by Marsha Blue

I feel so lost right now
cause u have encompassed every fiber
of my brain
I so want to call u
I so want to just hold u
but I know that is impossible
since you are no longer inside my life
I would kill to have u near me
feelin like I would die
without u by me
and yet we still cannot come together

I had a dream about u
you were near me
and I felt your pain
I mean u were really in pain
all I wanted to do was take it away
give you hope
give you joy
but I couldn't?t do it
all the love I was giving
u couldn't?t accept
I don?t know why
I couldn't?t make it all go away.
I pulled u tighter
tried to suck away that pain
and I couldn't?t do that either.

So I picked up the phone
even with everything in me screaming "NO"
"she doesn't even need me"
i placed my lips to the receiver
and waited for you to answer
when you didn't?t I was let down
but inside i felt so much relief
hung up before the voice mail
but when the phone began to ring
my heart began to scream
I couldn't?t just ignore it
didn't?t want to ignore you
I just needed to know that you were OK.
Are you really OK?

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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