It's cold and wet outside. I can't get the key in the door fast enough. I can hear the cat meowing and the phone ringing.
I need to start dinner, shit! Forgot to stop at the market. I have everything except for what I need. Damn, four thirty she'll be here soon. Again the phone is ringing off the hook can't get out of these damn shoes either. By the third ring I managed to punch the talk button.
"Hello," I yell through the phones' speaker.
"Hi sweetie," says this soft sexy on the other end.
"Are you ready for me?" Most certainly is my answer. Knowing damn well I'm not.
"Where are you?"
"Open the door," she whispered. So I do and "dayum!" comes out of my mouth before my mental processor kicks on.
This woman is so fine; everything tingles when I see her. She's staring at me probably wondering what the hell is my problem and what happened to my manners.
I exhale, she smiles. She knows what she's doing to me, 'cause this happens every time I see her. I can't function, my legs won't move and my mouth is dry. Basically, all of motor skills go into shock, but I love it. She's had me all messed up for six years now and I never know what's next.
I finally blink myself back to the here and now, then step aside for the delight of my life to enter. She glides on in, places her briefcase and laptop on the floor in the foyer then wraps herself around me kissing me ever so gently.
We move towards the kitchen. I pour her favorite glass of wine, she parks herself on a barstool then kicks off her shoes. We have our usual how was your day conversation. She notices how half-dressed - undressed I am then says,
"Let's eat out tonight," licking her lips and checking me from head to toe. "Dinner's on me. You look like you need it!"
"Yeah," I nod as I struggle to untangle the threads that bind me. "Give me a minute to freshen up." She does and sips her wine. Moments later I hear her fumbling around in the living room. Then some Stephanie Mills cradling the airwaves.
I feel a presence...almost too close for comfort. She's standing in the doorway, humming and watching. Wiggling and grooving. She kisses my ear, nibbles a little too...touches me as if I was a publishing house sweepstake. I turn to respond and it's on. Her loving is so soft and sensual.
She sips some more wine, shares some with me too. We dance in place holding on to each tightly. "One minus seventy" she croons. A few more wet kisses and we're unzipping, unbuttoning and dropping clothes to every beat. She teases. Into the bathroom she goes. Her running water in my shower always indicates that we're not going out for dinner. We'll just be eating out!
It's almost seven thirty. We decide to call it quits for now, clean up and go have dinner for real. Ms. Mills had done her job. I fed the cat, she set the house for our getaway, we grab our umbrellas and raincoats and off we go.
The night fell easy after dinner. It was about ten thirty and we were sharing a Kodak moment. We strolled through downtown. Stopped for ice cream. Talked, walked and laughed off some calories. Caught a late movie then went home.
This weekend she belongs to me. Next weekend I'll be her love slave.
We try to get our quality time in often. One thing for sure about our time spent is that I'm always the center of her attention no matter what. Whatever I want, need and desire she fulfills and supplies physically, emotionally and mentally. Kalia is committed to me. She loves my brown bottom and I love hers. What she does for me I more than extend in return.

A good nights' sleep and a peaceful morning Ahhh! The smell of hickory smoked bacon, crispy buttered waffles, fresh fruit, hot coffee and orange juice went straight up my noise. She can work the kitchen; make you wanna throw a brick at cho' momma!
Quietly tip-toeing into the bedroom, she climbs on top of me, leans into me then whispers, "Good morning sweetness, breakfast is ready," followed by a fresh mint kiss. I turn slightly so I don't kill her with that morning dragon but she brushes my lips before I could turn away. She says, "I love you so much." I guess that means bad breath too!
I roll out of bed and follow her to the kitchen where the table is set with fresh cut flowers. Hmmm everything about it is nice, real nice almost too nice.
We munched and chitchat. It's early in the morning and still very cold and very wet out. It's been a long time since we've actually sat down to have breakfast together. Our work schedules don't allow us to spend much time together anymore, but when we do, we make up the difference. And since it's an all day rain what better time than now.
Breakfast was delish; she's a great host. I on the other hand have absolutely no home training. It's not like my mother didn't try to teach me. I just didn't have the patience to stand in a kitchen any longer than I needed to.
