - this was the woman to be at my side? Or was this some twisted coincidence of malice that was created from the past?
Eight a.m. or so, I sat up in bed with a headache like a drunk. I managed to crawl out and around the bed banging my toe against the foot rail, almost falling over the damn cat. I headed straight for the kitchen while inhaling fresh brewed coffee. All of the blinds were open but the house was very still. I searched throughout the house, then out back. I called out Myrna's name but there was no answer. I turned and stumbled back towards the kitchen where I saw a post-it attached to my coffee cup. This time it read:

"Good morning sweetie, Got a call from the office, had to go. Everything will be fine don't worry. Eat your breakfast and try to rest. I'll talk to you very soon,

With that in mind I felt somewhat at ease. I went back to my room and turned on the stereo. Queued the player to Dionne Farris then moved to the closet and pulled out my running gear. I laid across the bed a few more minutes then headed for the shower.
Just as I stepped into the soothing box, the phone started ringing. I heard the answering machine click on, it was Gaby checking in. She was good at stimulating my mind, rebuilding my confidence; motivating my spirit and getting me started with her daily words of encouragement. Her message said, "Close your eyes, think only of me and your day will complete itself." It worked like a charm. I got up, got out and accomplished a lot. Closed some business deals and scheduled new ones. I was back on track, at least for now.
Since I needed some time off from work anyway, this day was perfect. I decided to release some tension jog downtown and stop to see everything. It felt good. Time alone was definitely needed.
As soon as I returned home from my three hour long sightsee-run-walk, I noticed the message indicator on the answering machine was brightly glowing. Kalia's sister Kendra had called at least ten times telling me that her nut-case sister had been in an accident please meet her at San Antonio hospital right away. I didn't even let the message finish. I grabbed my coat and keys and ran out the door. I slowed my pace when it suddenly occurred to me that this very same sister who never liked me was burning up my phone.
Luckily, the hospital wasn't far away. I stopped the car anywhere, jumped out and went dashing through the emergency room, breaking through the scattered crowd in the lobby. I see her mom seated and other family members standing around crying as doctors and staff tried to console them...Kalia was dead. Just like that!

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