by Miss Mia

Your pretty brown eyes are all on me
Silently, seductively hypnotizing me
Drawing me in like a moth to a flame
Speaking but not talking..calling my name

Visual stimulation got me wide open
Not knowing, uncertain,praying and hoping
Your gaze has me frozen were I stand
A light brown goddess........damn

Heart pounding like a drum
Thinking about your sex faces when I make you
Come close please donít be shy
Irresistably drawn to you...donít kow why

Ears anticipating....your voice
The thought of you moaniní is making me moist
Singing the sweet song of pleaure
That kind of passion cannot be measured

Two curvy women together in sync
Mind still swerving unable to think
Sweet, slow lesbian love making
Followed by multiple Oís and a whole lotta shaking

Mind sex then grind sex
Slow strokiní slow pokin
Drifting of into a deep sleep
Dreaming of just us two

But then I woke up.....

I had yet to even meet you........

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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