Today is going to be a great day because we've closed our laptops and ignited the flames. The phone starts ringing. We both look over at the oven clock and it's eight forty-five exactly. This morning Kalia decides to answer the phone, something she never does.
She picks up. "Hello? Hello?" The caller doesn't say anything so she hangs up. "Must be a wrong number," she mutters as she sits down and continues to eat and chat. About ten more of these calls and without any thought she asks, "Are you expecting a private dancer this morning?"
I ask her, "What's that supposed to mean?"
Her sistah-tude flared, "Yesterday, I called several times and the line was busy almost up until the time I arrived at your door!"
I say, "Yeah, I'm supposed to know that how? You know that I'm out all day!" Sure enough she did what most women do - grunt, roll her eyes, twist her neck, then call you a liar with her eyes and walk away cursing under her breath.
Several more phone rings and after two nasty cutthroat looks, she turns back and answers again. Still nothing - silence. The white in her eyes told me that I either better make up an excuse for something I know nothing about or fix the problem today. Well, as far as I was concerned, it was just some thoughtless bumblehead with nothing else to do. Besides, this is my phone who told her to answer it anyway? So as usual, eye contact said yes dear, I'll think about it. But what I should have told her was, "If she didn't like what took place in my house. Hers' was thirty minutes north!" So I did as usual and didn't bother to entertain the thought anymore on this day.
After breakfast, we washed the dishes in silence. I went back to bed to get warm. Kalia in her mood, returned shortly after, then sat on the edge of the bed biting the nail polish off of her fingernails and making up extra noise. Moments later she gets up, smoothly strolls to the kitchen and writes 492 on my calendar. I can see her from the bedroom and maybe that's what she wants me to do.
After a few minutes of fumbling around, she comes back with her Palm, mumbling something and making another note. Then flops down on the corner of the bed. Now I have to deal with this shit and it's not even my doing. There went my cozy comfort, snuggles and kisses, thanks to some stupid ass with no consideration for others.
About a half-hour or so, she decides that all of this drama wasn't necessary and that we should continue on with where we left off. Of course I wasn't in the mood anymore. A black cloud had smothered my domain and I wasn't about to let her think that she could get away with this. I eased up out of the bed, grabbed a blanket from the hall closet and took my attitude to the den. Not only turning on the TV, but loud enough to distract any of her thoughts. She'd just have to deal with it. Besides I know she didn't want to go home it was too cold and too wet out and for fear of another delight threatening her territory.
I think she was actually getting jealous and of course over-reacting. Something strange was happening to our relationship and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I already knew that Kalia was a saga waiting to continue. On the other hand, I also knew that being over protective and mad about everything will turn an obsession into a craze. And as ridiculous as this sounds, she wasn't about to let anybody have me, over the phone or otherwise. It had to be something else. She was up to something as far as I was concerned. So it was my turn to act up.
Somewhere in between all of the drama, she comes back, peeping around the doorway asking, "Are you upset with me?" Now, you know I've got to play this role. I don't say anything. Didn't even acknowledge her presence. She eased closer; giving me that pitiful I'm sorry look, then flops herself down between me and the arm of the sofa.
She says, "You know how I am baby, just love me." I never turned my head. So she starts rubbing my shoulders and blowing in my ear. She really shouldn't do that because I have absolutely no self-control. But this time I managed to keep a grip for at least ten minutes. "Talk to me baby. You know I don't mean anything by it. I just...can't help myself. I like what I like and I don't want to share."
I tell her, "You need to grow up!"
She smirks at me, then repositions herself on the sofa and leans over me, kissing my face with the sweetest apology, "I'm sorry baby."
Ok, I tried to hold out but I can't so here we go again. A few more smooches and "apology accepted."

After our little mind toss, I put away the dishes, grab a bottled water and head back to the den. And yes, I did notice all of the markings on my calendar. So now she wants to play games!
Kalia had taken over my place on the sofa. Stretched out across it like she owned it. Even had the nerve to say nonchalantly
"Let's do something different today"
Never turning my head I asked, "Like what?"
"Everything different"
"Like what?"
"We'll make it up as we go"
"Um hmm." Let the games begin!
