by Precious Ronnie

A craving starts at my lips,
Ending at my hips,
For your fingertips

A need to feel my tongue buried deep within you,
Makes me tremble,
Makes me weak.

A desire to feel,
Your body touching mine,
No clothes as a barrier,
Just your bare flesh against mine.

Fire stirs in the very depths of my being,
Embers of a primal need to be touched,
Ignited by the sight of your naked flesh,
Begging to be caressed.

A want, to feel your fingers pressed into me,
Pushing so deep inside me,
Your mouth against my breast

A scream fills my throat,
As I ache to feel your nails raking my back,
Your teeth biting my neck,
Your fingers stretching me to my limit.

Pulse racing,
Hearts pound,
Sweat dripping,
Breaths catching,
After a primal mating.

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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