by 1coolazzbichic

I'm in love,
and it's not always pretty.
Feelings get hurt,
Fucked up things are said,
Tears are shed,
But its love nonetheless.
And it feels so bad sometimes,
you want that shit to go away,
and take the pain wit it.
cause your heart feels like its ripping,
but damn if you take this love away id die,
its killing me,
but its love nonetheless.
Soooo, i fucking hate her
and the way she acts,
and the things she says,
but i love the swag she possesses,
and the sweet things she says,
my friends say leave her alone,
but i cant,
can't kill whats in my heart,
cause its love,
it ain't always sweet,
i'm not always happy,
and sometimes my heart aches,
but its love,
jealous ass, crazy ass, i wanna smack you, i wanna kiss you, i can't live without your ass,
love, nonetheless.

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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