Kalia is a great manipulator. One who can always make anything out of everything. She stretched out on the floor and looked through the movie collection. Then pulled out four DVDs: The Crying Game, It's A Thin Line, What's Love Got To Do With It and Fatal Attraction. I found it very odd that every movie she picked had a plot. I didn't say anything, I just sat and observed. Then she went to the closet and grabbed the game of Life, Scrabble and the Dominos as if this day was to present new challenges. She said, "We need alternatives," then grinned a venomous grin.
Again the phone starts ringing. The look she gave me was inflamed. So I grabbed it this time. It was an old acquaintance. Kalia is staring directly into my mouth inhaling my every word. "Wats up you? How the hell you be? Listen, we need to hook up...yeah, right. Where are you staying? Cool. What's the number?" I write the phone number in the palm of my hand and tell my hommie that I'll get back to em'. Hang up, lean back on the sofa and wait for more drama. Oh now she has nothing to say.
Staring at the TV, never turning my head, I ask, "What inquiring minds don't want to know?"
"Know what baby? This is your house, your phone and your business. When you feel the need to tell me you will!"
Um hmm. I know her too well for this. Not even fifteen minutes into the first movie Kalia looks over at me and queries, "So, who was that?"
"I thought this was my business."
"Just thought you felt like sharing."
"What's your problem? All of a sudden you don't trust me?"
She paused, exhaled some hot air, then continued with, "I do baby, it's just. "
"Just what?"
"You're meeting a lot more people these days and I. "
"And you really need to stop! I'm bored with this Kalia!"
She released some more hot air, jumped up, and out of nowhere asked, "Want some popcorn? I'm gonna make popcorn." Right then I knew she was bothered. She always eats whenever she's upset and have been defeated.
Well, we finally get through this morning's madness. Now two heavy hands are pounding on the door. It's too early for this shit! It's not even ten o'clock. Kalia turns her head, gives me this who the f is this look then scurries off to the bedroom to get that damn Palm again. UPS a baritone bellows from the other side of the door. I know little miss princess has already drawn her own conclusion. The only thing predictable about Kalia was her unpredictability. Besides none of this mess has anything to do with crank calls. She's been acting crazy ever since we attended Gaby's last celebration.

You see, every year Gaby Zogani throws a big masquerade who-wa and everybody who is anybody comes alive and since Gaby and I met one year before Kalia and I did, people who see us together are always expecting the unexpected. We're just friends. Good friends that work well together.
Gaby and I met at an international business conference in Aruba. She was the finest Ethiopian woman I had ever seen in my life. Five nine, a hundr'd-n-thirty pounds, long beautiful legs, athletic frame, honey molasses complexion, short curly doo, dimples, erotic oval honey brown eyes and the Queens' accent to boot. 34-26-36 A lot of territory on that frame! Berkeley educated, articulate, intelligent, confident, aggressive, arrogant, passionate and humble. Wow!
Before Kalia entered my world. Gaby used to come over on Sundays to cook, clean and launder. NQA, NSA - No Questions Asked, No Strings Attached; says she enjoyed it. Even sang and whistled while she worked. A town and country type of woman who had dinner ready and on the table at seven, a hot tub of bubbles at eight and the bed sheets turned down at nine. Understand that Gaby and I have platonic relationship. I simply enjoy having somebody around who compliments my existence and she enjoys being here. She's no fool either. If Kalia continues this irrational behavior, she's already knowing!
Anywayz, Gaby's place is located in the ritzy desert waves of Palm Springs. Not a publicly known establishment but a private and sophisticated joint. Only open in the peak seasons of the year (rainbow summer and pink winter).
Our last visit to Gaby's was rather hmm scandalous, uninhibited and full of sexcapades. People from all over the globe were here. Dancing with their man, your man, your woman, whomever. The foreign women were especially kind. A little too kind according to Kalia. One particular woman who approached me was wearing a black hip-hugging sequin dress that had enough cleavage to pimp out her 38D twins. Her name was Chana Lasey. About five-eight, a hundr'd thirty-thirty-five pounds. From what I could tell a very sharp sistah from Quebec. Owned several coffeehouses and candle shops. I learned this from a card she handed me. Told me to call her when I trip to Canada. "We'll do breakfast," this sistah cried out as she turned, winked and walked away. My sweetness twisted her face, licked her lips then pulled me along to dance with her.
