__________by Sin_cere

"Do you like tha papi?"
Gyrl u know I like it when i'm sittin at the edge of the bed
Legs slightly spread, while you givin me head
And gyrl you know I love it when you take your tongue and slowly play with the tip
Its an understatement to say that you can handle the "stick"
And I know You love it-
My persistent erection
My 10 inches of perfection
Thats brown like me, cuz it gotta match my complexion
I love your mind, but right now i'm concerned with your middle, v-section
Whats sexin?
Without the whips and chains
You smart as hell, but I give u crazy brains (head)
Triple XXX, Sexxx so good that you forget your mama's name
Gyrl I make it my point to not have to ask whether you came
Whats in a name? Sincere AKA Sinn
The Head Docter, body rocker
Triple XXX givin u the greatest sex
Keepin your panties wet
With words you'll never forget
Words like fingers creepin
Up your Vicky Secret
Spreadin your lips apart 2 get in that creamy center
How many licks does it take? I dont remember
So we gon have to do it all over, and I truly mean all over
The sofa-
The bed, floor, kitchen counter, in the shower
In the hallway up against the wall
In my car or in the dressin room at the mall
On me, you can call
In the late night, when you feelin lonely and most importantly horny
You wanna b pleased, maybe teased and have that ass squeezed
Or smacked, someone to hit that shyt right, from the back
Have your hands handcuffed & locked up,
& them legs cocked up
While of your pussy im takin advantage
Got you speakin that dayum spanish
Callin me Papi over and over & bitin' yo lip
Buckin hips
U feel that mositness?
Between your legs
So yo just hit me up, you won't b sorry if you aint too proud 2 beg...

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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