As we dipped and bopped, a Brazilian senorita was making faces in my direction over Kalia's shoulder. I swirled Kalia around for the check, didn't see anybody responding. Then she intentionally brushed up against me with her swanky dancing. I played it off and swung Kalia back around so that her back was to this woman. The rest of the evening she made sure that her gestures went unnoticed.
The DJ was now mixing it up with an east-Indian style hip-hop groove and we were sweating like joggers. So we took a break and stepped out onto the patio for a cool down. Kalia excused herself to make a potty run. I in the meantime grabbed two bottles of water from the waitress passing by and placed an order for two Tropicals. Then I noticed this tall frame sashaying in the shadows. So I stared in her direction in hopes that my telepathy was working. Here she comes. Her silhouette swaggered on through the crowd and into the light. She paused, smiled, then gave me a big hug, said, "Hello love, I was hoping you would make it, it's always good to see you." I was quite tickled myself.
"Gaby you look goood," I puffed while patting my forehead and trying to catch my breath. "How are you? What's going on with you?" She briefed me on her happenings and all as she stood before me dressed in costume as Nefertiti. The queen of Egypt was in full view when she darted, "You need to come see me and not just when you're invited!" We hugged again. She kissed my cheek and faded back into the crowd. There was everything about that woman that could keep me in trouble.
Kalia returned still wiggling and grooving this time to a Caribbean beat. Smiling and purring at the same time. The waitress returned with more water and our drinks then handed me a separate napkin folded. Shoved Kalia's drink at her and winked at me. I was just about to wipe my face with the napkin when her hand gesture told me to put it in my pocket instead. These women knew we were together. They've seen us enough times to know that I'm not on the market anymore yet the numbers keep coming. I guess there's no failure without trying.
By midnight the party was in full force. I turned and stepped back to admire this beautiful delight before me. All 38-30-40 of her. Yikes! Baby girl looks good. Feels good and smells good always does even with all of her craziness.
Sipping her drink and purring with excitement she starts dirty dancing then teases, "You want some of this?" I think the Tropical punch was making her feel a little fruity. Her breath was sweet and sour. Her face furrowed with seduction as I responded with more intensity. She exhaled then licked my lips between sweltering breaths. She blinked in and out of consciousness as she shivered with more erotica. Her sex was creating a warm fervor against my body. IT WAS TIME TO GO!

Early that morning we were cruising on down the highway back to Rancho Cooky-munga. Kalia was resting her head on my shoulder as I bopped to Nappy Roots. We could have stayed at the Bungalow; another Gaby establishment but I didn't want any fires to start. So we took the drive home for my safety. On the way home I was thinking of how I missed out on the unveiling of all the mysterious people there, especially those who were so precocious - but quickly snapped back to reality when Kalia shifted in her seat.
Finally home sweet home. As soon as I turned into the driveway, my cell phone and pager were buzzing. Luckily enough I had my electronic tags on vibrate. It was Gaby, thanking me for the visit, hoping I made it home safely.
While waiting for the garage door to open I flicked to the first text message that read: "Wish you could have stayed and played longer! Present company excluded!"
I whisked the car into the garage, put it in park, turned the engine off and whirled the garage door down. Just then, Stella rose rejuvenated and was ready to get her groove on. She crooned, "Miss Kitty needs you now, can't wait!" The purring was back, the exotic body motions followed. She was all over me. Man, she at least got some rest. She's all aroused and shit. All I got was a stiff neck and sore behind.
Before we could get both feet inside the doorway, my pager and cell were vibrating again. I could feel Kalia's heat rise as she moved closer to remove my devices. I moved her back arms length so that I could remove my pager. "I don't know why you wear all of this stuff," she retorts.
"Business!" I insisted, "Business!" I sensed that not only was this woman securing her needs but defining mine as well.
From the garage, to the living room, to the bathroom, she left a trail of clothes. Her fire was getting hotter. She did however make time to light some of the many incandescent candles she placed around the bathroom. Butt Naked and Jamaican Plum. I remember, because they were present during our first exchange of spasms. She had created this night and it turned me on tired and all.
I struggled to pull off my clothes, flip on the radio, turn on the shower and maintain my energy level. The bathroom became an illuminating silhouette of combined rhythms. She stepped in, then pulled me inside the steaming water box with her. Water fell on our bodies with an ethereal stimulation. My skin was cool, moisture rose on hers. Her nipples were full and erect. So thick, like blackberries waiting to be suckled and pleasured. We kissed each other's flesh. My fingers trailed along her curves until they reached the dampness of her milky folds. Her nipples peaked in answer to my caress. Urging and teasing, she moved her hips against my hands, spreading her legs just enough for my fingers to tease the desire of her pulsating center. She giggled like a teenage girl on her first date then closed her eyes, making a soft groaning sound.
She moved my hands over her breasts then down her belly connecting the heat to the core. My touch between her legs set off spurts of liquid love. A whole new set of sensations rushed over her. The pressure of fingers, the friction of body heat, the stroking, and the burning fire inside. She clenched her teeth then gasped for air. She pulled back from my caress and smiled then kneeled slowly allowing me to fill her mouth with lustful ambience. Her touch was delicate and warm. She grabbed my buttocks and pushed into me.
As we massaged and fondled, tickled and seduced each other, my body tightened as she worked every layer of my orgasmic stimuli's that she could unfold. Nibbling and licking, sucking and rubbing, releasing a gauntly echo of moans as if she can do so much more. Her energy made her magnetic. My stomach was in knots. I contracted and then convulsed - spasm after spasm. My breath thickened. My muscles began to cramp. I tried to pull away but she was holding on tight. Aching for release I cried out, bringing forth a unique friction, a cool burn then a sudden burst of climatic pulses that shattered my entire reality - Ahhh, the sweet agony of contentment. She was feeling it too. Her embrace was begging me to give her some of what I was experiencing.
Her tender nipples massaged my flesh as she raised with total satisfaction on her face. Told me I taste goood. How I melted better than butter. Then muttered, "Oooooh, Take me baby. Fill me up."
I positioned her on the water beaded shower seat, basted her like she was a holiday turkey. Juicy and succulent. Clasping her firm hips with both hands I slicked the peach. Spreading her folds until I found what she needed. First with the hard tip of the tongue, then with the soft flat, kissing and sucking until her legs trembled. I matched her wetness and warmth. She'd been eager all night, but there was no need to rush now.
My mouth moved up to her 38D's, rewarding her with the same passion and compassion. Her moans escalated. She's responding to the mutual stimulation of pure pleasure as we moved in sync with the gracefulness of a cat. Her mouth formed the shape of an O. My fat shorty found its way back to that wonderful place, working in and out steadily. Just as she reached that moment of glory, her body started jerking and twitching in a nonstop circular motion. Her hips rotated with every sweet and tender stroke. She arched her back, I dug deeper.
With rhythmic notations she called out my name, "Ayal!" I was buried inside her secret garden. Kalia bit her bottom lip and moaned with triumph and joy. She threw back her head and forced me even deeper as her orgasms shuddered in a series of convulsions. Her movements became celestial and illegal. I felt her fingernails scarring my flesh, and then she exploded like thunder, jerking herself into a luscious comma.
Soapy and wet, our shower dance was over. Thank goodness for custom showers and thank goodness the bed was close enough to fall in. I pulled her along side of me. Exhausted and water wrinkled, we fell together then we passed out.

I was snoring like a bore. Can't ever recall being rocked to sleep like that. Just as I rolled over to recap those sensational moments, Kalia was standing over me banging her bracelets together like she'd lost her damn mind, irritating early. Grumbling about something. "Honey, wake up," followed by a few bed shakes and volume increases.
I scratched and rolled over. Again she shook the bed. "Sweetheart, I've made some great discoveries this morning."
"Um hmm and what would they be?"
She tossed several pieces of paper onto the bed.
"Whose phone numbers are these?"
With one eye open. I reached for whatever she had thrown down. But before I could respond, she snapped "Who in the hell are these bitches?"
"I dunno," I tried to position myself in a defense protective mode in case of any UFO's. "Explain!" she demanded.
I sat up, rubbed my face and yawned.
"Hold up," I snapped, "What the fuck are you doing going through my pockets?"
"You mothafucka you ain't shit!"
I opened both eyes wide to check her position.
"Hold on," I said with early morning anxiety.
"Who is this bitch and this bitch and this bitch?" as she flung another piece of paper at me. "Shhhhhhh, its too early Kalia."
"What you better find an excuse mothafucka!" she was yelling at the top of her lungs.
She waved her hand and barked "Chana. Oh! She wouldn't happen to be that bitch-ass-waitress slipping you her number now would she?"
Still half asleep and lips parted, "I dunno," was my only answer. "I was with you all night."
"Apparently you weren't! Fuck you!"
"You don' lost yo fuckin' mind girl, you better go smoke something!"
"Fuck you Ayal!" the pitch in her voice had changed to an extreme annoyance.
"You better watch who you're talking to girl!"
"Fuck you!" she shouted.
Suddenly, the waitress and her folded napkin came to mind. I wasn't trying to remember 'cause it wasn't important to me. But this woman of mine however was getting out of control and working on my reserve nerve. Next she'll be creeping in the dark with a hammer, swinging it around accusing me of staying out all night with somebody or sleeping all over town.
She starts crying and screaming and ranting all the while running to the closet. Pulling out her clothes, dragging stuff to the garage and throwing things in her car. Back and forth she went grabbing her candles and countertop crap from the bathroom and kitchen, storming in and out of the house knocking things over along the way. I jumped up and started to chase after her then I thought what for? She's been acting very childish and very immature lately and I'm getting very tired of it. Six years I spoiled her ass and six years I put up with her shit. Six! Enough was enough!

About one year after the madness and our breakup, I was sad but feeling pretty good. Good because my conscious was clear and my stress level was down. All day I've been sitting in the backyard by the pool just chilling, finally able to catch up on some reading and paperwork. The doorbell rings twice and interrupts my private moment. I get up and position myself where I can see anyone's silhouette through the front stained glass door. It was Kalia standing there nervously biting the nail polish off of her fingernails. Before I opened the door, I peeped through the side window to see her sister Kendra sitting in the car smoking a cigarette and twirling her hair. As I peeled the door open, I noticed a dark blue van parked across the street. One I had never seen before.
Just as I caught a glimpse of the driver, Kalia stepped in front of me. "Can I come in?" she's standing there looking all pitiful. Makeup smeared across her face and eyeliner smudges that gave her two black eyes.
"For what?"
"I want to talk."
"Talk about what?"
"Me and you us. Can I come in?"
"How long was our relationship? And you're just now needing to talk?"
"Please baby, Can I come in? I miss you so much."
She's leaning against the door jam trying to convince me that there was never anything wrong with her erratic behavior. Hell, she broke up with me. And over what some phone numbers? please!
I wasn't feeling her. So I asked, "Is something wrong with you? Instead of acting like a three year old, you shoulda' made talking a priority way before now. You walked out on me, remember? What you left me with a, 'Fuck you, Ayal.' Now here you are, a year later, and I'm supposed to what? Forgive and forget?"
She lowered her head and continued in tears, "Please baby!"
I didn't want to hear it, but because I still had feelings for her I allowed just enough of my space for her to come in and do what she does best - cry, pout and beg for forgiveness. I waited for her to spill the last tear. Then opened the door a little wider to show her the way to freedom. As she turned to say something else, my attention was once again drawn to the van still parked nearby. Only this time it had moved up slightly. I stepped past Kalia as her voice faded to silence to get a visual of the dirt smudged license plate.
When I noticed the face of a bearded man watching us through his rear-view mirror, he quickly sped away. My mental attempt to record this data was shattered by an irritating whine. I turned to face whatever she was rattling on about and decided not to waste any more of my energy. I reached for what was, then raised her head and slowly placed my index finger over her lips. Kindly told her that I was too old for this shit and that she was dismissed. Then motioned my hand for her to get off of my property and be gone.
As she walked away, her sister Kendra - leaned out window, blew me a kiss and then gave me the finger. Hmm, I still can't believe this bitch called me a mothafucka!

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